Samsung allegedly done with Galaxy Note series: Production to end, no new model

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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S Pen connected  back

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority


  • A rumor stemming from Korea says that Samsung is done with the Samsung Galaxy Note series.
  • The rumor says the institution is ceasing accumulation of the Note 20 bid earlier the extremity of 2021.
  • There are besides rumors saying the institution has nary caller Note plans astatine all.

Now, a caller study from ET News (h/t 9to5Google) retired of Korea suggests the Samsung Galaxy Note enactment could beryllium genuinely done. According to the report, Samsung whitethorn extremity accumulation of the existent Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series by the extremity of 2021. This is beauteous absorbing since the institution allegedly produced 3.2 cardinal units successful the series, and the telephone inactive sells. It conscionable mightiness not beryllium selling capable to warrant caller production.

Since Sammy has already ended accumulation of the Note 10 line, that would mean nary already-released Note phones could beryllium produced starting successful 2022.

The study besides backs up the thought that determination mightiness not beryllium a caller Note telephone successful 2022 astatine all. Allegedly, Samsung has nary Note phones connected its 2022 schedule.

If determination were immoderate doubts astir the extremity of the Samsung Galaxy Note line, this nonfiction seems to thwart them.

Of course, there’s inactive the Galaxy S22 Ultra. According to leaks and rumors, it volition fundamentally beryllium a Galaxy Note phone, implicit with an S Pen slot. It conscionable won’t transportation the Note name.

Pour 1 retired for the Samsung Galaxy Note line. It was a bully run.

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