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Aside from its caller lens, the GR IIIx is mostly identical to its two-year-old GR III sibling, for bully and for bad. Avid fans of GR cameras emotion the unparalleled pocketability, speedy response, intuitive handling and sharp-looking DNG raws. And present with a caller 40mm f/2.8 lens, the GR IIIx is arguably much versatile. Like the GR III, this is simply a camera you privation successful your pouch the full time, and immoderate indispensable concessions to support it this small, specified arsenic mediocre artillery life, are forgivable. Still, a tilt-screen would beryllium appreciated.


  • +

    Large sensor pouch power

  • +

    Intuitive handling

  • +

    Quick commencement up

  • +

    Sharp earthy DNG stills


  • -

    No tilt-screen

  • -

    Poor artillery life

  • -

    Jittery autofocus

  • -

Two-minute review

The caller Ricoh GR IIIx is the latest successful a agelong enactment of discrete compact cameras that are tiny capable to gaffe into your pocket, but someway boast a ample APS-C sensor and a sharp, fixed focal magnitude lens.

The Ricoh GR bid has carved retired a niche market, being peculiarly fashionable with thoroughfare photographers and mundane snappers who emotion the camera's speedy response, intuitive handling and, much recently, Snap Focus strategy to seizure decisive moments. As a result, they've agelong been mainstays successful our guides to the best compact cameras and the best question cameras.  

Yet 1 happening that galore GR lovers person pined for is simply a much telephoto focal magnitude than the 28mm f/2.8 lens recovered successful the astir caller iteration, the GR III. Well, present their privation has travel existent successful the GR IIIx, a camera that is virtually identical to the GR III successful each way, but it has a 40mm f/2.8 equivalent lens.

A manus  holding the Ricoh GR IIIx camera

(Image credit: Future)

A 28mm lens is fundamentally the aforesaid focal magnitude arsenic a smartphone's modular camera, making it the astir universally acquainted focal length, portion 40mm is person to a phone's representation lens. Another mode to admit the quality betwixt the 2 focal lengths is that 28mm represents what you tin see, portion 40mm is what you absorption on.

We'll get much into the applicable differences betwixt those 2 focal lengths successful these cameras successful our in-depth review. Suffice to say, determination are scenarios much suited to the 28mm lens, and others champion suited for 40mm. In either case, limiting yourself to a peculiar focal magnitude tin beryllium a utile originative subject for photographers, though if we could beryllium greedy, we'd similar a GR III successful 1 pouch and the GR III X successful the other.

Perhaps Ricoh volition support going successful the Sigma Quattro attack by adding further models similar a 75mm f/2.8, though the GR IIIx does person a useable harvest mode taken from the 24.2MP sensor, going up to 71mm. There is besides an optional 75mm GT-2 Tele Conversion lens, but adding accessories and bulk to a GR III camera someway seems sacrilegious – yes, adjacent a flashgun via the hotshoe.

Other than the caller lens, it's arsenic you were, for bully and for bad. If you're looking to get the astir for your wealth based connected a spec sheet, past the GR IIIx is not for you. At $999 / £899 / AU$1,799, it's much than the GR III connected merchandise and for that wealth you could get an APS-C interchangeable lens camera with a lens oregon two, oregon a fantastic smartphone.

The Ricoh GR IIIx camera connected  a woody  table

(Image credit: Future)

The GR IIIx's artillery beingness is poor. There's besides nary built-in flash, viewfinder oregon adjacent an optional EVF via the hotshoe, the rear touchscreen is fixed, video signaling is constricted to afloat HD with nary mic input, positive AF is jittery. That's a fewer downsides, truthful wherefore is the GR IIIx truthful expensive? Well, determination truly is nary different pouch camera similar it today, particularly with this caller lens – spot us, we've searched hard.

Perhaps its closest rival is the Fujfilm XF10, oregon assorted discontinued cameras similar the Fujifilm X70 and Nikon Coolpix A, each of which person a 28mm lens. The GR IIIx has much thoroughfare guile than each of these options, though we'd emotion a tilt-screen. Other large-sensor compacts similar the Fujifilm X100 bid oregon the smallest interchangeable lens cameras with 40mm pancake lens attached are nary comparison, being overmuch bigger.

More importantly than features, the GR IIIx is simply a joyousness to use. It's a camera that you privation to person successful your pocket. It seems truthful intuitive to wide speedy effect photography, and is casual to customize with tools that experienced photographers volition love. The in-camera earthy editing and seamless wireless transportation to a smartphone (in our acquisition with a Google Pixel) means you tin stock edited pictures easy connected the fly, too.

Throughout our review, we were peculiarly funny to cognize however the caller 40mm lens affects the handling of this pouch shooter, and if the lens prime is conscionable arsenic good. Read connected to find retired successful our in-depth Ricoh GR IIIx review, and for further info cheque retired our Ricoh GR III review

Ricoh GR IIIx merchandise day and price

The Ricoh GR IIIx is disposable to bargain present for $999 / £899 / AU$1,779. A caller 'Urban Edition' was much precocious launched for a premium terms of $1,099 / £999 (although it's strangely cheaper successful Australia astatine $AU1,549). It's constricted to 2,000 units worldwide and has a metallic grey body, bluish ringing headdress and comes supplied with leather strap.

The Ricoh GR IIIx camera connected  a woody  table

(Image credit: Future)

Additional GR IIIx accessories see the GT-2 Tele Conversion lens for a 75mm focal length, though the GR IIIx is not compatible with the GW-4 Wide conversion lens for the GR III. There is simply a GV-3 outer mini optical viewfinder, portion users tin modify the look of the GR IIIx with antithetic colour ringing caps (GN-2).

Perhaps the wisest additions to the GR IIIx are further DB-110 batteries, portion we successful peculiar person enjoyed the camera's handling with an optional 3rd enactment thumb grip.

Ricoh GR IIIx: design

  • A existent pouch camera
  • Fixed 3in interaction screen
  • New 40mm f/2.8 lens

On the surface, the GR IIIx is simply a simple, sturdy camera. It's stubbier and narrower than a smartphone, though it is deeper astatine 35mm according to our portion measure. That's arsenic constrictive arsenic APS-C cameras travel and the GR IIIx easy slips into a trouser pocket. It's besides ace light, astatine 262g with artillery and card.

It's imaginable to clasp and interaction absorption connected the GR IIIx the aforesaid mode arsenic you would erstwhile shooting with a phone, truthful successful nationalist you tin unbend and blend in. If you don't request interaction focus, single-handed cognition successful immoderate format works a treat, particularly with an optional thumb grip.

Despite its simplicity and point-and-shoot nature, there's much to the rugged GR IIIx than meets the eye. Twin dials marque changes to exposure, including vulnerability compensation. Without a thumb grip successful place, the rear dial tin easy beryllium knocked, though propulsion it successful and a speedy entree paper for regularly changed settings is revealed; Picture Style, Focus mode, Metering, File Format and surface brightness.

A manus  holding the Ricoh GR IIIx camera

(Image credit: Future)

Watch retired for the shooting mode dial, excessively – the fastener isn't the strongest and we had a fewer times wherever the mode had switched betwixt goes with the camera. On that dial is the accustomed PASM vulnerability modes, positive 3 idiosyncratic defined shooting modes (U1 to U3).

Custom shooting modes are ace utile for those that instrumentality the clip to make unsocial camera settings for circumstantial scenarios, assigning a broad scope of settings, including Auto ISO with power implicit minimum acceptable shutter speed, and the Focus mode that includes the clever Snap Focus.

The fixed 3in LCD touchscreen is simply a small hard to presumption successful agleam daylight. Pump the 1.03-million-dot surface up to its brightest mounting and things get a small clearer. There are a fig of concessions made successful bid to support the GR IIIx truthful small. If we were to capable to marque a azygous alteration it would beryllium to person a flip-up surface which would beryllium truthful useful for multi-angle shooting.

A manus  holding the Ricoh GR IIIx camera

(Image credit: Future)

There's nary denying that the 200-shot artillery beingness is modest. Honestly, we didn't caput it and sometimes moving wrong limitations – similar a 36-roll of movie – tin beryllium bully practice. Also, the camera tin beryllium charged on-the-go via USB-C and further DB-110 batteries tin beryllium picked up connected the cheap.

For the lens ringing cap, Ricoh has opted for benignant implicit substance. Rather than connection controls similar manual absorption oregon aperture (which we haven't needfully pined for), the GR IIIx lens ringing headdress is functionless and tin beryllium swapped retired with antithetic colour ringing caps to personalize the camera.

After overmuch clip with the camera successful and retired the pocket, we started to consciousness that the protective lens headdress could beryllium a omniscient acquisition to support the beforehand of the lens. The camera does, however, travel with a basal wrist strap and a bully interaction is that the GR IIIx has an interior representation of 2GB, which offers plentifulness of retention for pictures and Full HD videos. Beyond 2GB, you'll request a UHS-I SD representation card.

Ricoh GR IIIx: features and performance

  • Quick start-up time
  • Moderate continuous shooting
  • Sensor-shift shingle reduction

Ricoh has refined the GR III bid to delight experienced photographers who privation a simple, customizable camera with a accelerated response. Start-up clip is lightning, the GR IIIx rattles disconnected pictures from being powered disconnected successful little than a second, and with an contiguous shutter response.

In continuous thrust mode there's a mean shooting complaint of astir 4fps by our estimate. For the earthy DNG format, you'll get astir 10 shots earlier the camera slows close up, portion successful JPEG-only it's much similar 150 shots. The GR IIIx is not an enactment camera, though it does respond rapidly to seizure decisive moments. 

Focus modes see Snap Focus for a predetermined absorption region successful fractional metre increments starting astatine 1 meter, oregon infinity. Handily, it is imaginable to temporarily override Snap Focus if it's acceptable to the incorrect region via interaction focus. Additional AF modes are disposable successful the speedy entree menu.

Snap Focus is simply a antithetic crippled with the caller 40mm lens than it is with the GR III's 28mm lens, due to the fact that extent of tract is narrower and truthful little forgiving astatine immoderate fixed aperture and moving distance. You mightiness not spot connected the tiny screen, but it is wholly imaginable to miss your absorption constituent erstwhile shooting adjacent up astatine f/2.8. Thankfully determination is an on-screen extent of tract indicator, done which you tin cheque extent of tract parameters.

For portraits adjacent to camera and shallow extent of tract work, it tin beryllium wiser to usage pin-point interaction autofocus alternatively than Snap Focus. The show of different AF modes are lone good and, overall, little reliable – including a laggy and unreliable tracking AF positive mean car country AF.

The Ricoh GR III X compact camera successful  beforehand   of a smartphone

(Image credit: Future)

There's besides a macro absorption that reduces the minimum absorption region from 0.2m down to 0.12m. With the much telephoto 40mm lens, the macro mode feels much useable successful the GR IIIx than it does the GR III – with a small cropping we've travel distant with immoderate genuine-looking macro images.

The GR IIIx features a sensor-based shingle simplification – a diagnostic not recovered connected aforementioned rivals. This opens up the GR III X to a wider scope of handheld shooting scenarios and is possibly adjacent much utile than successful the GR III with its much forgiving wider tract of presumption lens.

With shingle simplification progressive and a dependable hand, we've been capable get crisp shots each clip astatine 1/10 sec and mean occurrence astatine 1/4 sec – that's 2 to 3 stops of reliable stabilization by our reckoning.  

Ricoh GR IIIx: representation quality

  • 24.2MP earthy DNGs
  • 40mm f/2.8-16 lens
  • In-camera earthy editing

The GR IIIx has the aforesaid 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor arsenic the GR III, signaling successful JPEG and earthy DNG format. DNG is universally accepted connected bundle aged and new. There's a monolithic ISO 100-102,400 sensitivity scope and it's wholly imaginable to sprout up to ISO 6,400 earlier sound rears its disfigured head, adjacent ISO 25,600 is acceptable. For decently cleanable images you'll similar to instrumentality betwixt ISO 100 and 1,600.

The caller 40mm f/2.8 lens has 1 much lens constituent than the 28mm f/2.8 (adding a specified 5g to the full value of the camera), containing 7 elements successful 5 groups including 2 aspherical elements. Scanning from halfway to edges, representation item tin beryllium consistently crisp crossed the full framework – awesome for specified a compact lens – though you volition suffer captious sharpness astatine f/2.8 and f/16.

The macro absorption region ranges from 0.12 to 0.24m. Combined with the 40mm lens and particularly the 71mm harvest mode, it is imaginable to make dreamy macro scenes with beauteous bokeh astatine f/2.8. (Image credit: Future)

For subjects wrong a fewer meters of the camera (a moving region astir 1.5m is simply a saccharine spot), it is wholly imaginable to get a pleasing shallow extent of tract erstwhile shooting wide unfastened astatine f/2.8, making the GR III X an fantabulous enactment for portraits that diagnostic surroundings. Bokeh is pleasant enough, too, and peculiarly silky successful the macro mode. Set to macro and utilizing the harvest mode, the GR IIIx has amazed america with its macro prowess. 

Where lens corrections person not been applied to earthy DNGs, vignetting is rather pronounced astatine f/2.8 and ne'er truly goes distant astatine immoderate aperture, though the betterment is beauteous evident by stopping down to f/3.5. The GR IIIx offers in-camera peripheral illumination correction that removes vignetting astatine the representation seizure signifier oregon via earthy improvement afterwards.

Vignetting is evident astatine f/2.8, though this distortion tin beryllium dealt with astatine the pre oregon post-capture signifier in-camera. This is aft vignetting was removed, compared to... (Image credit: Future)

Evaluative metering does a coagulated occupation of getting a bully all-round exposure, though successful daylight we often opted to usage highlight-weighted metering to support highlights and, wherever the results are excessively dark, boost the vulnerability via vulnerability compensation. 

There's besides shadiness correction and vulnerability compensation ±1EV successful earthy improvement for further tweaks. Somehow the GR IIIx encourages a low-key consciousness arsenic a starting constituent to daylight images.

Ricoh offers the 'Image Sync' app for distant seizure and transferring images onto a smartphone via Bluetooth oregon Wi-Fi. In our acquisition with a Google Pixel, everything worked good and encouraged a signifier of regularly sharing edited pictures connected the fly.

Shake simplification gives astir 2-3 stops of effectual stabilization, useful for this low-light streetscape wherever a shutter velocity of 1/13 sec produced a crisp handheld image. No tripod needed. (Image credit: Future)

We kept the representation benignant successful the idiosyncratic mode to modular due to the fact that of however casual it is to use those kinds of changes via in-camera earthy development. All representation styles tin beryllium customized, and we peculiarly similar the Hard Monotone profile.

The GR IIIx focuses connected photographers implicit those who bash video. Resolution is constricted to Full HD and there's nary mic input for signaling dependable externally straight to the camera. However, framework rates bash spell up to 60p, meaning you tin get slo-mo half-speed videos connected the go, positive you get an integrated shallow extent of tract astatine f/2.8 that marque videos basal retired implicit utilizing a phone.

Should I bargain the Ricoh GR IIIx?

The Ricoh GR IIIx camera connected  a woody  table

(Image credit: Future)

Buy it if...

Don't bargain it if...

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