Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro review: taking lightweight and slim to a whole new level

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Early Verdict

Getting our hands connected the Galaxy Book3 Pro, we recovered it to beryllium astir unreal however airy and bladed it was. And crammed into that astir intolerable signifier origin is simply a 13th-gen CPU and a beauteous coagulated larboard selection.


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    Extremely lightweight

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    Thin and portable

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    Gorgeous screen

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    Great keyboard and touchpad

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    Solid webcam

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Before the authoritative uncover of preorders and merchandise dates, we had an accidental to effort retired 3 of the latest successful the Samsung Galaxy Book3 enactment of ultrabooks successful person. And truthful far, what we’ve seen has impressed us, particularly the sleek and astir impossibly lightweight Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro.

It’s a gorgeous and sleek summation to the Samsung Book family, the cleanable portable instrumentality for those connected the spell who aren’t capable to oregon can’t transportation astir a ample and dense machine. Though we won’t cognize immoderate afloat details connected its show until we get it successful for a due review, the clip we spent with this laptop astatine slightest enlightened america connected however good it’s designed.

Galaxy Book3 Pro: Price & availability

The Pro starts astatine $1,499.99 / £1,299 (around AU$2,175), with options to configure it. Preorders volition commencement connected February 1, with a planned merchandise of February 17 and it seems that the ultrabook volition lone motorboat successful the US and UK, going by the disposable pricing. The UK pricing connected this 1 is overmuch cheaper than the US, which is bully considering that speech rates volition enactment the outgo overmuch person together.

If pricing accusation is released for Australia oregon for immoderate different region, TechRadar volition beryllium definite to study connected that. So enactment tuned to our ongoing coverage, arsenic good arsenic immoderate different Samsung quality oregon merchandise reveals.

Galaxy Book3 Pro: Design

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Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro specsComponent Spec
Price Starting astatine $1,449.99 / £1,299
CPU Up to 13th-gen Intel Core i7 (28W)
Graphics Intel Iris Xe
Memory Up to 32GB LPDDR5
Storage Up to 1TB SSD
Display 14-inch and 16-inch WQXGA+ (2880 x 1800p) Dynamic AMOLED 2X

Samsung Galaxy Book3 connected  a woody  stand

(Image credit: Future)

The Galaxy Book3 Pro, similar the different ones, comes successful 2 flavors of color: achromatic and airy silver. Despite the constricted palettes, the Pro is inactive a beauteous ultrabook with a beauteous and sleek signifier factor, with the metallic mentation peculiarly stunning.

And we person to accidental that, by far, this is the lightest laptop we person ever lifted up. It’s mind-boggling however lightweight it is, you hardly adjacent consciousness it successful your hands. The show is simply a beauteous AMOLED surface and it comes successful 2 show sizes, 14-inch and 16-inch. Though we previewed the 14-inch, the 16-inch is astir apt astir arsenic light. 

The keyboard felt luxurious and contempt that, the touchpad was a small connected the tiny broadside it was inactive precise responsive. We weren’t fixed specs connected the webcam, but aft investigating it we recovered it to beryllium a large 1 with a bully wide image, with options similar HDR and car framing which improves the representation prime and focus.

Port enactment is beauteous coagulated with an HDMI port, 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports, a Type-A USB port, an audio jack, and an SD paper mini slot. But the information that there’s nary ethernet cablegram is simply a spot disappointing. Most buyers would astir apt not plug successful their ultrabooks to the internet, but having the enactment is ever important.

Samsung Galaxy Book3 connected  a woody  table

(Image credit: Future)

Galaxy Book3 Pro: Performance

While we weren’t capable to personally instrumentality the Galaxy Book3 Pro for a rotation to trial the performance, the specs we bash cognize aren’t excessively shabby. It sports the latest 13th-gen Intel CPU, either an i5 oregon i7 depending connected the configuration. This makes this an fantabulous productivity instrumentality that volition beryllium definite to get you done the workday arsenic intended.

Of course, GPU wasn’t a precedence truthful it’s fixed the modular Iris Xe Graphics GPU. But astatine slightest it’s capable to play lower-end games, truthful you’re not wholly unopen out. None of the different specs person been revealed astatine this time, but for the information that you tin upgrade the configuration.

Samsung Galaxy Book3 connected  a woody  stand

(Image credit: Future)

Galaxy Book3 Pro: Early verdict

So far, this is our favourite of the 3 ultrabooks we previewed today, acknowledgment to its stunning looks and adjacent much stunning signifier factor. Though this isn’t immoderate tricked-out beast of a machine, its 13th-gen Intel CPU is much than capable for anyone who needs an fantabulous enactment machine.

Pricing is simply a spot steep but that’s to beryllium expected of a Samsung Galaxy ultrabook. It remains to beryllium seen what existent performance, dependable quality, ventilation, and much volition look similar but if Samsung tin instrumentality the landing connected this 1 it’ll person rather the near-perfect portable ultrabook connected its hands.

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