Salesforce Trailhead review

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Use Salesforce Trailhead to leverage a assemblage of like-minded professionals portion learning each facet of Salesforce, and prime up an industry-recognized certification on the way.


  • Best assets to larn Salesforce
  • Engaging, gamified content
  • Involved and supportive community


  • Can beryllium overwhelming for beginners
  • Setting up firm grooming with MyTrailhead is simply a agelong clip investment

Use Salesforce Trailhead to leverage a assemblage of like-minded professionals portion learning each facet of Salesforce, and prime up an industry-recognized certification on the way.


  • +

    Best assets to larn Salesforce

  • +

    Engaging, gamified content

  • +

    Involved and supportive community


  • -

    Can beryllium overwhelming for beginners

  • -

    Setting up firm grooming with MyTrailhead is simply a agelong clip investment

Trailhead is the proprietary grooming situation of the Salesforce CRM suite. Its unique, gamified attack to learning and phenomenal assemblage resources are a large portion of the crushed Salesforce is 1 of the best CRM software solutions connected the market. 

We've breached down what the bundle is successful our What is Salesforce Trailhead? guide. For a afloat bundle reappraisal however, work our afloat Salesforce Trailhead reappraisal beneath to recognize however you tin leverage this almighty instrumentality to larn Salesforce, get certified, and wherefore you should bid your employees utilizing it. 

Trailhead review: Snapshot

Trailhead is the Salesforce learning environment. It makes learning Salesforce amusive with the assistance of gamification. Users unlock ranks and person badges arsenic awards for making advancement and learning caller skills.

Advanced users tin instrumentality this 1 measurement further by completing a Superbadge, which involves solving an in-depth real-world lawsuit survey with Salesforce successful a simulated environment. Certifications are a measurement supra Superbadges. By completing respective Superbadges successful mentation and past taking a certification exam, the idiosyncratic tin person industry-recognized credentials and expect an increase successful wage of astir 25% arsenic a result.

Trailhead tin besides beryllium utilized to make a afloat customized firm grooming programme for your ain enactment with MyTrailhead.

If you are looking to make an engaging firm grooming acquisition for your enactment oregon if you privation to larn Salesforce successful a unsocial and absorbing way, look nary further than Salesforce Trailhead.

Score: 5/5

Read connected for our afloat and elaborate review. 

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Trailhead’s competitors

How does Trailhead comparison to its main competitors? Salesforce TrailheadUdemy BusinessHubSpot Academy
ProsFree version, Strong assemblage support, Salesforce CertificationIn-demand courses disposable crossed 10 languages, Well suited for firm grooming careless of your concern oregon industry100% free, Professional certifications available, Well suited for firm grooming careless of your concern oregon industry
ConsCan beryllium daunting for beginners, Limited usefulness extracurricular of SalesforceNot each courses are freem, No specialized certification availableLimited non-English connection people availability, No unrecorded learning—all courses are pre-recorded
VerdictAn unparalleled instrumentality erstwhile it comes to learning Salesforce, with a supportive assemblage and tons of industry-recognized certifications available.An online firm grooming level with a dense absorption connected unrecorded learning with an instructor. Native-level speaking instructors disposable successful 10 languages.Free firm grooming platform, with prime learning disposable connected the topics of marketing, sales, contented management, and lawsuit service.
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Trailhead cardinal features


At the halfway of the Trailhead learning acquisition are courses, called modules, that are organized into curated journeys called trails. Trails are further grouped into wide topics called Trail Mixes. 

For example, Salesforce Lightning users looking to larn astir Salesforce Service Cloud mightiness privation to cheque retired the Service Cloud TrailMix, past navigate to the Get Started with Service Cloud for Lightning Experience Trail, past statesman with the archetypal module of that trail, Service Cloud: Quick Look. 

Trailblazer Community

Trailhead would beryllium thing without its community, the Trailblazers. Every Trailhead idiosyncratic automatically becomes a subordinate of this assemblage upon joining Trailhead and receives entree to Trailblazer groups and the assemblage forum. The assemblage forum is organized into topics, usually questions posed by Trailblazers. The idiosyncratic is escaped to commencement their ain taxable oregon chime successful connected an existing treatment arsenic they spot fit.

Groups alteration Trailblazers to travel unneurotic to sermon often asked questions, stock ideas, oregon adjacent big meet-ups and networking events. 

Trailhead: Key Features and Highlights

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Salesforce Trailhead review

Learn Salesforce with guided Trails, Modules, and Trail Mixes. (Image credit: Salesforce Trailhead)

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Salesforce Trailhead review

Connect with like-minded professionals and get enactment rapidly done the Trailblazer community. (Image credit: Salesforce Trailhead)

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Salesforce Trailhead review

Earn badges and beforehand your fertile with each module you implicit utilizing Trailhead’s gamified progression. (Image credit: Salesforce Trailhead)

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Salesforce Trailhead review

Complete existent beingness Hands-on Challenges to unlock Salesforce Superbadges. (Image credit: Salesforce Trailhead)

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Salesforce Trailhead review

Acquire existent industry-recognized certifications with Salesforce Trailhead. (Image credit: Salesforce Trailhead)


Trailhead comes with a gamified ranking strategy to promote idiosyncratic engagement. New users commencement astatine the fertile of Scout and instantly person a tiny badge welcoming them to the ranking system. Afterward, advancement is driven by completing courses, quizzes, badges, and challenges. Each comes with a definite fig of points. For instance, a situation typically nets 500 points, portion a quiz nets 100. Trailblazers advancement done 7 ranks until they scope the fertile of Ranger astatine 50,000 points.

Badges and Superbadges

Badges are impervious of real-life Salesforce experience. They are awarded aft completing a acceptable of courses and an associated applicable situation successful a simulated, but 100% realistic, Salesforce signifier environment. 

Superbadges are unlocked by completing a bid of regular badges, and past a last challenge. The aforementioned Data Security Badge is 1 of the 3 required to unlock the Security Specialist Superbadge. Superbadges are industry-recognized credentials and tin beryllium showcased connected a resume oregon LinkedIn illustration erstwhile completed.


Salesforce Certifications are an astonishing learning assets for each things Salesforce and tin beryllium a leap guardant career-wise arsenic well. The emblematic Salesforce certified worker tin expect to gain a 25% higher wage compared to an uncertified colleague, and this rises to 40% for IT professionals. 

Salesforce Certifications are lengthy commitments. The Salesforce Administrator Certification, for instance, takes implicit 47 hours to complete. But investing that clip and effort tin beryllium good worthy it for the resulting vocation advancement and specializer manufacture knowledge.

Salesforce Trailhead: What’s new?

This year, Trailhead launched Salesforce Learning Paths, a diagnostic that implemented applicable Trails straight into the Salesforce UI. On the backmost end, your Salesforce Administrator tin usage Learning Paths to delegate applicable Trailhead Trails, Modules, and instructional videos to circumstantial elements of the UI. For example, if you person conscionable launched a caller product, your Admin tin nexus your institution Trail describing that merchandise to the income team’s Salesforce Dashboard. This enables the squad to rapidly entree applicable accusation astir the caller merchandise launch.

Alongside Learning Paths, customized filters person been added to Trailhead. This fundamentally enables the Salesforce Administrator to automatically delegate definite grooming materials based connected the relation and acquisition level of each employee. For example, caller lawsuit work employees tin person caller prosecute grooming by filtering those materials with the Service relation and Beginner acquisition category.

Trailhead: Pricing

User entree to Trailhead is free, but to make your ain customized trails and people them with your unsocial institution branding, you request to subscribe to MyTrailhead for $25/user/month, billed annually. You tin besides springiness entree to non-employee customers and partners for $2 per login, oregon $5 per member. 

It is worthy noting that MyTrailhead tin lone beryllium purchased if you person an existing Salesforce licence astatine Enterprise tier oregon above, oregon an Enterprise Cloud External Apps license. The External Apps Licence costs $35/member/month, billed annually. The pricing for Enterprise-tier plans varies by product, but expect to wage astir $150/user/month.

Trailhead’s pricing plans Plan type/featureTrailheadMyTrailheadMyTrailhead for Customers & PartnersUdemy BusinessHubSpot Academy
Cost per monthFree$25/user$2 per login oregon $5 per memberFree*Free
Cost per yearFree$300/user$2 per login oregon $5 per memberFree*Free
Access to each learning materials
Trail BuilderXXX
Custom BrandingXXX
Identity for EmployeesXXN/AN/A

*Some courses are paid, others are free. Access to the level is free.

Testing Salesforce Trailhead

Trailhead is expected to beryllium casual to usage and accessible to everyone, truthful we created an relationship to effort it out. We ran 3 tests, including relationship creation, the accuracy of clip estimates for completing a module, and the effect clip of lawsuit service.

How casual is it to acceptable up a Salesforce Trailhead Account?

Screenshot of Trailhead relationship  creation.

It is speedy and casual to acceptable up your escaped Trailhead Account. (Image credit: Salesforce)

The Trailhead relationship instauration process is casual and hooks you into the gamified fertile progression process from the beginning. To make a Trailhead account, simply click Get Started for Free connected the Trailhead website. You tin make your relationship successful 1 of 2 ways. If you person an existing Salesforce account, you tin log successful with your Salesforce relationship credentials. If not, you tin make an relationship with your email address. After we made our prime and entered our name, location, and sanction of business, our Trailhead relationship was acceptable to go.

After the two-minute relationship instauration process, we were hooked into the gamified fertile progression. We were awarded our Scout badge and encouraged to implicit an introductory Module, which would number towards our fertile progression and springiness america capable points to unlock the Hiker badge. Overall, Trailhead’s relationship setup was fast, enjoyable, and engaging.

How close is the estimated clip connected Trailhead Trails?

Module implicit   surface  for Trailhead and Trailblazer Community Basics.

Time estimates connected modules are just and accurate, assuming the learner has the due level of expertise. (Image credit: Salesforce)

Estimated completion clip is simply a large origin successful Trailhead’s modules, arsenic immoderate Trails tin person estimated completion times that instrumentality hours oregon adjacent days. We decided to trial the accuracy of this play by completing the introductory module Trailhead and Trailblazer Community Basics. According to the estimated time, this module takes 20 minutes to complete.

We were capable to implicit this module successful astir 15 minutes. In truth, fixed our anterior cognition of Salesforce, we were capable to skim this introductory course, and rapidly implicit the quizzes astatine the extremity of each unit. An implicit beginner, who is the intended assemblage for this introductory module, would astir apt instrumentality astir 20 minutes to implicit it.

Based connected this test, we tin reason that Trailhead Trails person close clip estimates for a idiosyncratic with the due level of expertise. Users with a higher cognition level than the people was intended for tin people implicit them faster.

How accelerated is Trailhead’s lawsuit service?

Screenshot of Salesforce lawsuit    work  chat.

Salesforce’s lawsuit work chat is adjuvant and responsive. (Image credit: Salesforce)

We posed a question to lawsuit work astir the pricing of MyTrailhead done the online chat work channel. Customer work was responsive—the typical responded successful little than 60 seconds and was capable to resoluteness our interest wrong astir 5 minutes. 

If you person questions regarding pricing, setup, oregon wide accusation connected immoderate Salesforce product, the online chat lawsuit work squad should beryllium good equipped to assistance you and tin bash truthful rapidly.

Alternatives to Trailhead

The HubSpot Academy

(Image credit: HubSpot)

Trailhead does not person an alternative, strictly speaking, erstwhile it comes to its superior relation arsenic a Salesforce learning platform. However, the paid platform, MyTrailhead, is comparable to Udemy Business and HubSpot Academy. 

Read our afloat  Udemy learning level review

MyTrailhead is simply a firm grooming level that enables you to make your ain firm grooming courses with customized branding and gamified badges. Udemy Business is much focused connected unrecorded learning with adept instructors, and users tin publication firm grooming courses, escaped and paid, done the Udemy website. Hubspot Academy is simply a wholly escaped aggregation of firm grooming materials, chiefly focused connected lawsuit service, sales, and selling roles. 

Read adjacent 👀

hubspot logo

(Image credit: HubSpot)

Read our afloat review of fashionable CRM, Hubspot, known for having implicit 300 integrations, a user-friendly layout for navigation and high-quality CRM design. Find retired wherefore it's an manufacture favourite.  

Of these 3 options, MyTrailhead is the astir feature-heavy but besides the astir time-consuming to get working. It is utilized to plan interior grooming materials from scratch, though galore templates and shortcuts are disposable during development. You tin besides leverage existing Trails connected Trailhead if they use to your firm training. If you are funny successful having afloat power of your firm grooming materials, MyTrailhead is the champion enactment for you. 

Udemy is champion for unrecorded experiences, though immoderate courses tin beryllium expensive. It is besides vetted by manufacture professionals and globally accessible, with nonrecreational instructors and courses successful 10 languages connected a assortment of topics.

HubSpot Academy is perfect for users connected a fund as, dissimilar MyTrailhead and Udemy, it is wholly escaped to use. If you bash not person immoderate customization needs for your grooming and are comfy utilizing pre-existing courses from HubSpot, HubSpot Academy could beryllium your astir budget-friendly enactment for firm training.

Trailhead’s features compared to the competition MyTrailheadUdemy BusinessHubSpot Academy
Corporate grooming coursesYesYesYes
Live learningNoYesNo
Custom branding and self-published coursesYesNoNo
SupportKnowledge basal and enactment ticketsSupport ticketsKnowledge base, phone, online chat
Basic plan$25/user/moFree*Free

*Some courses are paid, others free. Access to the level is free.

Trailhead: Final verdict

Salesforce Trailhead is simply a amusive and unsocial level that allows users to immerse themselves afloat successful the satellite of Salesforce. They tin acceptable their ain pace, implicit online modules and trails, and leverage a planetary assemblage of like-minded Trailblazers for assistance and support.

Although it has immoderate elements successful communal with different firm grooming programs, we recovered that the gamification, arsenic good arsenic the extent of assemblage involvement, importantly acceptable Trailhead isolated from its competitors.

Trailhead’s Salesforce Certifications and Superbadges marque it casual for anyone consenting to enactment successful the effort to person real, industry-recognized certificates and credentials. You tin enactment Certifications and Superbadges connected your resume oregon LinkedIn profile. According to immoderate sources, Salesforce Certified professionals tin expect to gain 25% much than their uncertified colleagues.

As a firm grooming platform, MyTrailhead allows you to leverage everything that makes the archetypal Trailhead unique, but for your organization. You tin make your ain modules, signifier them into trails, and motivate your employees with customized badges.

Our lone disapproval is that firm grooming with MyTrailhead has a lengthy setup process, and contempt existing prefabricated templates, you volition inactive request to make a batch from scratch if you privation to marque a functional firm grooming programme with MyTrailhead.

If you are consenting to enactment successful the clip and effort, Trailhead is an unparalleled firm grooming solution and the champion mode to larn however to usage Salesforce.

Further reading

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