Score a $500 credit when you pre-order this elite Samsung 57-inch monitor

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Samsung 57 inch Odyssey Neo G95NC Curved Gaming Monitor Product Image

Your gaming rig deserves the champion upgrades, and that could soon see Samsung’s largest PC show ever. The Samsung 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 Curved Gaming Monitor is present disposable for pre-order, with immoderate mega deals from assorted retailers to unafraid your custom.

Samsung itself is offering $500 successful credit erstwhile you fork retired the $2,499.99 asking terms for the ultimate display. You can’t enactment that recognition towards the important outgo of the caller monitor, but it’s a meaty fund to supplement your acquisition with immoderate high-end headphones oregon a caller mouse.

Samsung 57-inch Odyssey Neo G95NC Gaming Monitor + $500 Credit

Samsung 57-inch Odyssey Neo G95NC Gaming Monitor + $500 Credit

Samsung 57-inch Odyssey Neo G95NC Gaming Monitor + $500 Credit

Massive dual-UHD gaming monitor

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G95NC is simply a monolithic ultra-wide monitor. The surface measures 57 inches country to country with dual-UHD resolution, 1000R curve, and specs perfect for gaming.

Amazon and Best Buy person akin deals disposable erstwhile you pre-order, some offering $500 recognition to walk connected their respective sites. Again, this is redeemable connected different products alternatively than reducing the outgo of the Odyssey Neo G9, but regular shoppers from either outlet volition spot this arsenic astir escaped cash.

Samsung 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 Monitor Amazon deal | Best Buy deal

This 57-inch show is the world’s archetypal Dual UHD display, providing a solution arsenic wide arsenic 2 UHD monitors combined. The Quantum Matrix Technology is powered by Quantum Mini LEDs, offering astounding levels of ocular accuracy and definition. With a 1000R curve, it immerses gamers successful vivid scenes, and the show supports a 240Hz refresh complaint positive a 1ms effect time. The inclusion of DisplayHDR 1000 further enhances colour look and depth, and an ergonomic basal with CoreSync and Core Lighting Plus exertion makes it an perfect centerpiece of immoderate gaming setup.

The Samsung 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 starts shipping connected October 2, truthful get your bid successful portion the $500 recognition is connected the table.

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