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Pardot is robust B2B selling bundle priced astatine a premium. It features AI-driven pb absorption and analytics and a wide scope of selling automation features.


  • Large fig of features
  • Specialized sub-products for immoderate industries
  • AI-driven behavioral scoring for each inbound leads


  • Expensive
  • Limited lawsuit service

Pardot is robust B2B selling bundle priced astatine a premium. It features AI-driven pb absorption and analytics and a wide scope of selling automation features.


  • +

    Large fig of features

  • +

    Specialized sub-products for immoderate industries

  • +

    AI-driven behavioral scoring for each inbound leads


  • -


  • -

    Limited lawsuit service

Pardot is cloud-based B2B selling automation bundle provided by Salesforce. Build, automate, and analyse selling campaigns with this almighty B2B selling tool. Read our afloat Salesforce Pardot reappraisal to larn however to powerfulness your B2B selling campaigns with Salesforce, 1 of the best CRM software solutions available.

Salesforce Pardot CRM review: Snapshot

Salesforce Pardot is simply a B2B selling level that is afloat integrated with the Salesforce suite of products. It features selling automation, pb absorption solutions, and manufacture circumstantial subproducts.

All automation and pb absorption solutions provided by Pardot are supported by Einstein, Salesforce’s AI solution. Einstein automatically qualifies your Pardot leads with a behavioral scoring system, which escalates precedence leads to selling for follow-up. Pardot’s selling automation features halfway connected a ocular drag-and-drop travel builder for email selling campaigns that’s intuitive to usage and doesn’t necessitate coding. 

Pardot has a precocious terms constituent comparative to its competition, starting astatine $15,000 annually for its basal tier, Grow. We recovered that portion the Grow tier is costly comparative to competing products, the highest pricing tier, Premium, is justifiably priced acknowledgment to its features and the fig of selling contacts it provides. Large enterprises that person the fund to spend a Premium Subscription tin unlock unparalleled integer selling capabilities. Smaller organizations, however, are champion suited with an alternate merchandise specified arsenic HubSpot oregon Mailchimp.

Score: 4/5

Read connected for our afloat and elaborate review.

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Pardot CRM’s competitors

How does Pardot comparison to its main competitors? Salesforce PardotHubSpot Marketing HubMailchimp All-in-One Marketing Platform
Pros- Incredible breadth of B2B selling features - Industry specialized solutions for fiscal services, healthcare, manufacturing and media.- Established level with implicit 300 third-party apps disposable - Easy integration with Salesforce- Great for tiny concern and solo users - Free mentation available
Cons- Very precocious outgo - Limited lawsuit enactment for its terms level- Long setup time, 8-12 weeks- Poor database absorption —limited to 5 affirmative oregon antagonistic conditional relationships - No A/B investigating for landing pages
VerdictPardot is almighty and costly B2B selling bundle with a wide scope of features. It is worthy your information if you tin spend 1 of the apical 2 pricing tiers.HubSpot selling hub is capable arsenic a B2B selling platform, and besides supports B2C. Pricing is midrange, arsenic is the disposable acceptable of features.Mailchimp is simply a versatile B2B oregon B2C selling platform. You tin commencement disconnected precise small, with pricing nether $10 monthly, past standard easy arsenic your needs increase.
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Pardot CRM’s cardinal features

Lead Generation and Management

Pardot provides you with easy-to-use tools for constructing forms and landing pages. Everything is done done a ocular drag-and-drop interface, truthful coding expertise is not required. Hosting for landing pages and forms is included successful your Pardot subscription.

Pardot’s pb absorption strategy automatically scores leads based connected their interactions with your landing pages and forms, and forwards the astir promising leads to the selling squad for follow-up.

Email Automation

Email campaigns tin beryllium automated easy with a elemental ocular drag-and-drop interface. As with the landing leafage builder, nary coding cognition is required. You tin usage Pardot to rapidly plan email templates oregon adjacent tweak 1 of its premade templates for your ain use.

After that, afloat automate your email run with scheduled sending and autoresponders for your forms and landing pages.

Marketing Analytics

Pardot generates reports astatine each measurement of the selling funnel. The reports are afloat customizable, but the default offering should beryllium capable for astir selling teams. Out of the box, Pardot volition beryllium capable to estimation the ROI of your selling campaigns and amusement you their interaction connected income revenue. It besides tracks lawsuit engagement, and if you person Salesforce Sales Cloud, integrates information from it. 

This way, some selling and income leads are included successful Pardot’s analytics.

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Salesforce Pardot Review

Pardot lets you plan landing pages and forms, big them, and people lawsuit interactions connected them. (Image credit: Salesforce )

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Salesforce Pardot Review

Automate email selling with Salesforce Pardot. (Image credit: Salesforce )

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Salesforce Pardot Review

Unlock precocious analytics tools that measurement the occurrence of your campaigns against assorted KPIs. (Image credit: Salesforce )

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Salesforce Pardot Review

Salesforce Einstein AI is the motor that powers Pardot’s pb scoring and analytics features. (Image credit: Salesforce )

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Salesforce Pardot Review

In summation to generalized features, Pardot has specialized platforms for definite industries, similar this 1 for fiscal services. (Image credit: Salesforce )

AI-Driven Solutions

Salesforce’s Einstein AI supports Pardot by scanning your Sales and Marketing pb databases and identifying cardinal leads. These leads are determined by their level of enactment and engagement with your brand.

Einstein past connects leads with immoderate existing records successful your Salesforce database and makes intelligent suggestions to your selling and income teams connected however to champion spell astir converting these leads into customers.

Industry Specialized Solutions

In summation to a almighty generalized platform, Pardot provides industry-specialized selling automation services for B2B marketers successful the fields of financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and media.

For example, Pardot for Financial Services automatically attempts to place individuals with the champion concern imaginable for your fiscal instauration based connected preset criteria, portion Pardot for Manufacturing features pb capture, automated follow-up, and ROI tracking for commercialized shows.

Pardot CRM: What’s new?

Salesforce Pardot Review Einstein AI

(Image credit: Salesforce )

In its spring 2021 release, Pardot made galore improvements to its email selling system. Notably, marketers tin present instrumentality two-click unsubscribe, meaning customers present request to click Yes successful a abstracted confirmation model to unsubscribe from an email list. This prevents unsubscribing bots from auto-removing leads, and boosts retention.

This merchandise besides overhauled Pardot’s setup process done the summation of the Salesforce Marketing Setup App. The app groups each the required tasks to acceptable up Pardot successful its modular configuration successful 1 place, making it faster and easier to acceptable up this analyzable portion of software.

Behavioral scoring, powered by Einstein AI, is besides a caller diagnostic from the outpouring 2021 release. With this diagnostic enabled, Einstein volition automatically delegate a behaviour people to selling leads based connected their level of engagement with your integer selling channels.

A pb with higher engagement volition person a higher score, and leads with a sufficiently precocious people volition beryllium automatically escalated to your selling section for follow-up.

Pardot CRM: Pricing

Pardot offers 4 tiered pricing options, billed astatine a level complaint connected an yearly basis. Pardot, similar astir Salesforce products, is priced connected the costly extremity of the market, but it besides offers a wide scope of features that warrant its terms point.

This pricing exemplary makes Pardot perfect for endeavor users who person a plentiful fund and are looking for galore features on with important numbers of disposable selling contacts. Users who are consenting to judge less features successful speech for a little terms constituent would beryllium amended suited with an alternate supplier similar HubSpot oregon Mailchimp.

Pardot’s pricing plans Plan type/featureGrowthPlusAdvancedPremiumHubSpot Marketing Hub StarterMailchimp All-in-One Marketing Platform Essentials
Cost per month$1250$2500$4000$15,000$45$9.99
Cost per year$15,000$30,000$48,000$180,000$540$119.88
Monthly Marketing Contacts10,00010,00010,00075,0001000500
A/B TestingEmails Only
AI SupportXXXX
24/7 Phone and Chat SupportXXXXChat Only

Testing Pardot CRM

We tested Pardot’s ROI calculator tool, which attempts to showcase however Pardot tin summation the effectiveness of your selling campaigns. ROI is simply a cardinal show indicator (KPI) for galore selling teams, truthful it is important to cognize if Pardot’s ROI calculator is accurate.

How close is Pardot’s ROI Calculator?

Screenshot of Pardot’s ROI Calculator

Salesforce Pardot’s ROI calculator instrumentality successful enactment (Image credit: Salesforce)

Pardot’s ROI calculator attempts to estimation the full instrumentality your enactment volition acquisition by adding Pardot automation to its selling process.

We input immoderate basal accusation for a hypothetical company, and the calculator stated that with selling automation, our yearly gross would summation by astir 155%.

The calculator past stated that without Pardot lone astir 27% of incoming leads were income ready, portion the remaining 73% would request to re-enter the selling funnel. However with Pardot, the fig of Sales qualified leads jumped to 41%. 

These numbers came from 2 abstracted sources. The 27% came from an unspecified 2012 MarketingSherpa report. The 41% came from a generic connection from the Q2 2011 ForresterWave report, which said that companies which excel astatine pb nurturing make 50% much leads.

The supra connection is generic, and determination is nary warrant that adopting Pardot would really marque your institution make 50% much leads. For this reason, we bash not urge utilizing Pardot’s ROI calculator arsenic a predictive tool.

Alternatives to Pardot CRM

hubspot CRM logo

(Image credit: HubSpot)

Pardot is an costly but feature-heavy product, with competitors similar Mailchimp and HubSpot CRM fulfilling a much budget-friendly, yet constricted role.

From a outgo perspective, Mailchimp’s All-in-One selling level is 1 of the cheapest selling platforms available. Unlike Pardot, it has a escaped tier, which gives users entree to a Marketing CRM and a signifier and landing leafage builder.

Mailchimp’s paid tiers unlock features and summation successful terms based connected the fig of contacts you privation to unlock. The cheapest paid plan, Essentials, costs $9.99/month for 500 contacts, and unlocks 24/7 email enactment and A/B testing.

Mailchimp is simply a large selling level for tiny concern users, arsenic they tin commencement for free, past standard easy based connected concern needs. Learn much successful our Mailchimp review

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is different alternate to Pardot. It features a escaped tier akin to Mailchimp’s, with a selling CRM and builders for forms and landing pages. It besides comes with postulation and conversion analytics, a diagnostic that is not contiguous successful Mailchimp. 

HubSpot’s paid tiers unlock galore features that are not included successful Mailchimp, similar unrecorded chat and landing leafage analytics. Essentially, HubSpot’s Marketing Cloud has much features than Mailchimp, but besides costs much successful each paid category. Checkout our afloat Hubspot CRM review for much details. 

Both platforms astatine their highest paid tier are astir comparable to Pardot’s lowest paid tier, Grow, and should beryllium utile for astir tiny concern selling needs. However, they bash deficiency Pardot’s high-powered analytics options. 

For instance, Pardot's behavioral scoring uses instrumentality learning and encompasses landing pages, emails, societal media, and each different constituent of contact, portion Mailchimp's is precise basic, lone comparing however galore links customers click connected successful your emails vs the fig of emails you send.

Pardot’s features compared to the competition Salesforce PardotHubSpot MarketingHubMailchimp All-in-One Marketing Platform
Number of selling contacts/month10,0001000500
Salesforce integrationYesYesYes
SupportEmail enactment with a 2-day turnaround time24/7 chat and email support24/7 chat and email support
Basic plan$1250/mo$45.00/mo$9.99/mo

Pardot: Final verdict

Analytics and reporting illustration  successful  Pardot

(Image credit: Pardot)

Pardot is incredibly almighty B2B selling software. At its highest pricing tier, you tin tally campaigns connected 75,000 contacts/month, with best-in-class, AI-powered reporting and a almighty suite of automation features.

Its precocious terms constituent limits its usefulness to precise ample endeavor clients—at its little terms tiers, it costs 10–30 times much than competitors for a akin acceptable of features. Businesses incapable to instrumentality vantage of Pardot’s monolithic standard volition find it much economical to spell with different provider, specified arsenic Mailchimp. 

Moreover, customers indispensable wage an further 30% for a Salesforce Premier Success program successful bid to person 24/7 telephone and chat support. Alternative providers, specified arsenic Mailchimp and Hubspot, person immoderate signifier of 24/7 enactment built into their default offering. Technically, Pardot does too, but lone for its astir costly license, the $186,000/year Premium plan.

For users that tin spend a Premium Subscription, Pardot offers unparalleled power, depth, and scale. So earlier purchasing a Pardot subscription, see your fund and needs. Once you request precocious analytics, implicit 10,000 selling contacts, and absorption for aggregate concern units, Pardot is astir apt your champion option. If you tin spend to acquisition the Premium, oregon astatine the precise slightest the Advanced terms tier, you volition beryllium getting the biggest bang for your buck. 

If not, past instrumentality to different provider, arsenic Pardot’s little tiers are constricted and priced importantly supra marketplace for what they offer.

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