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In the marketplace for a caller e-reader? What astir a caller show for your location office? If so, past you'll privation to cheque retired Woot's hodgepodge tech and accessories sale, wherever you tin prevention connected everything from partition chargers to tablet covers and overmuch more. There are deals connected some caller and refurbished items, and you tin instrumentality an other $3 disconnected your bid with the promo codification ACCESSORIES3. This merchantability runs until June 5, but Woot typically has a constricted proviso available, truthful there's a bully accidental immoderate items volition merchantability retired earlier then. 

There's a beauteous random assortment of items disposable astatine this sale, but there's inactive a fewer bully bargains to beryllium had. This Dell 22-inch monitor features a afloat HD LED display, a tilt-adjustable basal and some HDMI and VGA ports. It's presently $20 off, dropping the terms to $120. And if you privation to instrumentality hundreds of books with you connected the go, you tin snag this refurb exemplary of the 2015 Kindle Paperwhite for conscionable $25. It has 4GB of storage, a 6-inch touchscreen show and a built-in airy truthful it's casual to spot successful astir environments. 

Even if you don't request immoderate caller tech, determination are plentifulness of accessories you tin prime up astatine this sale. You tin drawback this refurbished 12W Apple partition charger for conscionable $15, oregon support your iPad with this $30 cover. Or snag this sleek black leather sleeve for the 13-inch MacBook Pro for $63, which saves you $82 compared to its accustomed price. There's a fewer different accessories connected sale, truthful beryllium definite to cheque retired the entire selection earlier these deals are gone. 

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