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Besides its precise appealing price, the Samsung Galaxy A13 lone manages to beryllium 'good enough' successful astir of the areas that substance for a smartphone (from the camera to the artillery life) – but for immoderate users that's going to marque it a tempting, value-for-money deal.


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    Doesn't outgo much

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    Good physique quality

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    Decent artillery life


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    No 5G

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    Slow performance

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    No waterproofing

Two-minute review

Perhaps amended than immoderate different telephone maker, Samsung is capable to nutrient appealing handsets astatine conscionable astir each terms constituent – and the Galaxy A13, the follow-up to 2021's Galaxy A12, comes successful astatine conscionable astir the cheapest terms constituent determination is. That's truly the header diagnostic here: the debased price. It starts astatine a specified $189.99 / £179.99 / AU$329.

You tin prevention yourself around $1,000 (or £1,000 oregon AU$1,500) by buying this telephone alternatively of the lowest spec'd mentation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – that's a monolithic redeeming of course, but you're besides making immoderate beauteous large compromises on the way. It's each a question of what you privation from a smartphone... and however overmuch you person to spend.

Buying Samsung means you're guaranteed to beryllium capable to tick definite boxes of course, including coagulated physique prime and a competent (and comparatively recent) mentation of Android. If you're already successful the Samsung ecosystem and are utilized to its One UI software, past you're astir apt going to privation to proceed that.

Besides the price, everything was satisfactory if not spectacular successful our testing. That includes the surface – bully and agleam and crisp, without the premium consciousness that comes with OLED – and the artillery life, which volition get you beyond the modular time of usage but not overmuch beyond it. The camera is possibly a small amended than you would expect astatine this terms point, particularly erstwhile the prima is retired and you've got bully lighting.

No telephone that's this affordable is ever going to stroke you distant with its brilliance, of course. You don't get waterproofing oregon wireless charging, and the bargain basement interior specs pb to noticeable lag and occasional stutters – peculiarly connected the mentation sold extracurricular of the US, which comes with a slower processor.

If you privation worth for wealth and you privation Samsung, past the Galaxy A13 is worthy a superior look. There are plentifulness of competing phones adjacent astatine this low, debased terms constituent however, including the likes of the Moto G22 and the Nokia G21.

Samsung Galaxy A13 terms and availability

  • Yours for $189.99 / £179.99 / AU$329
  • US buyers person a 5G A13, but it's a antithetic phone
  • Available to bargain now

Can we involvement you successful the Samsung Galaxy A13? It's retired and disposable to bargain now, and it's yours for $189.99 / £179.99 / AU$329 – determination truly aren't galore phones astatine each that travel successful astatine a little terms constituent than that.

In the US, there's besides a 5G mentation for $249.99 - though confusingly that telephone differs successful a fewer different ways too, and it's the 4G exemplary that we're reviewing here.

In the UK, you tin prime up the telephone from a fig of antithetic retailers, including Argos and Tesco Mobile. It's besides disposable nonstop from Samsung successful definite markets.

Samsung Galaxy A13 facing guardant  being held successful  a hand

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy A13 design

  • Solid, modular design
  • Choice of 4 colors
  • No waterproofing oregon dustproofing

You tin prime up the Samsung Galaxy A13 successful black, white, peach oregon blue, depending connected the portion of the satellite you're in, and it was the achromatic mentation that we had successful to review. The plan is each precise basal and plastic, arsenic you would expect astatine this terms point, but it's besides nicely curved and truly good enactment together.

In different words, it feels similar a telephone that's going to last, and we similar the mode that the rear camera module is embedded into the backmost of the phone, up successful the apical near country – thing Samsung is doing successful each of its Galaxy handsets this year.

At archetypal glimpse you mightiness deliberation this is simply a telephone that's much costly than it really is, and erstwhile that's the lawsuit you cognize that the plan and engineering teams person done a decent job.

The backmost  of the Samsung Galaxy A13 connected  a aboveground  of pebbles

(Image credit: Future)

The dimensions of the telephone are dictated by the 6.6-inch surface – it comes successful astatine 165.1 x 76.4 x 8.8mm, which is 6.5 inches x 3 inches x 0.35 inches. The value of the telephone is 195 grams oregon 0.43 pounds, and by the standards of today, it's really a comparatively compact handset, and it's comfy to clasp and casual to grip.

You get the measurement controls connected the close arsenic you look astatine the phone, and conscionable underneath is the powerfulness fastener with an integrated fingerprint sensor – we thin to similar these sensors to beryllium built into the screen, but it's hardly a deal-breaker. There's a USB-C larboard down astatine the bottommost and adjacent to it Samsung has besides recovered country for a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The wonders of waterproofing and dustproofing person not yet recovered their mode down to fund phones, and the A13 is nary antithetic successful this regard. You're not going to privation to driblet it successful the descend oregon adjacent get it caught successful the rain.

Samsung Galaxy A13 display

  • 6.6-inch LCD screen
  • No HDR support
  • Standard 60Hz refresh rate

The Samsung Galaxy A13 comes with a 6.6-inch, 2408 x 1080 LCD surface that does a decent occupation with websites, photos, videos and games. It's suitably bright, vivid and crisp, and portion there's nary enactment for HDR oregon thing supra a 60Hz refresh rate, we didn't person immoderate existent complaints astir the display.

There's a teardrop notch up astatine the apical of the show successful the center, and portion the bezels aren't the thinnest you're going to travel across, they're not an eyesore. The rounded corners of the surface bash travel crossed arsenic a small spot excessively rounded but again it's by nary means a large ailment that would halt you from buying the Galaxy A13.

While the standards of this show sheet aren't up to those of the OLEDs that Samsung sticks to the beforehand of immoderate of its much costly phones, it's inactive 1 of the champion parts of the wide Galaxy A13 package. As it's not OLED though, you don't get the modular options for adjusting colour vibrancy and temperature.

Samsung Galaxy A13 facing forwards being held successful  a hand

(Image credit: Future)

It's worthy noting that the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G disposable successful the US has a wholly antithetic - and little solution - screen, but we're specifically looking astatine the 4G exemplary here.

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera

  • Quad-lens rear camera
  • 1080p, 30fps video recording
  • Does good successful debased light

As with a batch of cheaper phones, the Samsung Galaxy A13 has much lenses than you mightiness expect, but the other ones don't bash an atrocious lot.

There are 4 of them successful total: a 50MP wide one, a 5MP ultrawide one, a 2MP macro 1 and a 2MP extent one. Note that the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G disposable successful the US lacks the ultrawide snapper - truthful you summation 5G astatine the disbursal of a camera.

On the video side, the handset is susceptible of getting up to 1080p footage astatine 30 frames per second.

The 50MP main camera is the prima of the show, and you tin get immoderate truly great-looking snaps with the telephone successful bully airy and with plentifulness of clip to support the telephone steady. There's nary optical zoom but the integer zoom does a passable occupation of picking retired details, portion the HDR processing capably keeps the details successful darker and lighter areas visible.

Samsung Galaxy A13 rear camera array

(Image credit: Future)

We did spot immoderate blurring and warping successful ultrawide mode, and the camera does commencement struggling successful debased light: the pictures you'll get successful the acheronian aren't great, but they're usable successful immoderate cases. On the beforehand there's an 8MP wide selfie camera which covers the basics well, though it doesn't spell overmuch beyond that.

There's nary uncertainty that spending a spot much wealth is going to get you a telephone camera that captures importantly amended pictures, but astatine the aforesaid clip the Samsung Galaxy A13 isn't going to fto you down astir of the time. As you'll spot from the samples we've included below, the camera show is astir apt amended than you would expect from specified an inexpensive phone.

Camera samples

Image 1 of 12

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera illustration   showing a parkland  successful  the day

As you tin see, the Samsung Galaxy A13 is susceptible of taking immoderate fine, well-balanced photos. (Image credit: Future)

Image 2 of 12

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera illustration   showing woodland successful  the day

In bully lighting, determination are earthy colors and plentifulness of details to explore. (Image credit: Future)

Image 3 of 12

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera illustration   showing a religion  operation    successful  the day

HDR processing works well, balancing retired the darkest and the lightest areas of the image. (Image credit: Future)

Image 4 of 12

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera illustration   showing a religion  operation    adjacent  up   successful  the day

There's nary optical zoom, but integer zoom isn't excessively atrocious – this is 2x integer zoom. (Image credit: Future)

Image 5 of 12

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera illustration   showing a tract  and hills (normal mode) successful  the day

Another changeable showing disconnected the strengths of the quad-lens rear camera connected the Samsung Galaxy A13. (Image credit: Future)

Image 6 of 12

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera illustration   showing a tract  and hills (ultrawide mode) successful  the day

The ultrawide mode shows disconnected immoderate of the phone's limitations – there's immoderate warping and blurring. (Image credit: Future)

Image 7 of 12

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera illustration   showing a lantern successful  the day

Close ups are good captured, either with oregon without the dedicated macro lens. (Image credit: Future)

Image 8 of 12

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera illustration   showing an orangish  angiosperm  successful  the day

Again, plentifulness of item and colour is captured by the Galaxy A13 camera. (Image credit: Future)

Image 9 of 12

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera illustration   showing a mill astatine  night

At night, the rear camera does okay: there's immoderate sound and blur, but a definite level of item is captured. (Image credit: Future)

Image 10 of 12

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera illustration   showing a station  container  astatine  night

You won't find a nighttime mode successful the camera app, but immoderate shots are usable. (Image credit: Future)

Image 11 of 12

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera illustration   showing a parkland  astatine  night

At longer distances the limitations successful debased airy go much apparent. (Image credit: Future)

Image 12 of 12

Samsung Galaxy A13 camera illustration   showing a parkland  astatine  nighttime  (Google Pixel 6 Pro comparison)

Here's the aforesaid changeable with the Pixel 6 Pro – you tin spot the flagship effect astatine night. (Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy A13 show and specs

  • Sluggish performance
  • Expandable storage
  • No 5G connected the UK model

Our Samsung Galaxy A13 reappraisal portion came with an Exynos 850 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, which you tin grow via a microSD paper if necessary.

You won't get distant with overmuch little if you privation to tally the latest mentation of Android, and determination is the occasional stutter and infinitesimal of lag arsenic the telephone moves done apps and menus.

That's backed up by Geekbench 5 scores of 155 (single-core), 586 (multi-core), and 678 (OpenCL), which are immoderate of the lowest we've seen successful a telephone this year. You volition beryllium capable to tally everything you privation to beryllium capable to run, but you're going to person to enactment up with slower speeds than you would get from a much costly handset.

The backmost  of the Samsung Galaxy A13 being held successful  a hand

(Image credit: Future)

In the US, there's a mentation that comes with the somewhat faster MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor, truthful it's a much tempting proposition successful presumption of worth if you're buying it there. Even much so, due to the fact that this exemplary comes 5G connectivity arsenic good – the UK mentation of the telephone that we had is stuck with 4G arsenic good arsenic the slower CPU.

While we didn't find the sluggishness of the Galaxy A13 a immense occupation portion we were utilizing it, it is noticeable, and we can't archer you what the telephone is going to tally similar a twelvemonth oregon 2 years aft you've bought it: chances are that it's going to commencement slowing down much rapidly implicit clip than a mid-ranger oregon flagship handset.

Samsung Galaxy A13 software

Samsung Galaxy A13 bundle   screenshots

(Image credit: Future)
  • Almost banal Android 12
  • Little bloatware
  • Handy upwind widget

Out of the box, the Samsung Galaxy A13 runs Android 12 with One UI 4.1 connected top. As variations connected Android go, One UI is 1 of the amended ones, and you get plentifulness of further customization options that Google doesn't see arsenic modular (everything from interface themes to representation management).

As accustomed with Samsung phones, you get a heap of apps that are truly conscionable inferior duplicates of everything that Google provides – including apps for notes, calendars, contacts, photos and videos, and a web browser. Samsung's ain apps for astute location absorption and fittingness tracking are included too.

Samsung has been improving successful caller years erstwhile it comes to punctual Android updates, truthful you tin astatine slightest beryllium assured that the Galaxy A13 volition beryllium good supported with patches and upgrades for a while.

Samsung Galaxy A13 artillery life

Samsung Galaxy A13 beforehand   and backmost  successful  white

(Image credit: Samsung)
  • 5,000mAh artillery capacity
  • More than a time of use
  • 15W wired charging

The Galaxy A13 comes with a 5,000mAh capableness battery, and with a mean magnitude of usage that's going to past you a time and astir apt a spot other connected apical of that – if you're truly cautious you tin get 2 days retired of this, acknowledgment to the ample artillery and the little almighty specs moving nether the hood.

We tested the telephone with an hr of video streaming astatine a debased volume, and with the surface acceptable to maximum brightness – that knocked the artillery level down by 10%, suggesting astir 10 hours of playback successful total. Dim the surface and you'd beryllium capable to agelong that retired further, truthful you'd beryllium good for watching films connected long-distance trips.

You get a reasonably modular 15W wired charging complaint with this phone, and wired charging is your lone enactment – there's nary wireless charging here, which is precisely arsenic you would expect for a smartphone successful this terms range. When you're buying connected a budget, wireless charging is 1 of the features you usually person to spell without.

Should you bargain the Samsung Galaxy A13?

Samsung Galaxy A13 front, broadside  and backmost  successful  black

(Image credit: Samsung)

Buy it if...

Don't bargain it if...

First reviewed: May 2022

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