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Coming little than a week aft the extremity of Samsung Unpacked, wherever we got a glimpse astatine Samsung's breathtaking caller lineup of devices, Woot has declared contiguous Samsung Day. No, it's not technically an authoritative merchantability event, but that shouldn't halt you from taking vantage of the large deals connected TVs, astute watches, earbuds and more. All discounts are lone disposable until 9:59 p.m. PT (12:59 a.m. ET) tonight, and there's a bully accidental definite items volition merchantability retired earlier then. Be definite to get your orders successful soon if you're hoping to instrumentality vantage of this sale. 

You tin store the full merchantability enactment astatine the nexus above. But to assistance you marque the astir of the remaining hours, we've rounded up immoderate of the champion bargains and values disposable below.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, named 1 of our favorite astute watches for 2022, is the champion wearable for Android users connected the marketplace close now. It runs connected Google OS and is packed afloat of adjuvant fittingness tracking features similar an ECG function, assemblage creation analysis, blood-oxygen monitoring and overmuch more. It's besides waterproof up to 5 feet and has a artillery beingness of up to 40 hours connected a azygous charge. This woody is exclusive to the 44mm exemplary successful green, though determination is 40mm pinkish golden model connected merchantability arsenic well. 

Samsung's Galaxy Buds 2 are 1 of our overall favorite pairs of earbuds connected the marketplace successful 2022. They diagnostic progressive sound cancellation truthful you tin tune retired the extracurricular world, and a sleek stem-less plan that immoderate whitethorn find much comfy than the AirPods Pro. They present almighty dependable with two-way dynamic speakers, and boast a artillery beingness of up to 20 hours with the charging case. However, with an IPX2 water-resistance rating, you should refrain from utilizing them during peculiarly rigorous workouts oregon successful the rain. 


Samsung's The Frame looks similar nary different TV connected the marketplace close now. This almighty 4K astute TV features a sleek, modern plan with interchangeable bezels that let it to treble arsenic a integer representation framework and blend into your home's decor. It features stunning 4K representation with an precocious processor that automatically optimizes your content, arsenic good arsenic Quantum Dot exertion for vivid, lifelike colors. There are a fewer sizes of the newer 2022 model connected merchantability arsenic well, but our general proposal erstwhile buying for a TV is that a somewhat older exemplary with a bigger surface is typically a overmuch amended value. 

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