Report: Terra Founder Do Kwon’s Spouse Seeks Police Protection After the LUNA and UST Fallout

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 Terra Founder Do Kwon's Spouse Seeks Police Protection After the LUNA and UST Fallout

Following the aftermath of the Terra blockchain tokens LUNA and UST losing important value, reports bespeak that the Terraform Labs laminitis Do Kwon’s flat was visited by an unidentified person. Do Kwon’s spouse has requested extortion from the Seongdong constabulary successful Seoul aft the chartless idiosyncratic broke into the flat gathering and rang the doorbell asking for Kwon.

Unidentified Person Breaks Into Do Kwon’s Apartment Building Seeking Terra Founder’s Whereabouts, Kwon’s Spouse Seeks Help From Police

Not excessively agelong ago, connected May 1, 2022, the Terra blockchain token LUNA was the eighth-largest marketplace headdress among 13,000+ cryptocurrencies successful existence. LUNA’s marketplace headdress connected that time was $28.3 billion and terrausd (UST) was 2 spots beneath LUNA with an $18.5 billion marketplace valuation. Both crypto marketplace caps combined connected May 1, 2022, were astir $46.8 cardinal successful worth and today, astir 91% of that worth has disappeared.

At the clip of writing, UST’s and LUNA’s marketplace headdress combined equates to $3.9 cardinal successful value. Terra’s fallout has caused a batch of symptom among UST and LUNA investors and galore person been precise upset astir however the concern was handled. Some investors mislaid their beingness savings and children’s assemblage funds, and others managed to flight with a haircut successful presumption of losses. Social media and forums are filled with horrifying stories of radical who are severely depressed implicit the Terra concern and losing funds.

Now, aft a fewer days since the archetypal UST de-pegging incident, reports enactment that an unidentified idiosyncratic visited Do Kwon’s flat gathering and rang the doorbell asking for the Terra founder. One section report explains that Do Kwon’s spouse was location and she asked the Seongdong constabulary to designate an serviceman for exigency protection. The crypto work Forkast besides spoke with Seoul’s Seongdong-gu territory constabulary and confirmed the story.

The constabulary study notes that the unidentified idiosyncratic rang the doorbell and Kwon’s spouse answered. “Is your hubby successful the apartment?” the chartless idiosyncratic said. The study said that portion the Terra blockchain tokens were down successful value, Do Kwon’s location was “exposed to unspecified investors.” Seongdong constabulary besides noted that they were investigating the concern further and “plan to reappraisal what further measures.”

What bash you deliberation astir the unidentified idiosyncratic going to Do Kwon’s location and his spouse asking for constabulary extortion aft the Terra blockchain implosion incident? Let america cognize what you deliberation astir this taxable successful the comments conception below.

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