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 Welcome to Raccoon City Jill with sandwich

The Resident Evil movie doesn't clarify precisely what goes into a Jill sandwich.

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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City feels similar a emotion missive to the agelong moving crippled series, with a communicative that adapts the first two entries into a movie. Along with a post-credits cameo from a classical character, the movie besides references elements from games' 25-year history arsenic iconic heroes fly a metropolis doomed by the Umbrella Corporation's biologic experiments.

Director Johannes Roberts has managed to worldly a monolithic magnitude of Easter eggs into this movie, truthful let's instrumentality a look astatine immoderate of the much progressive ones I tin retrieve aft 1 viewing.

A sandwich's worthy of SPOILERS lies below.

spoiler alert

A STARS sandwich

An aboriginal country with STARS constabulary portion Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker and Chris Redfield sees the trio hanging retired successful a diner earlier each hellhole breaks retired successful Raccoon City. Jill snatches Wesker's food and takes a bite.

"You snooze, you lose," she says. "It's Jill's sandwich now.  

This alludes to 1 of the astir beloved lines successful video gaming history. Early successful the archetypal 1996 game, Jill is astir crushed by a trap successful which she's locked successful a country and the ceiling starts to descend. She's rescued by her workfellow Barry Burton (who's disappointingly absent successful the movie), and helium utters the iconic words.

"That was excessively close, you were astir a Jill sandwich," helium says.

Words to unrecorded by. 

Classic brag monsters

Another 1 from Jill. She asks her chap STARS members if they'd similar to beryllium "swallowed full by a snake oregon eaten live by a large achromatic shark." This is simply a notation to 2 of the bosses encountered successful the archetypal Resident Evil and its 2002 remake.

You tally into the snake aggregate times successful the mansion, portion the shark attacks successful the basement of the mansion's dormitory area. In the remake, depending connected which quality you play as, STARS subordinate Richard Aiken suffers the exact fates described by Jill.

Words of the undead

Shortly aft Claire Redfield arrives successful Raccoon City, she spots a household succumbing to the effects of Umbrella's gradual corruption of the populace. Shortly earlier attacking Claire, the zombified parent writes "ITCHY TASTY" connected the model successful blood.

 Welcome to Raccoon City Itchy Tasty

This woman definite knows her classical Resident Evil references.

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This is simply a notation to the chilling Keeper's Diary successful the archetypal game, successful which a idiosyncratic astatine the Umbrella-owned mansion recounts his last days aft getting infected with the T-Virus. His intelligence authorities gradually deteriorates until helium kills and eats 1 of his colleagues.

"4. Itchy. Tasty," the last introduction reads.

Creepy twins

During her investigations of the orphanage's concealed lab, Claire happens upon a projector that shows blond duplicate children pulling the wings disconnected a dragonfly and gazing into each other's eyes. It's much than a small unsettling and appears to person small to bash with the remainder of the movie.

These children are Alexia and Alfred Ashford, and this projected movie is astir identical to 1 seen successful 2000's Resident Evil: Code Veronica. They're members of 1 of the families that co-founded Umbrella, and their communicative is 1 of the series' astir complex. 

Alexia and Alfred were genetically engineered from the DNA of Veronica Ashford, the deceased household founder. Alexia turned retired to beryllium a ace genius and infected herself with the T-Veronica virus, which would springiness her superpowers but lone aft going cryostasis for 15 years (giving her assemblage clip to accommodate to the virus).

While Alexia was frozen, a grief-stricken Alfred led the household and became mentally unbalanced. He started dressing up arsenic Alexia and speaking successful her voice, allowing the twins to reunite successful his mind. 

During the events of Code Veronica, Alfred is fatally wounded successful a confrontation with Claire Redfield. Alexia wakes up conscionable earlier his death. 

With her caller virus-induced powers, Alexia battles Chris Redfield and yet mutates into a yucky dragonfly monster. Chris blows her up with an vigor weapon, ending the Ashford enactment and making that 15-year cryostasis look similar a full discarded of time.

Johannes Roberts seemingly told SFX Magazine that he's funny successful adapting elements from Code Veronica for a sequel.

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Rocket finisher

The G-Virus mutated William Birkin seems unstoppable erstwhile helium attacks the bid arsenic our heroes flight the city. Their occupation is solved erstwhile Leon happens to find a rocket launcher "in archetypal class" and they stroke Birkin distant for the past time.

This alludes to the Resident Evil contented of having you finish disconnected its last bosses with a rocket to the face. It's imaginable the movie's first-class passengers had an exigency rocket launcher successful lawsuit of an outbreak. (I judge that's a beauteous bladed rationalization, but this movie is intelligibly reveling successful its ain silliness.)

Wesker's resurrection

We person a abstracted nonfiction looking astatine STARS traitor Albert Wesker's revival, but the post-credits scene's opening changeable of him sitting upright successful the assemblage bag. The premise, camera space and lighting reflector the creepy country that plays erstwhile you load up Resident Evil's 2002 remake. 

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