Save Up to 50% on Top-Rated Tools at Harbor Freight - CNET

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Looking for immoderate caller tools to adhd to your collection? This weekend, Harbor Freight is having a immense Parking Lot sale with heavy discounts connected a ton of tools passim the store. Offers are disposable present done June 5, but supplies are constricted truthful beryllium definite to store aboriginal for the champion selection.

Whether you're a nonrecreational contractor oregon a DIY enthusiast, you'll find large deals connected tools like angle grindersimpact wrenches, sanders, generators and more. The Titanium Easy-Flux 125-amp welder is $170, a $45 savings. 

There are deals for car enthusiasts, too. A 225-piece mechanics tools set is marked down to conscionable $100, a discount of $40. You tin besides save $20 connected a 3-gallon oil-free pancake aerial compressor, truthful you'll wage $50. Even the 3-ton low-profile accelerated pump Pittsburgh level jack is $40 off, costing conscionable $120. 

If you're conscionable looking to banal up connected basics similar pliers and screwdrivers, you tin get sets of them for arsenic small arsenic $7 and $6, respectively. And if you request determination to store everything, you tin prevention $120 connected a 44x22 inch treble slope roller cabinet, bringing the terms to conscionable $500. Shop the entire merchantability selection astatine Harbor Freight this play to find deals connected the things you request to get the occupation done.

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