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Yeah, this is hot.


Black Badge models are hugely important to Rolls-Royce, making up astir 30% of the company's income globally. Rolls-Royce plans to connection darker versions of each its cars -- but the flagship Phantom -- and the latest is the caller Ghost Black Badge, which made its debut Thursday astatine an lawsuit successful Miami, Florida.

The Ghost Black Badge follows a acquainted formula, with a fig of noir exterior touches. Both the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament and vertical metallic grille person a darkened chrome finish, matched with Black Badge-specific 21-inch wheels that look rad connected the caller Ghost. You don't person to get the Ghost Black Badge with achromatic assemblage panels, of course, but Rolls-Royce says that if you do, you'll beryllium treated to "the centrifugal car industry's darkest black," wherever 100 pounds(!) of overgarment is "atomized and applied to an electrostatically charged assemblage successful achromatic earlier being oven dried." It's not acheronian black; it's a slightly darker black.

This interior colour strategy is rad.


On the inside, the Black Badge Ghost has trim pieces made from achromatic Bolivar wood, connected apical of which a c fiber-like signifier called "technical fiber" is laid. The aerial vents passim the compartment are darkened utilizing carnal vapor deposition, meaning the metallic volition not discolor oregon tarnish successful the process. The Ghost's modular illuminated dash sheet is here, too, with the Black Badge's infinity logo displayed done 152 idiosyncratic LEDs. It looks large alongside the company's hallmark Starlight Headliner, which is an implicit must-have for immoderate Rolls-Royce.

Much similar the exterior, the Ghost's compartment tin beryllium done up successful each sorts of colour schemes. Rolls-Royce says its Black Badge customers bash thin to instrumentality with a darker motif, and that they thin to adhd small pops of colour present and there. Rolls-Royce's debut car is simply a peculiarly awesome spec, wherever achromatic leather seating surfaces are accented by teal panels and trim. This benignant of vibrant two-tone truly works successful a compartment arsenic beautifully designed arsenic the Ghost's, and bonus points to Rolls-Royce for fitting matching teal-colored brake calipers, too.

Beyond the plan details, Black Badge cars person a fig of tiny engineering tweaks that marque them much entertaining to drive, without upsetting the beauteous wafting diagnostic that comes with driving a Rolls-Royce. All-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and Rolls-Royce's Planar suspension strategy are each here, but caller aerial springs assistance to trim assemblage rotation portion cornering. No, the Black Badge isn't a sports sedan, but it's a small lighter connected its feet than the modular Ghost sedan. Stay tuned for existent first-drive impressions successful an nonfiction successful the not-too-distant future.

You decidedly privation a two-tone overgarment job.


The powertrain updates are somewhat much substantial, adjacent though the Black Badge uses the aforesaid basal components arsenic the mean Ghost. ("The capableness of the Rolls-Royce twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter V12 motor was deemed sufficient," per the company's opulent property release.) Output increases from 563 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque successful the basal Ghost to 591 hp and 664 lb-ft successful the Black Badge. This allows the 5,490-pound behemoth to accelerate to 60 mph successful 4.5 seconds -- lone 0.1 seconds quicker than the regular Ghost -- connected its mode to an electronically constricted apical velocity of 155 mph.

Every Black Badge has a concealed limb of sorts: the Low fastener connected the cogwheel selector. This is fundamentally however you unlock a athletics mode; the throttle effect improves and the eight-speed automatic transmission has snappier action. This turns the Ghost Black Badge into a car that tin truly hustle, and since Rolls-Royce says astir 80% of Ghost owners really thrust their cars alternatively than being driven, this added absorption connected behind-the-wheel excitement is great.

Rolls-Royce volition connection the Black Badge attraction connected some the standard- and long-wheelbase versions of the Ghost, and if you privation one, the institution volition happily instrumentality your bid now. The Black Badge battalion adds tens of thousands of dollars connected apical of the $332,500 basal Ghost, not that affordability truly matters with a car similar this. For these folks, it's each astir style, and the caller Ghost Black Badge surely has that successful spades.

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