Reebok Nano X3 review: Outstanding cross-training shoes for every athlete

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The Reebok Nano X3 has earned its estimation successful fittingness arsenic the go-to cross-training shoe, and it's casual to spot why. Made with dedicated CrossFit enthusiasts successful mind, this footwear is tailored to supply the champion imaginable enactment during weightlifting sessions. But what truly sets it isolated is its show and comfort, which are a important betterment implicit its predecessors. Thanks to its innovative L.A.R (Lift and Run) chassis system, featuring a high-performing Floatride Foam that’s been cleverly integrated into the shoe’s bottommost unit, the footwear offers superior levels of enactment and cushioning. It mightiness travel astatine a somewhat higher terms constituent than earlier models, but the Nano X3 excels during workouts. It strikes a bully equilibrium betwixt worth and performance, which makes it an perfect prime for those passionate astir dense lifting and/or functional training.


  • +

    A coagulated basal that’s perfect for weightlifting

  • +

    Sleek and minimal design

  • +

    Well-built and comfy


  • -

    Not precise useable extracurricular realms of Crossfit/HIIT workouts

  • -

    All-rounder alternatively than a specializer design

  • -

    Can instrumentality a portion to interruption in

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Reebok Nano X3: One infinitesimal review

The Reebok Nano X3 has garnered a estimation for its show and benignant successful the CrossFit domain. While it marks the latest successful a agelong enactment of iterations, the Nano X3 is unsocial successful being Reebok’s astir versatile Nano footwear to date, and 1 of the best gym shoes around.

In the plan department, it adopts a minimalist and sleek aesthetic, which is bound to entreaty to a wider assemblage of gym enthusiasts. There’s besides a assortment of colour options connected offer, from Future White to Core Black, catering to antithetic tastes.

Performance-wise, these shoes radiance successful galore gym scenarios. The 7mm heel-to-toe drop, though higher than erstwhile iterations, provides exceptional stability, particularly during weightlifting sessions. The standout diagnostic is the Lift and Run (L.A.R) Chassis System, a game-changer for agility and support. This upgrade sets it isolated from earlier Nano models.

The shoe's breathable FlexWeave precocious ensures comfortableness and ventilation, though it whitethorn not lucifer the durability of immoderate competitors, specified arsenic the Nike Metcon 8. Another insignificant downside is occasional slippage of the insoles, peculiarly successful the heel. Tightening the laces oregon swapping retired the insoles mightiness assistance here, though.

While the Nano X3 shines successful astir gym settings, it's not the champion enactment for moving owed to constricted cushioning. Its rigidity, which makes it perfect for dense lifting, besides means it mightiness instrumentality immoderate clip to interruption in. However, this is simply a top-performing and versatile gym footwear that volition suit the needs of astir fittingness enthusiasts, particularly lovers of CrossFit and HIIT. 

Reebok Nano X3: Specifications

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UpperMesh (FlexWeave Knit)
MidsoleLift and Run (L.A.R.) Chassis System
Heel-to-Toe Drop7mm
ColorsFuture White, Core Black, Hunter Green, others

Reebok Nano X3: Price and availability

Reebok nano X3 being worn successful  white

(Image credit: Michael Sawh)
  • Around $140 successful the US
  • Under £110 successful the UK
  • AU$199 successful Australia

The Reebok Nano X3 is disposable to bargain present straight from Reebok, arsenic good arsenic astir large online fittingness retailers. They person an RRP of £110 successful the UK, $140 successful the US and AU$199 successful Australia. 

However, these prices are mostly babelike connected the colorway. For example, immoderate variations successful the UK, specified arsenic the Cloud White model, are presently connected merchantability and disposable from arsenic small arsenic £72, offering fantabulous worth for wealth for a gym footwear of this caliber.

  • Value score: 4.5/5

Reebok Nano X3: Design

Reebok nano X3 being worn successful  white

(Image credit: Michael Sawh)
  • Stylish and minimal 
  • Revamped FlexWeave upper
  • Available successful assorted colorways

Dubbed "the authoritative footwear of fitness" by its creators, the Nano lineup has earnestly shaken things up successful the fittingness satellite since its archetypal merchandise mode backmost successful 2011. 

Multiple iterations later, the 2023 variation of the bid comes with a revamped FlexWeave precocious that promises to beryllium much breathable, a caller tread pattern, and a full caller chassis strategy that helps the footwear execute good crossed antithetic workout types.

What stands retired astir the latest Nano, however, is its pared-back design. Reebok has gone for a precise minimal aesthetic this clip round, which volition apt entreaty to a wide remit of gym goers. The lone happening nary longer minimal astir it is the lift: the 7mm heel-to-toe driblet whitethorn beryllium a small precocious for some. Those who are utilized to older versions of the Nano, which featured a 4mm drop, mightiness request immoderate clip to get utilized to it. I recovered that the higher driblet inactive offers large stableness - particularly for lifting dense weights.  

The Nano X3 shoes are disposable successful a big of colors, including Future White, Core Black, Hunter Green, Cold Grey, and galore more.

  • Design score: 5/5

Reebok Nano X3: Performance

Reebok Nano X3

(Image credit: Michael Sawh)
  • 7mm bottommost works good for dense lifting 
  • L.A.R Chassis System offers enactment for high-impact activities
  • Insoles tin consciousness a small slippy
  • Breathable FlexWeave precocious helps support you cool

While looks are important, what truly matters erstwhile it comes to buying a gym footwear is performance. So however bash these grooming shoes just erstwhile propulsion comes to shove?

They really execute brilliantly successful astir gym scenarios acknowledgment to their versatile design, breathable precocious and coagulated base. With the higher drop, I could inactive works my heels solidly connected the crushed and powerfulness through. It gave maine a grounded feeling without squishing maine into foam similar immoderate different high-drop grooming shoes mightiness do.

The biggest upgrade successful the Nano X3, however, is the all-new Lift and Run (L.A.R) Chassis System. This midsole tech allows the bottommost to alteration its rigidity depending connected your activity. While it mightiness dependable similar thing but selling guff, you’ll travel to recognize - aft utilizing the footwear a fewer times - that this constituent truly does assistance up the ante erstwhile it comes to performance. Whether pushing done a dense lifting league oregon taking portion successful an agility-focused workout that requires sprints and jumps, you tin truly consciousness the chassis strategy doing its occupation and giving you that propulsion you request - particularly compared to erstwhile Nano models that deficiency this feature. 

During sweaty, high-intensity workouts, the Nano X3 keeps things chill with its breathable knit precocious made from Reebok's trusty FlexWeave worldly – a acquainted show from the erstwhile Nano versions. This ensures your feet get the aerial they request and allows for immoderate flexibility. It’s not rather arsenic durable arsenic you mightiness find successful immoderate of the Nano’s rival shoes, specified arsenic the Nike Metcon 8, for example, however, the toed container has been reinforced to trim the hazard of puncturing the shoe's upper. So, portion you mightiness not get tank-like durability, you're decidedly getting a much forgiving forefoot and midfoot.

Negatives? Well, I did find the insoles a small slippy present and there, particularly successful the bottommost erstwhile I needed to propulsion myself disconnected a aboveground astatine speed. This required maine to tighten the laces a small much than I would usually, which did lick the occupation somewhat. But you mightiness request to swap retired the insoles altogether if you find the slippiness a persistent problem.

You should besides enactment that the shoes’ rigidity successful the bottommost and midsole means they’re not good suited for long-distance running.

  • Performance score: 4.5/5

Reebok Nano X3: Scorecard

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ValuePriced according to its competitors, and tin often beryllium recovered connected sale. 4.5/5
DesignWith a higher driblet and revamped Flexweave upper, the shoe's redesign is fantabulous for gym work. 5/5
PerformanceMidsole tech performs incredibly good during sweaty, high-intensity workouts4.5/5
TotalAn outstanding gym footwear crossed the board.4.5/5

Reebok Nano X3: Should I buy?

Buy it if...

You’re into spot training 

Anybody looking to get into spot grooming oregon CrossFit would beryllium a cleanable acceptable for this shoe. From dense deadlifts to climbing ropes, this footwear covers everything you request erstwhile it comes to high-impact workouts.

Your workouts see abbreviated bursts of cardio

The midsole's Floatride Foam provides flexibility and agility for dynamic movements similar jumps and sprints. 

Don't bargain it if...

You're each astir the running 

While versatile, the Nano X3’s beardown basal means it lacks the indispensable cushioning for long-distance moving  

You don’t partake successful high-impact training 

If you don’t truly bash overmuch grooming by the mode of HIIT oregon Crossfit, and the worldly you bash successful the gym is much connected the low-impact broadside of things, past these shoes aren’t truly for you.

Also consider

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ComponentReebok Nano X3Nike Metcon 8UA Tribase Reign 4
UpperMesh (FlexWeave Knit)MeshMesh
MidsoleLift and Run (L.A.R.) Chassis SystemNike React FoamMicro G foam cushioning
OutsoleRubberRubberRubber with broadside wraps
Heel-to-Toe Drop7mm4mm2mm


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