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If you’re looking for a caller gaming headset and wealth is nary object, you should decidedly see the Razer Kaira Pro. Its rich, wide dependable profile, decent haptics and superb comfortableness are lone somewhat fto down by the haptics’ drain connected artillery beingness and tinny mic quality.


  • +

    Clear, affluent sound

  • +

    Haptics enactment amazingly well

  • +

    Incredibly comfy


  • -

    Haptics drain artillery fast

  • -

    Mic prime is bad

  • -


One-minute review

The Razer Kaira Pro is simply a competent capable headset, offering a fig of higher-end features and immoderate amusive novelties similar haptic feedback that let it to basal isolated from the crowd.

It’s by nary means cheap, though, and retails astatine a higher terms than adjacent galore of the best wireless gaming headsets we’ve reviewed. That precocious terms is mostly driven up by the headset’s superb physique prime and antithetic features similar the aforementioned HyperSense haptics.

In presumption of design, the Razer Kaira Pro offers a pleasing white-on-black aesthetic to lucifer its PS5 and PS4 compatibility. However, it’s worthy noting that the headset tin besides link to a PC, truthful you’re not constricted to utilizing it exclusively connected Sony’s flagship consoles.

Some airy RGB features are besides connected show. The Razer logos emblazoned connected either broadside of the headset airy up erstwhile switched on. By default, these volition pulsate crossed a wide spectrum of colors. It’s a bully effect, but somewhat understated, and you evidently won’t spot it astatine each portion you’re wearing the headset.

Razer Kaira Pro

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This is simply a wonderfully comfy brace of cans, mostly acknowledgment to the receptor cushions made from plush leatherette and cooling fabric. We besides recovered the auto-adjusting headband to beryllium precise effective, and it’s cushioned with a brushed foam for yet different furniture of comfort. All these concessions combined made definite that the headset ne'er irritated during immoderate magnitude of play clip with them.

Toggles for assorted features are situated connected the headset itself. And erstwhile you get utilized to their placement, reaching for them to set settings connected the alert is simply a breeze. There’s a toggle power to mute your mic, a fastener for entering Bluetooth pairing mode, and different to set 1 of 3 haptic feedback settings. Sliders for measurement power are here, too, but they consciousness a small loose. As a result, we preferred to set audio via the sliders connected PC and PS5.

As for dependable quality, the Razer Kaira Pro headset gets the occupation done. It boasts clear, unmuddied dependable – not precisely groundbreaking, but that clarity means the headset works large with wide dynamic scope options, allowing you to easy prime up connected sounds some large and quiet.

Price and availability

The Razer Kaira Pro is disposable to bargain present for $199 / £199 / AU$345 straight from the authoritative Razer online store. 

Razer Kaira Pro: design

  • Excellent physique quality
  • Supremely comfy
  • Headset buttons are identifiable upon touch

Razer Kaira Pro

(Image credit: Future)

We person precise fewer complaints astir the Razer Kaira Pro’s design. Fitting of its precocious terms tag, the headset boasts superb physique prime and doesn’t skimp connected fancy materials.

At a glance, it’s an aesthetically pleasing headset that features a white-on-black decorativeness that conjures thoughts of its people console: the PS5. Stainless alloy links link the apical to the cups, which swivel freely, allowing them to amended acceptable the sides of your head. Although that does permission them looking a spot listless erstwhile you’re not wearing the headset.

The contiguous payment of the cups’ plush leatherette is that the Kaira Pro scores highly connected the comfortableness test. The headset simply feels superb to wear. That level of comfortableness lasts passim longer gaming sessions, too. In our tests, not erstwhile did we consciousness irritated erstwhile wearing the headset – physically, astatine slightest – nor did we consciousness the request to instrumentality them disconnected to springiness our ears a break.

The headband is likewise comfortable, sporting a soft, cushioned foam that rests lightly connected the apical of your head. User comfort, then, is arguably the champion happening astir the Razer Kaira Pro headset, and it’s 1 we’d urge if a headset that doesn’t irritate is simply a precedence for you.

  • Design score: 4.5/5

Razer Kaira Pro: features

  • 50 hr artillery life
  • Robust options
  • Haptics are nice, but gimmicky

Razer Kaira Pro

(Image credit: Future)

The archetypal happening you’ll apt announcement astir the Razer Kaira Pro headset erstwhile you power it connected is the RGB lighting featured connected the extracurricular of some cups. The Razer emblem dilatory pulses betwixt the afloat RGB spectrum. It’s a precise elemental effect and acts much arsenic a airy flourish than an eye-catching selling point.

The headset is switched connected by long-pressing the powerfulness fastener recovered connected the near cup. A abbreviated vibration from the headset’s haptics volition footwear in, followed by an on-board dependable letting you cognize you’ve switched it on. The powerfulness fastener and others are thankfully casual to locate. These see a power to mute the mic recovered connected the near cup, arsenic good arsenic a Bluetooth to 2.4GHz toggle and haptic spot accommodation connected the right.

The headset besides features a USB-C larboard for charging, a 3.5mm jack for the detachable mic and 2 wheels for measurement power and sidetone adjustment. It’s a robust acceptable of options wrong casual reach. However, we did find the measurement sliders felt a small finicky and flimsy.

The headset is connected wirelessly via a small, USB-C dongle, and truthful agelong arsenic it’s wrong range, tin link to up to 4 devices. That means you won’t request to determination the dongle astir erstwhile it’s plugged into a source.

Razer Kaira Pro

(Image credit: Future)

The Razer Kaira Pro’s astir fascinating selling point, though, is the HyperSense haptic feedback. This optional constituent is disconnected by default, but tin beryllium adjusted with 3 antithetic spot settings.

When listening to music, the HyperSense haptics bash a large occupation of vibrating on with the beat. The headset typically picks up connected drum pedal kicks and deeper bass notes, making it truly rather amusive erstwhile listening to instrumental tracks.

The diagnostic sours erstwhile vocals are taken into account, though. The haptics person a wont of kicking successful during singing oregon spoken dialogue. This decidedly took america retired of the immersion of a fixed show oregon scene.

The haptics besides drain the artillery beingness overmuch quicker than if they were switched off. Typically, you’ll get an awesome 50 hours retired of a azygous charge. With haptics enabled, however, that drops to astir 10-11 hours. That’s inactive not unspeakable for a day’s listening, but is nevertheless a important deed for a diagnostic that’s thing of a gimmick. After conscionable a mates of hours, we preferred to support the HyperSense haptics disconnected successful favour of overmuch longer artillery life.

  • Features score: 3/5

Razer Kaira Pro: dependable quality

  • Great for music
  • Detailed crippled audio
  • Mic prime is poor

Razer Kaira Pro

(Image credit: Future)

Overall, the Razer Kaira Pro’s audio prime is precise solid. Musically the headset performs well, presenting a affluent and wide soundscape that highlights instrument-heavy tracks with large clarity. Vocals travel done arsenic well. If you’re aft a elaborate audio profile, then, you tin bash overmuch worse than the Razer Kaira Pro.

Performance in-game is likewise great. The headset truly takes vantage of wide dynamic scope options. In Resident Evil 2, for example, with headphones mode and wide dynamic scope enabled, we were capable to importantly boost the immersion of this tense fearfulness title. Zombie groans wonderfully complemented the subtly aggravated ambiance of the Raccoon City Police Department.

The Razer Kaira Pro is besides a large prime for multiplayer gaming, arsenic the headset picks up directional audio precise effectively. In PUBG Battlegrounds, you’ll beryllium capable to much precisely pinpoint the absorption of distant shots and the thunderous engines of UAZs approaching, for example.

While audio prime is large each round, then, the headset does endure majorly successful 1 cardinal area: mic quality. In our testing, recipients successful our enactment noted the tinny audio output from the Kaira Pro. While the mic did execute consistently, precise seldom cutting our voices disconnected abruptly, it was nevertheless a suboptimal acquisition talking successful a enactment with friends.

  • Sound prime score: 3.5/5

Should I bargain the Razer Kaira Pro for PlayStation?

Razer Kaira Pro

(Image credit: Future)

Buy it if...

You privation clean, wide audio
The Razer Kaira Pro excels astatine providing a clean, elaborate audio illustration that picks up connected adjacent subtle instrumentation and dependable effects.

You privation comfort
The Razer Kaira Pro headset mightiness conscionable beryllium 1 of the comfiest retired there, with well-padded cups and an wide lightweight design.

You privation a batch of artillery life
At astir 50 hours from a azygous complaint without haptics enabled, you tin spell a agelong clip without needing to complaint up the headset.

Don't bargain it if...

You privation bully mic quality
The Razer Kaira Pro’s mic prime is 1 of its biggest letdowns, offering weak, tinny audio for whoever you’re talking to.

You don’t attraction for gimmicks
HyperSense haptics dependable large connected paper, but you’ll apt privation to crook them disconnected aft conscionable a abbreviated magnitude of use.

You’re connected a budget
The Razer Kaira Pro is an costly headset. And portion its features somewhat warrant the terms tag, you’ll find cheaper headsets elsewhere that are arsenic effective.

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