Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro

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Samsung's sequel to its already-excellent ultralight laptop has improved connected the archetypal successful virtually each area, from coagulated show and a cleanable aesthetic to artillery beingness that tin support going for arsenic agelong arsenic you do.


  • +

    Ultra-lightweight design

  • +

    Gorgeous AMOLED display

  • +

    Solid artillery life

  • +

    12th-gen Intel CPU performs well


  • -

    Samsung bloatware inactive hanging around

  • -

    Higher-spec models are a small pricey

  • -

    Casing shows up fingerprint smudges

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro: Two-Minute Review

Following up from the palmy Galaxy Book Pro, Samsung has released a brace of caller productivity laptops; the hybrid laptop-tablet Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, and the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro. We’ve got our grubby mitts connected the second for a review, and here’s a shocking revelation for you: it’s conscionable similar the archetypal one, lone better.

The Galaxy Book2 Pro starts astatine $1,050 successful the States (£999, astir AU$1,525), though that’s for the 13-inch model; the 15-inch mentation we’re reviewing present volition tally your $100 much for the basal model. The 5G variant we were sent appears to beryllium presently lone disposable successful the UK for £1,249 and up.

5G oregon not, this is intelligibly an awesome product. The original Samsung Galaxy Book Pro was a sleek and almighty laptop targeting the engaged professional, with an undeniably premium terms tag but show and plan prime to match. This sequel is nary different, and it really feels similar Samsung wanted to alteration arsenic small arsenic imaginable present - but that’s not a atrocious thing.

From the full-scale keyboard and immense trackpad to the super-skinny chassis, the Galaxy Book2 Pro presents itself arsenic a premium prime for a refined enactment environment, conscionable similar it’s predecessor. But improved thermal performance, upgraded speakers, and a speedy caller CPU marque this an adjacent much charismatic bundle than before.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro comes equipped with the latest 12th-gen Intel laptop processor, which offers coagulated multitasking show with little vigor procreation than erstwhile models, which means that this laptop is capable to tally cooler than the archetypal Book Pro.

Despite the improved performance, this is inactive a phenomenally bladed and airy Ultrabook that stands among the champion of the best. At conscionable implicit a centimeter heavy and weighing 1.16kg, the Galaxy Book2 Pro 5G looks and feels unthinkable contempt a starting terms that puts it beneath basal models of the fantabulous Dell XPS 15.

Oh, and the surface - oh, that screen! It mightiness lone beryllium 1080p, but this isn’t a gaming laptop, and the AMOLED sheet recovered present offers beautifully vibrant colour reproduction on with a large level of brightness and a peculiar ‘eye care’ certification that reduces blue-light output to trim oculus strain and headaches.

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro is an perfectly top-notch laptop, good deserving of a abstraction connected our ranking of the best 15-inch laptops. If you’re inactive not convinced, work connected to find retired precisely wherefore we emotion it truthful much.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro lid closed. Some smudged fingerprints are visible.

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro: Price and Availability

  • Starting terms of $1,050
  • UK SKU tested costs £1,249
  • Two antithetic screens and processors available

Spec Sheet

Here is the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro configuration sent to TechRadar for review:

CPU: Intel Core i5-1240P Processor (1.7 GHz, up to 4.4 GHz)
Graphics: Integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Screen: 15.6-inch 1080p AMOLED
Storage: 256GB PCIe SSD
Ports: 1x USB-A 3.2 Gen 2, 1x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2, 1x Thunderbolt 4, 1x HDMI, MicroSD paper reader, combi audio jack
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.1, 5G
Camera: 1080p webcam
Weight: 1.16 kg
Size: 1.17 x 35.5 x 22.6 cm

The lowest terms you tin wage for a Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro close present is $1,050 (£999, astir AU$1,525), but if you privation the 15-inch surface seen connected our reappraisal model, you’ll alternatively beryllium starting astatine $1,150 (£1,099, astir AU$1,670).

That gets you a Galaxy Book2 Pro with an Intel Core i5-1240P processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage, but you tin besides upgrade to an i7-1260P, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. These 2 processors person the aforesaid magnitude of cores, but the i7 spot is faster and benefits from the further memory. These high-spec models outgo $1,350 (£1,399, astir AU$1,950).

In the UK, the upgraded interior hardware is lone disposable connected the 15-inch model, portion US consumers tin get a 3rd SKU that combines the 13-inch surface with the i7 processor and a reduced 8GB of RAM. The 5G exemplary we’ve reviewed lone comes successful 1 configuration, which is displayed connected our spec sheet.

Overall, it’s a amazingly tenable terms for the basal model, adjacent if the i7 versions bash propulsion this laptop into premium territory. The starting terms is really little than the archetypal Galaxy Book Pro was astatine launch, which we deliberation Samsung deserves a pat connected the backmost for.

  • Price and availability: 4/5

Side-on changeable  of Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro keyboard, showing immoderate   ports.

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro: Design

  • Absolutely gorgeous AMOLED display
  • Keyboard and trackpad are excellent
  • Great enactment of ports

The wide aesthetic present hasn’t changed overmuch since the archetypal iteration of the Galaxy Book Pro, retaining a definite level of blase minimalism. This isn’t a peculiarly showy laptop, but the matte chassis successful acheronian ‘graphite’ grey with the reflective Samsung logo atop the lid is simply a refined plan that we’ve travel to appreciate.

Opening up the lid, the archetypal happening we announcement is the incredibly vibrant and colorful screen. This 15.6-inch AMOLED sheet offers a stellar 1,000,000:1 opposition ratio and 120% colour volume, which makes for deep, acheronian blacks and colors that pop. The maximum brightness is much than capable for outdoor usage provided there’s not excessively overmuch glare, and the bladed bezel astir the surface keeps the laptop’s wide footprint small. Above the surface sits a coagulated afloat HD webcam.

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro wields a full-size keyboard implicit with numpad, a utile inclusion for professionals. It’s mildly backlit with achromatic LEDs, a non-intrusive diagnostic that makes utilizing the Book2 Pro successful darkened environments a spot easier. The powerfulness fastener - which doubles arsenic a fingerprint sensor for quicker logins - is located successful the top-right country of the keyboard.

Typing connected the Galaxy Book2 Pro is simply a precise pleasant experience, arsenic the keys person a astonishing magnitude of question and bully responsiveness contempt the laptop’s ultra-thin signifier factor. The 15-inch standard means that the keyboard isn’t excessively severely truncated, with bully ample keys that support erroneous keystrokes to a minimum.

Beneath the keyboard rests a sizeable trackpad, which we recovered precise responsive and casual to use, with a bully steadfast click. We’ve seen excessively galore 15-inch laptops that neglect to instrumentality vantage of the larger signifier origin and instrumentality with a comparatively dinky trackpad, truthful this is simply a invited sight.

Although it mightiness person a super-thin design, the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro doesn’t compromise connected carnal connectivity. We’ve got USB-A, 2 USB-Cs (one of which is Thunderbolt 4-enabled and doubles arsenic the charger port), a microSD paper slot, headphone jack, and adjacent HDMI video output. It’s an highly coagulated enactment for this benignant of laptop, and astatine this terms point. The 5G mentation is cleanable for moving connected the go, too.

We honestly struggled to find thing to knock astir this laptop’s design, beyond the information that the surface hinge is simply a small wobbly (not an antithetic contented with thin-and-light laptops) and the acheronian matte exterior has a inclination to prime up fingerprint smudges - arsenic you tin spot from immoderate of our images.

  • Design: 5/5

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro with the lid half-open, showing however  bladed  the surface  is.

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro: Performance

  • 12th-gen Intel CPU is great
  • Thermal show has been improved this clip around
  • Bloatware remains an issue


Here's however the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro performed successful our suite of benchmark tests:

Cinebench R20 Multi-core: 3,482
GeekBench 5: 1,490 (single-core); 7,511 (multi-core)
PCMark 10 (Home test): 5,101
PCMark 10 (Battery Life test): 14 hrs 16 mins
Battery Life (TechRadar movie test): 16 hrs 38 mins

Intel’s 12th-generation ‘Alder Lake’ processors payment from a caller benignant of halfway architecture: a substance of almighty ‘performance cores’ and energy-saving ‘efficiency cores’ that allows the processor to much efficiently negociate antithetic workloads. The i5-1240P successful this Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro has 4 P-cores and 8 E-cores for a full of twelve, which should beryllium plentifulness for wide productivity use.

Performance present is astir connected par with previous-gen i7 CPUs, which is earnestly awesome for an i5 chip. The caller halfway architecture means that the processor peculiarly excels successful multi-core tasks, similar photograph and video editing.

General usage feels great, with the laptop booting near-instantly and experiencing nary lag oregon delays erstwhile utilizing aggregate apps astatine once. Windows 11 feels smooth, and opening a dozen-plus tabs successful Chrome didn’t effect successful immoderate noticeable slowdown. It’s mostly a pleasance to usage acknowledgment to the responsive keyboard and trackpad and fantabulous screen. One payment of the 12th-gen Intel processor is reduced discarded heat, which means that this Galaxy Book ne'er got excessively lukewarm during our testing.

Playing the latest triple-A games isn’t truly an enactment here, since the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro lacks a dedicated graphics card, but the Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics inactive execute reasonably well. Indie games, older titles, and games with 2D graphics are precise overmuch connected the table, though, which is great.

The wimpy speakers of the archetypal Book Pro person been updated too, with dual AKG stereo speakers powered by Dolby Atmos. They’re inactive unexciting compared to the speakers you’d find connected a bigger oregon much costly laptop, but there’s definite betterment present successful the bass and higher pitches.

One tiny spot of beef we bash person with Samsung present is the magnitude of bloatware that comes pre-loaded connected the Galaxy Book2 Pro. We called retired Samsung for it past clip around, and it’s inactive a occupation here; we don’t privation an antivirus trial, dammit! There’s besides a tonne of tools designed to enactment successful the ‘Galaxy Ecosystem’, which are moderately utile for owners of a Samsung Galaxy telephone oregon tablet but different conscionable instrumentality up existent property connected your drive.

  • Performance: 4/5

Underside of Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro, showing instrumentality   vents.

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro: Battery Life

  • Absolutely stellar artillery life
  • 14+ hours of mixed use
  • Fast complaint via Thunderbolt 4

The archetypal Galaxy Book Pro was a powerhouse erstwhile it came to artillery life, and the Book2 Pro is nary slouch either. It smashes the Intel Evo laptop people of 9 hours, lasting for a whopping 16 and a fractional hours successful our looped movie artillery beingness test, precise akin to the show of its predecessor.

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro really outstrips its progenitor successful artillery beingness erstwhile it comes to productivity workloads, managing 14 hours and 16 minutes successful the PCMark 10 artillery test. This is simply a frankly staggering effect for specified a thin-and-light laptop, outstripping galore of its competitors successful the aforesaid terms scope and beyond.

Obviously if you’re going to max the brightness, crook connected the keyboard backlighting, and acceptable the Windows 11 artillery illustration to ‘Performance’, you won’t deed these figures. Still, the Galaxy Book2 Pro should beryllium comfortably capable to past for a afloat enactment time and a lengthy commute without needing to beryllium charged erstwhile - oh, and it charges to afloat successful an hr acknowledgment to the Thunderbolt 4 powerfulness delivery, too.

  • Battery Life: 5/5

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First reviewed June 2022.

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