Salesforce Chatter review

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If your squad and income pipeline is ample capable and requires a boost successful productivity, Salesforce Chatter offers a basal societal networking toolkit to assistance you collaborate.


  • Direct entree to Salesforce records
  • Personalized quality feed
  • Add users without purchasing caller licenses


  • No unrecorded chat oregon audio/video calls
  • No workflow automation
  • Pricey without Salesforce subscription

If your squad and income pipeline is ample capable and requires a boost successful productivity, Salesforce Chatter offers a basal societal networking toolkit to assistance you collaborate.


  • +

    Direct entree to Salesforce records

  • +

    Personalized quality feed

  • +

    Add users without purchasing caller licenses


  • -

    No unrecorded chat oregon audio/video calls

  • -

    No workflow automation

  • -

    Pricey without Salesforce subscription

Salesforce Chatter is the endeavor societal web to summation your team’s productivity successful Salesforce, 1 of the champion CRM software solutions today. Read our afloat Salesforce Chatter reappraisal below.

Salesforce Chatter review: Snapshot

If you’ve got a Salesforce subscription, past Salesforce Chatter helps your squad go much productive done societal networking tools including radical discussions, record sharing, and CRM grounds collaboration. Though it tin besides beryllium purchased arsenic a standalone, Chatter is escaped with immoderate Salesforce bundle licence and accessible connected the Salesforce desktop browser and mobile app. 

Viewing quality feeds and creating posts successful Chatter is reminiscent of the LinkedIn interface. You tin adhd photos, videos, and files, arsenic good arsenic notation Salesforce records—such arsenic peculiar leads oregon accounts—which your squad tin past easy entree via hyperlink. Groups tin beryllium acceptable up to see colleagues without a Salesforce license, and adjacent customers oregon contractors.

Solutions similar Slack or Zoho Connect boast a broader scope of collaboration features, topped by audio and video calling, and task automation. While Chatter isn’t competitory capable to warrant a standalone purchase, it does marque your CRM efforts much effectual if your squad already uses Salesforce.

Score: 3/5

Read connected for our afloat and elaborate review.

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Salesforce Chatter’s competitors

How does Salesforce Chatter comparison to its main competitors? Salesforce ChatterZoho ConnectSlack
ProsDirect entree to Salesforce records; personalized quality feed; adding users without purchasing caller licensesLive chat, audio/ video calls, and surface sharing; task automation; papers and task managementLive chat, audio/ video calls, and surface sharing; task automation; aggregate integrations, including Salesforce
ConsNo unrecorded chat oregon audio/video calls; nary workflow automation; pricey without Salesforce subscriptionFree program constricted to 25 users and 3 groups; nary outer users connected escaped plan; astir integrations are with Zoho productsMessage past constricted to 10,000 messages connected escaped plan; 15-participant bounds connected audio/video calls connected paid plans
VerdictSalesforce Chatter works good for medium-to-large businesses already utilizing Salesforce. However, its collaboration and record absorption functionalities are basal comparative to competitors. Zoho Connect has an awesome toolkit, from quality feeds to video calls and papers management. Its escaped program has limitations, but its endeavor program tin beryllium purchased for a bargain price.Slack makes real-time connection elemental and effective. It besides integrates with galore third-party apps to stock files and automate tasks, astatine a tenable price.
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Salesforce Chatter cardinal features

Salesforce Chatter combines the basal features of a societal networking tool—such arsenic posts, newsfeeds, and followers—with CRM productivity hacks, similar linking to Salesforce records and tagging coworkers successful tasks.

Your newsfeed tin beryllium acceptable up to show lone the objects that you follow, specified arsenic users, accounts, and opportunities. For instance, if a peculiar woody moves from dialog to won, this could look successful your feed. 

Another apical diagnostic successful Chatter is collaboration. You tin usage groups to signifier coworkers based connected projects oregon interests. The contented of nationalist groups tin beryllium seen by the full organization, portion backstage radical contented is lone accessible to that group’s members. You tin adhd posts, files, and records to groups, but the deficiency of unrecorded chat functionality means connection tin beryllium delayed and ineffective.

Chatter users with a Salesforce licence tin supply 1 different with speedy entree to CRM records, specified arsenic contacts, telephone notes, oregon enactment cases. So, if a workfellow tags you and links to an accidental needing a follow-up, the grounds is conscionable a click away. This diagnostic tin assistance debar miscommunication and adjacent much deals.

Using Chatter whitethorn bring larger benefits to medium-to-large enterprises with aggregate Salesforce licenses and a analyzable pipeline, portion smaller teams whitethorn find real-time connection solutions much effectual for lighter lawsuit bases.

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Salesforce Chatter review

You tin entree Salesforce Chatter from desktop and mobile astatine immoderate clip (Image credit: Salesforce)

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Salesforce Chatter review

Choose what you spot connected your Chatter provender by pursuing circumstantial topics (Image credit: Salesforce)

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Salesforce Chatter review

Stay successful the cognize astir your team’s advancement connected Salesforce (Image credit: Salesforce)

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Salesforce Chatter review

Tag your coworkers connected Salesforce Chatter to marque definite tasks get done (Image credit: Salesforce)

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Salesforce Chatter review

Screenshot connected Salesforce Chatter erstwhile creating a caller radical (Image credit: Salesforce)

Salesforce Chatter: What’s new?

To amended teamwork and productivity, Salesforce Chatter present features co-worker profiles, which summarize users’ activity, some connected Chatter and connected Salesforce arsenic a whole. For instance, you tin spot colleagues’ caller radical posts, shared files, and associated accounts and opportunities—so agelong arsenic you’ve been granted entree to this information.

Chatter besides present supports Copy + Paste enactment for images (rather than having to prevention and upload a screenshot oregon image). In addition, you tin click Share from immoderate penetration to stock it to Chatter (or export to Salesforce Anywhere oregon download the insight).

Salesforce Chatter: Pricing

You get Chatter for escaped with immoderate Salesforce plan, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. All Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud subscriptions are billed connected a per-user, yearly basis, with Essentials starting astatine $25/user/month, billed annually.

If you don’t person a Salesforce license, you tin usage Chatter arsenic a standalone work for $15/user/month, billed monthly only. However, this program doesn’t let you to nexus to oregon collaborate connected CRM records from Salesforce.

Salesforce Chatter pricing plans Plan type/featureFreePaidZoho Connect—Enterprise planSlack—Pro plan
Cost per month$0 (included successful each Salesforce subscriptions, which commencement astatine $25/user/month, billed annually)$15/user/month (only successful lack of Salesforce subscription, billed monthly)$1/user/month (billed annually)$8/active user/month (billed monthly)
Cost per year$0 (included successful each Salesforce subscriptions, which commencement astatine $300/user/year, billed annually)$180/user/year (only successful lack of Salesforce subscription, billed monthly)$12/user/year (billed annually)$80/active user/year (17% discount, billed annually)
Personalized quality feedX
File sharing
Salesforce information integrationXX

Testing Salesforce Chatter

Below, we trial Salesforce Chatter’s easiness of usage and effectiveness some connected desktop and mobile. These tests purpose to reason whether the merchandise makes your CRM efforts much productive by asking whether it’s speedy and intuitive to usage basal tools.

How intuitive is Salesforce Chatter successful use?

Using Chatter volition impact a learning curve contempt not having an overwhelming acceptable of features. You are, however, guided done these features—for instance, erstwhile penning a caller post, you’re reminded that the / awesome links to a Salesforce record, specified arsenic an accidental oregon a note.

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(Image credit: Salesforce )

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The posting diagnostic is the astir intuitive, mirroring LinkedIn’s, and includes basal substance formatting, which immunodeficiency connection operation and clarity. A utile diagnostic is being capable to @mention users and groups, which helps tagged colleagues enactment accountable for tasks. 

Overall, Chatter tin beryllium rather hard to navigate, particularly if you’re multitasking crossed Salesforce. This could beryllium improved, for example, by having a backmost arrow to navigate pages oregon by making caller tabs disposable successful Chatter’s quick-access menu, frankincense helping users enactment connected apical of groups, records, and tasks.

Desktop screenshot of Salesforce Chatter erstwhile   creating a post

Creating caller posts and adding files is intuitive connected Salesforce Chatter (Image credit: Salesforce)

Does Salesforce Chatter enactment good connected mobile?

Collage of 3  mobile screenshots portion    utilizing the Salesforce app

You tin usage Salesforce Chatter connected the spell with the Salesforce mobile app (Image credit: Salesforce)

Salesforce Chatter is accessible from the main Salesforce mobile app, 2 clicks distant connected the paper bar. The location surface features the quality provender successful the center, a apical toolbar, and a country notifications icon. You tin besides pin 4 Salesforce shortcuts astatine the bottom, specified arsenic Contacts, Cases, and Reports.

From the location toolbar, you’re a click distant from creating a caller post, sharing a file, and creating a caller event. More actions, specified arsenic creating a canvass and adding a caller opportunity, are disposable via a dropdown list. 

The mobile app feels easier to navigate than the desktop version, but there’s country for improvement. For example, creating a station and sharing a record pb to the aforesaid interface, which tin consciousness confusing.

How casual is it to collaborate connected Salesforce Chatter?

Screenshot of creating a caller   follower watercourse  successful  Salesforce Chatter

Stay updated connected colleagues’ activities connected Salesforce Chatter (Image credit: Salesforce)

Creating a radical takes astir 3 clicks and you tin invitation coworkers to it, whether they’ve created a Chatter relationship yet oregon not. Adding users extracurricular of your company’s email domain is simply a spot trickier—groups request to beryllium acceptable to private, with a ticked container for Allow customers. 

Tagging users, adding files, and linking to Salesforce records is beauteous seamless and intuitive. But, overall, collaboration functionality is limited—you can’t, for example, edit documents successful real-time oregon unrecorded chat with individuals. You’d inactive request to usage outer communications bundle for day-to-day business, similar Slack oregon email.

Alternatives to Salesforce Chatter


(Image credit: Trello)

Salesforce Chatter sits astatine the intersection of CRM productivity instrumentality and societal network, and tin beryllium substituted with different products successful this area. Zoho Connect is simply a adjacent match, arsenic it integrates easy with Zoho CRM, different best CRM software pick. Similarities betwixt the 2 see customizable quality feeds and engagement with posts and polls, but Zoho CRM is much diagnostic affluent arsenic it additionally offers audio and video calls, online papers management, and a wider scope of third-party integrations, including Trello and Asana. Read our Zoho CRM review for a afloat evaluation. 

Slack, acquired by Salesforce successful 2021, is simply a lucifer for Chatter, and not conscionable due to the fact that it tin easy integrate with your Salesforce records. It tin acceptable up customized workflows—such arsenic automatic messages triggered by a grounds change—and tin integrate with galore products, including Google Workspace and Mailchimp.

While the flagship Salesforce bundle integrates with aggregate third-party solutions and enables analyzable workflow automations, Chatter features person constricted customization and tin lone nexus backmost to Salesforce interior records.

That said, if you’re already utilizing Salesforce, Chatter is the easiest collaboration instrumentality to usage connected circumstantial income opportunities portion staying successful app.

Salesforce Chatter’s features compared to the competition Salesforce ChatterZoho ConnectSlack
News feedYesYesNo
Third-party integrationsLimitedMultipleMultiple
SupportToll-free phone, unrecorded chat, email ticketing, cognition baseOnline ticketing, forums, cognition baseLive chat, online ticketing, cognition base
Paid plan$15/user/month (billed monthly)$1/user/month (billed monthly)$6.67/user/month (billed annually)

Salesforce Chatter: Final verdict

It takes immoderate clip and squad committedness to reap the benefits of Salesforce Chatter, truthful it’s astir due to medium-to-large enterprises with aggregate Salesforce licenses and a increasing pipeline. When purchased extracurricular a Salesforce plan, Chatter does not connection users entree to CRM functions, specified arsenic updating interaction records, and determination are better, cheaper alternatives connected the marketplace for standalone endeavor societal networks.

Slack and Zoho Connect, for instance, person akin features to Chatter, but additionally connection video and audio calls, workflow automations, and unrecorded chats, each for a little monthly terms and with the enactment of a escaped plan. 

With a increasing Salesforce pipeline, though, Chatter is acceptable for purpose. You tin adhd non-licensed users and customers to groups, make polls, and stock documents, photos, and videos. 

Individual quality feeds tin beryllium personalized according to topics, which tin see relationship names, types of opportunities, and circumstantial colleagues. Tagging co-workers to circumstantial requests and records is besides useful, ensuring important deals don’t autumn done the cracks.

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