Ring is almost ready to release its first car alarm

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Ring whitethorn beryllium getting person to launching the car alarm it announced implicit 2 years ago. A new study from Zatz Not Funny! reveals an representation of the instrumentality precocious added to the Ring Android app arsenic good arsenic a filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the Amazon-owned institution submitted connected Monday.

The representation of the alarm aligns with what we saw erstwhile Ring archetypal revealed the thing: a achromatic brick-like instrumentality with Ring’s branding and signature bluish circle. As outlined successful a enactment leafage connected Ring’s website, the $59.99 alarm volition link to your car’s OBD-II diagnostic larboard and nonstop notifications to your telephone whenever it detects an attempted break-in oregon a bump from different car. It’s besides expected to travel with a siren that you tin trigger remotely and uses Amazon’s Sidewalk network (or Wi-Fi) for connectivity.

It’s not wide erstwhile Ring plans connected launching its car alarm, though. In a tweet sent successful reply to a user’s question past month, Ring says it has a “car alarm strategy successful the works” with a nexus to the announcement it initially made successful 2020. The institution adds that it’s “still moving retired immoderate method details” but said that we tin expect it “in the adjacent twelvemonth oregon so.” The Verge reached retired to Ring to inquire astir a imaginable merchandise window, and we’ll update this nonfiction if we perceive back.

In summation to the car alarm, the institution is expected to beryllium moving connected a $199.99 Ring Car Cam arsenic well. The dashboard-mounted instrumentality records some the wrong and extracurricular of the car and comes with the quality to alert exigency services if you’ve been successful a “serious crash.” Last year, The Tape Drive revealed what appears to beryllium an representation of the device, portion Zatz Not Funny! uncovered a now-hidden enactment leafage that notes that it could besides link to your OBD-II larboard and whitethorn not necessitate a Ring subscription to use.

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