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The Jabra Elite 7 Pro bring a batch of premium features (like wireless charging and IP57 waterproofing) to a little terms constituent than galore of its competitors, which makes the buds a large bargain adjacent though the audio and noise-cancelling aren't the champion connected the market.


  • Terrific value
  • IP57 rating
  • Compact and comfortable


  • Scooped audio profile
  • ANC could improve

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro bring a batch of premium features (like wireless charging and IP57 waterproofing) to a little terms constituent than galore of its competitors, which makes the buds a large bargain adjacent though the audio and noise-cancelling aren't the champion connected the market.


  • +

    Terrific value

  • +

    IP57 rating

  • +

    Compact and comfortable


  • -

    Scooped audio profile

  • -

    ANC could improve

One-minute review

Jabra is continuing its tireless pursuit of the cleanable brace of existent wireless earbuds, with the Elite 7 Pro and its sporty companion the Elite 7 Active. The 7 bid are taking the reins from the Elite 85t, but with a somewhat much affordable price.

Costing lone R3000, the Elite 7 Pro are successful the little mid-range marketplace for existent wireless earbuds, but galore of the 7-series features vie oregon outclass contention astatine a higher terms point.

These earbuds person been designed with comfortableness and convenience successful mind. The compact charging lawsuit is simply a timesaver, and the lightweight molded buds astir consciousness similar they vanish erstwhile worn. Still, the physique feels comparatively solid.

An awesome IP57 standing makes these buds much waterproof than the Sony’s WF-1000XM4 oregon different premium competitors.

Users volition find a broad acceptable of controls and customizations successful the MySound+ companion app from Jabra, allowing them to set noise-cancellation and ambient dependable settings.

Right retired of the box, the Elite 7 Pro produces scooped sound, with ascendant bass and mids, but you tin set this with the app’s equalizer. Still, we deliberation the audio isn’t precise spacious, offering compressed output akin to dependable produced by Beats headphones.

While the ANC is decent successful these earbuds, it’s nary lucifer for contention successful higher terms brackets. Call quality, connected the different hand, is excellent, acknowledgment to the enactment of a four-microphone array successful performance with bony conduction sensors.

The artillery beingness is particularly coagulated contempt its diminutive size, with 30 hours full (8 successful the buds and 22 successful the case) playback with ANC engaged. The Elite 7 bid usage the latest Bluetooth 5.2 modular though enactment for hi-res codecs is absent and Bluetooth Multipoint enactment is scheduled to beryllium added successful January 2022.

 Jabra Elite 7 Pro

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Design and controls

  • IP57 dust/water resistance
  • Lightweight, comfy and secure
  • Excellent controls and customizability

The buds themselves are immoderate of the astir compact we’ve reviewed, with their lightweight and sculpted signifier fitting comfortably and securely successful our ears.  According to Jabra, the interior signifier of the earbuds has been designed “using information from 62,000 receptor scans". They get with 3 pairs of ear-tips of differing sizes to assistance adjacent further with the fit.

All 3 colour options are comparatively understated and classy. The lawsuit and buds person minimal trim oregon markings successful their plan — extracurricular of the Jabra logo and a subtle two-tone accent differentiating the buttons from the body.

The charging lawsuit itself sports a likewise elegant aesthetic, and it's comparable successful size to Sony’s WF-1000XM4 lawsuit but with somewhat much heft. Its squat signifier and level apical and bottommost mean this lawsuit won't topple implicit oregon disconnected astir surfaces.

In its waterproofing abilities, the Elite 7 Pro person an vantage implicit immoderate of its pricier rivals. The buds are rated astatine IP57, meaning they’re reasonably good protected against particulate ingress and are rated to beryllium submerged astatine a extent of 1 metre for fractional an hour.

In practice, this means that you won’t person to interest astir the buds being damaged by sweat, dense rain, oregon a tumble into a puddle. Comparatively, Sony’s WF-1000XM4 lone boast an IPX4 standing — no particulate extortion and simply splashproof — truthful the IP57 standing is decidedly a selling constituent for the Jabra.

 Jabra Elite 7 Pro

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Jabra’s Sound+ companion app is incredibly intuitive and offers a large grade of power and customization implicit the Elite 7 Pro. The app tin tally a trial to guarantee the buds are fitted correctly with the existent extremity size, arsenic good arsenic personalize the level of noise-cancellation truthful that it's comfy for you.

It besides includes a broad power strategy for the buttons connected some the near and close buds — something that’s frustratingly constricted successful astir competitors — allowing you to prime precisely what a single, treble oregon triple property volition execute erstwhile playing media, receiving an incoming telephone oregon portion connected a call.

Among the heavy power strategy settings is the enactment to simultaneously mute (although not pause) immoderate playing media erstwhile the transparency mode is engaged. This is simply a diagnostic we’ve seldom seen successful assorted earbud designs but is simply a full boon for the buds that boast it. In the immense bulk of situations erstwhile you privation to beryllium capable to perceive your surroundings, you won’t privation your euphony to proceed playing.

The buttons themselves aren’t interaction capacitive, but alternatively connection a soft-click actuation, which is the cleanable equilibrium successful our opinion. This means you won’t accidentally prosecute the fastener erstwhile adjusting the bud successful your ear, but you besides won't person to property truthful hard to activate that you marque your receptor canal uncomfortable.

If carnal controls aren't your speed, past these buds diagnostic Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in. These bask a akin level of configurability arsenic the different controls connected the Jabra Elite 7 Pro.

Audio and ANC

  • Bass and treble excessively strong
  • EQ accommodation helps
  • ANC is bully but not great

As for the out-of-the-box audio profile, the dependable is heavy scooped — at erstwhile overwhelming and sometimes boomy successful the bass frequencies portion being boosted and occasionally brittle successful the precocious treble range: each of this reduces the clarity of the mids.

You tin employment thing that Jabra calls a MySound proceeding profile, which customizes the frequence effect aft conducting a little (1-minute) test. While we respect inclusions specified arsenic this, and did announcement a subtle displacement successful the close absorption aft engaging this mode, it didn’t equilibrium retired the illustration rather arsenic overmuch arsenic we’d hoped. To beryllium fair, the usefulness of this diagnostic volition alteration listener-to-listener by virtuousness of being personalized.

There’s besides a five-band equalizer successful the app, allowing you to set the signature adjacent further to your liking. This surely offered a decent remedy to the scooped profile, all-but rectifying the issue. Still, we recovered that adjacent this further furniture of finetuning couldn't tame the contented entirely.

As is communal with galore in-ear audio devices, we recovered the euphony to person a reasonably compressed delivery, with little of a consciousness of abstraction than over-ear cans are usually capable to present (or different earbuds, for that matter). This prime isn’t ever a detractor arsenic it tin enactment good with definite genres of euphony similar physics and hep hop — if you’re a instrumentality of the punchy dependable delivered by Beats headphones, past this isn’t excessively dissimilar.

All this isn’t to accidental the audio prime is atrocious — there’s nary motion of distortion adjacent astatine precocious volumes, and there’s nary denying that the beingness and interaction of the dependable signature excites definite bass-heavy genres — but those seeking a much neutral dependable whitethorn request to look elsewhere.

 Jabra Elite 7 Pro

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The noise-cancelling show is successful league with its wide audio offering, which is to accidental it’s bully and plentifulness serviceable, but not the best. While it handles static noises reasonably well, much sporadic sounds aren’t filtered each excessively overmuch and the extremity effect is simply a sizeable lessening of unwanted disturbance, but not elimination. 

With that said, adjacent erstwhile ANC isn’t engaged, the passive isolation connected these buds is amended than overmuch of the contention acknowledgment to the choky and heavy acceptable of the eartips and sculpted shape.

There is simply a sliding standard wrong the app that allows you to set the level of ANC, but we felt the unit successful the precocious settings to beryllium a small uncomfortable and rapidly fatiguing. As is to beryllium expected, there’s besides a transparency mode (dubbed HearThrough by Jabra) that admits outer sounds if you wish, and this works arsenic it should.

The prime of some the audio and ANC request to beryllium considered successful tandem with the little terms of these buds. They’re not going to bushed retired heavyweights similar the flagship Sony oregon Bose buds connected either desirable feature, but some features enactment solidly for their price.

When it comes to telephone quality, the Elite 7 Pro excel. Through a operation of bony conduction and 4 outer microphones, your dependable erstwhile connected a telephone is picked up alternatively well. When successful windy environments, the other biology sound is cancelled from your dependable (with the assistance of those bony conduction sensors again).

As with each existent wireless earbuds, the region from your rima to the microphones means they'll ne'er beryllium arsenic bully arsenic over-ear headphones — oregon of people talking consecutive into your telephone — but this is immoderate of the champion we've heard. 

Battery and connectivity

  • 8 hours + 22 successful lawsuit (ANC on)
  • Qi wireless charging case
  • Bluetooth 5.2

The artillery beingness of Jabra’s tiny buds is alternatively awesome for the market, with a coagulated 8 hours of ANC-enabled playback for the buds themselves and an other 22 successful the case, bringing it up to a 30-hour total. By comparison, Sony’s WF-1000XM4 get 8 hours from the buds with ANC engaged and different 16 successful the case.

What’s more, the lawsuit offers accelerated charging, with 5 minutes of lawsuit clip giving the buds a afloat hr of playback. You tin recharge the lawsuit itself with its USB-C larboard oregon wirelessly via a Qi-compatible charging mat — a diagnostic that’s typically reserved for the pricier options.

As for Bluetooth standards, the Elite 7 Pro supports the latest 5.2 version, meaning greater transportation stability, simultaneous audio streaming to the near and close ear, and amended powerfulness optimization (this contributes to the decent artillery life).

While the buds don’t diagnostic immoderate hi-res codecs similar atpX oregon LDAC, the enactment for SBC and AAC volition beryllium plentifulness for astir listeners that usage streaming platforms specified arsenic Spotify; the audio is already compressed for bitrates these 2 codecs support.

Although they don’t presently diagnostic Bluetooth Multipoint connectivity, which volition alteration simultaneous transportation and seamless switching betwixt 2 devices, Jabra promises this volition onshore successful January 2022. If this is simply a important diagnostic for you, you mightiness privation to clasp retired until that time.

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 Jabra Elite 7 Pro

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