Robert Kiyosaki Says He Likes Bitcoin — Calls BTC ‘People’s Money’

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Robert Kiyosaki Says He Likes Bitcoin — Calls BTC 'People's Money'

The celebrated writer of the best-selling publication Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, says helium likes bitcoin, calling the cryptocurrency “people’s money.” While admitting that helium does not cognize overmuch astir bitcoin, helium said: “I’m conscionable gladsome I bought it astatine six.”

Robert Kiyosaki Says Bitcoin Is ‘People’s Money’

The writer of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, talked astir bitcoin portion discussing “Why currency is trash successful 2023” during his Rich Dad Radio Show podcast published connected Wednesday. Rich Dad Poor Dad is simply a 1997 publication co-authored by Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. It has been connected the New York Times Best Seller List for implicit six years. More than 32 cardinal copies of the publication person been sold successful implicit 51 languages crossed much than 109 countries.

During the podcast, Kiyosaki called gold, silver, and bitcoin “the hottest taxable connected the marketplace today,” noting that existent property is nary longer a blistery topic. Emphasizing that the U.S. dollar is “fake money,” the celebrated writer said:

I similar Bitcoin. I telephone it people’s money. Now I don’t cognize overmuch astir Bitcoin, but I’m conscionable gladsome I bought it astatine six. That’s each I cognize close now.

Kiyosaki antecedently said helium bought bitcoin astatine $9K. “I bought bitcoin astatine $9,000 and I thought I was being fleeced but the crushed I bought it astatine $9,000 was due to the fact that Covid unopen down the satellite economy,” helium told Kitco News successful April 2021. “I deliberation it’s going to $1.2 cardinal successful 5 much years,” helium predicted astatine the time.

The Rich Dad Poor Dad writer precocious said that helium is buying more BTC. Last year, helium explained why helium invests successful bitcoin, noting that he’s an investor, not a trader, truthful helium gets excited erstwhile the terms of bitcoin hits a caller low.

Kiyosaki has been recommending bitcoin alongside golden and metallic for rather immoderate time. Last week, helium discussed wherefore the 3 investments are rising higher.

He expects bitcoin investors to get richer erstwhile the Federal Reserve pivots and prints trillions of dollars. In September past year, helium urged investors to get into crypto now earlier the biggest economical clang successful satellite past happens. However, helium besides warned that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) volition crush astir cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, the renowned writer said that “we are successful planetary recession,” informing of soaring bankruptcies, unemployment, and homelessness.

What bash you deliberation astir Robert Kiyosaki saying helium likes bitcoin and calling the cryptocurrency “people’s money”? Let america cognize successful the comments conception below.

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