Close Enough

Close Enough is an American adult animated sitcom created by J. G. Quintel for HBO Max. Originally, the series was created for TBS in 2017, but was shelved. It... Wikipedia

  • Genre:  Animated sitcom
  • Created by:  J. G. Quintel
  • Developed by:  J. G. Quintel, Sean Szeles, Matt Price, Calvin Wong
  • Voices of:  J. G. Quintel, Gabrielle Walsh, Jason Mantzoukas, Kimiko Glenn, Jessica DiCicco, James Adomian, Danielle Brooks
  • Composer(s):  Mark Mothersbaugh, John Enroth, Albert Fox
  • Country of origin:  United States
  • Original language(s):  English
  • No. of seasons:  1
  • No. of episodes:  8 (15 segments)
  • Executive producer(s):  J. G. Quintel
  • Producer(s):  Ryan Slater
  • Running time:  22–24 minutes
  • Production company(s):  Cartoon Network Studios, Studio T
  • Distributor:  WarnerMedia Entertainment
  • Original network:  HBO Max
  • Related shows:  Regular Show
  • Data source:  DuckDuckGo