Samsung’s new Amex card works with SmartThings Find, but it’s only in South Korea

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Samsung has debuted the IoT card, a recognition paper that works with SmartThings Find, the company’s mentation of Find My (via SamMobile). That’s large if you unrecorded successful South Korea, wherever the institution offers it successful concern with KB Kookmin Card and American Express — truthful far, Samsung hasn’t announced a akin offering successful the US. We’ve asked if it plans to and volition update this station if the institution responds.

The IoT paper works similar you’d expect it to. You adhd it to SmartThings Find, and then, similar with Apple Find My, different Samsung devices that observe it volition study its determination backmost to you. This works whether the paper is adjacent oregon its proprietor has near it successful different country. Samsung says the paper uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for this, alternatively than ultra wideband, which SmartThings Find tin besides use.

A representation   of the Samsung IoT paper  (left) and a screenshot of SmartThings Find My (right).

The Samsung IoT paper is lone successful South Korea.

Image: Samsung

In the US, if you privation to bash thing similar, you’re not retired of options. You could cram an Apple AirTag oregon a Samsung SmartTag into your wallet oregon prime up 1 of the many different tracking alternatives that travel successful each sorts of shapes and sizes. How utile they are depends connected whether they usage UWB, BLE, oregon some (UWB enables precision finding, which BLE lacks) and what tracking web they use.

They’re besides not each created equal, successful my experience. AirTags thin to enactment beauteous good for the astir part, for instance, portion anecdotally, my second-gen AirPods Pro often conscionable won’t amusement up successful Apple’s Find My app astatine all.

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