Remember that Do Kwon/AlgodTrading $1mil USDT bet? Safe to say, Algod has won

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Just a reminder for you guys, present the catch up post


Do Kwon bets USDT 1Mil against Algod who thinks Terra strategy is simply a scam

Both nonstop 1 mil USDT to CryptoCobie (0 hint wherefore him but conjecture he's conscionable a neutral player) and holds it successful escrow

On 14th March 2023, if Luna's terms is beneath $88, Algod wins

Then, 12 hours again arsenic of writing, AlgodTrading tweeted again asking Do to merchandise the funds arsenic Luna won't ever get backmost up but Luna v2 that they're decidedly releasing has a shot

Do you reckon Do volition propulsion immoderate BS astir the stake to win?

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