Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra review: Samsung's take on a more professional Ultrabook

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Early Verdict

From what we've seen of its specs, the Galaxy Book3 Ultra is Samsung trying to entreaty to some gamers and creatives. Packed with the latest mobile CPU and GPU, this instrumentality manages to support its signifier origin bladed adjacent if the value suffers a bit.


  • +

    Thin for its specs

  • +

    Gorgeous screen

  • +

    Great keyboard and touchpad

  • +

    Solid webcam


  • -

    No ethernet port

  • -

    Surprisingly heavy

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Before the authoritative uncover of preorders and merchandise dates, we had an accidental to effort retired 3 of the latest successful the Samsung Galaxy Book3 enactment of Ultrabooks successful person. And truthful far, what we’ve seen has impressed us. The Galaxy Book3 Ultra was the biggest astonishment truthful far, arsenic we didn’t expect Samsung to dive into a bladed and airy laptop built for gamers and creatives.

We previewed the achromatic 16-inch mentation and its sleek and sexy signifier origin belies its amazingly heavier weight, which is an contiguous giveaway arsenic to the specs hidden within. The show is gorgeous and compared to akin machines, it’s inactive mode much luxurious looking. 

Galaxy Book3 Ultra: Price & availability

The Galaxy Book3 Pro starts astatine $2,399.99/£2,449 (around AU$3,480) with options to configure it for higher specs astatine a higher price. Preorders connected this one, according to accusation successful the UK, volition commencement aboriginal connected February 14, with a planned merchandise of February 22. 

It seems that this Ultrabook volition lone motorboat successful the US and UK to start, going by the disposable pricing. The UK pricing is much costly than the US pricing, reflecting the ongoing ostentation situation successful that region. 

Meanwhile, if pricing accusation is released for Australia oregon for immoderate different region, TechRadar volition beryllium definite to study connected that, truthful enactment tuned to our ongoing coverage, arsenic good arsenic immoderate different Samsung quality oregon merchandise reveals.

Galaxy Book3 Ultra: Design

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Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra specsComponent Spec
Price Starting astatine $2,399.99 / £2,449
CPU Up to 13th-gen Intel Core i9 (45W)
Graphics Nvidia RTX 4050 oregon RTX 4070 graphics
Memory Up to 32GB LPDDR5
Storage Up to 1TB SSD
Display 14-inch and 16-inch WQXGA+ (2880 x 1800p) Dynamic AMOLED 2X

Samsung Galaxy Book3 connected  a woody  stand

(Image credit: Future)

Unlike the different 2 Ultrabooks we previewed, the Galaxy Book3 Ultra is overmuch heavier successful examination contempt its still-thin signifier factor. It’s not rather a beast of a instrumentality but its show size of 16 inches combined with the value meant we instantly noticed the difference. It comes successful 2 colors, achromatic and airy silver, with the 1 we previewed being black. Despite the precise communal colour options, it possesses a sleekness that showcases its precocious quality, and its AMOLED surface is an implicit showstopper.

The keyboard is luxurious and I truly admit however ample and responsive the touchpad was. The webcam is simply a afloat 1080p, and I recovered it to person a bully wide image, with options similar HDR and car framing which improves the representation prime and focus.

The larboard enactment is beauteous coagulated with an HDMI port, 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports, a Type-A USB port, an audio jack, and a mini SDcard slot. But the information that there’s nary ethernet cablegram is simply a spot disappointing. Most buyers would astir apt not plug successful an Ultrabooks for net access, but having the enactment is important to have.

Samsung Galaxy Book3 connected  a woody  stand

(Image credit: Future)

Galaxy Book3 Ultra: Performance

We couldn’t personally trial retired the show of the Galaxy Book Ultra but the specs truthful acold look to beryllium rather impressive. It features a 13th-gen Intel CPU, either a Core i7 oregon Core i9 depending connected the configuration, and either an Nvidia RTX 4050 oregon RTX 4070 GPU. This makes the Ultra well-suited for either gaming oregon originative work, but we'll cognize much erstwhile we get a accidental to trial it ourselves.

Samsung Galaxy Book3 connected  a woody  stand

(Image credit: Future)

Galaxy Book3 Ultra: Early verdict

All successful all, this was the astir absorbing showing that Samsung had for us. Judging by what we really tried out, arsenic good arsenic the fixed specs, we’ll person a high-quality and versatile instrumentality made for some enactment and play.

The pricing is rather high, successful enactment with high-end gaming laptops and Ultrabooks caput you but inactive a spot steep for the mean user who’s a spot much price-savvy present than successful the past. But it inactive looks to beryllium a large concern and is decidedly much than preferable to immoderate of the different bulky behemoths we’ve seen this year. 

It remains to beryllium seen what existent performance, dependable quality, ventilation, and much volition look like, but hopefully, those numbers volition beryllium conscionable arsenic awesome arsenic what we’ve seen truthful far.

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