Shark Bagless Cylinder Pet Vacuum CZ250UKT review

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This Shark Bagless Cylinder Pet Vacuum is simply a reasonably priced vacuum that won’t springiness you anxiousness astir the artillery moving retired close earlier guests travel over. It’s packed with acquainted Shark vacuum features specified arsenic a flexible wand and an anti hairsbreadth wrapper brushroll. Performance is good, it picks up aboveground arsenic good arsenic deeper particulate and debris for a thorough clean, but you volition beryllium tethered to a powerfulness cord.


  • +

    Large particulate cup

  • +

    Comfortable handle

  • +

    Good pick-up


  • -

    Bulkier to store than a cordless vacuum

  • -

    Brushroll can’t beryllium switched off

  • -

    Wand tin beryllium cumbersome for overhead cleaning

One infinitesimal review

Shark is good known for making immoderate of the best vacuum cleaners (opens successful caller tab) astir and we cognize the marque arsenic 1 of the frontrunners erstwhile it comes to cordless vacuums (opens successful caller tab). But dissimilar its rival Dyson, Shark inactive makes a scope of plug-in corded vacuums. This includes uprights and canister vacuums, which are besides known arsenic cylinders and tube vacuums depending connected what portion of the satellite you’re from.

As is emblematic for Shark vacuums, this exemplary goes by a antithetic sanction successful each territory, which tin beryllium somewhat confusing. If you’re successful the US you’ll find it called the Shark Canister Pet Bagless Corded Vacuum CZ351. In the UK it’s known arsenic the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Bagless Cylinder Pet Vacuum CZ250UKT, meantime those successful Australia should look retired for the Shark Bagless Barrel Vacuum CZ250.

It’s the somewhat cheaper sibling of Shark's top-of-the-range plug-in canister vacuum, but that’s not to accidental it’s lacking successful features. The powered brushroll floorhead employs Shark’s Powerfin exertion to get heavy into carpets, arsenic good arsenic its self-clean anti hairsbreadth wrapper technology. The cleaning wand bends successful fractional to scope nether furnishings and tin beryllium utilized for overhead cleaning too. There’s a crevice and an upholstery instrumentality included successful the box, positive UK customers payment from a powered favored instrumentality too.

On test, this Shark canister displayed bully show and maneuverability. We noticed peculiarly bully pick-up connected carpets, but it’s arsenic astatine location connected hard floors arsenic good arsenic cleaning upholstery oregon overhead. It’s a large prime for those who don’t similar upright oregon instrumentality benignant vacuums oregon for anyone who wants a reliable cleanable without having to interest astir however overmuch artillery is left.

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Shark Bagless Cylinder Pet Vacuum CZ250UKT price and availability 

  •  List price: $399.99 / £299.99/ AU$699.99 

As we’ve already mentioned, this vacuum has somewhat antithetic names successful antithetic countries. It’s the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Bagless Cylinder Pet Vacuum CZ250UKT successful the UK. Whereas successful the US it goes by the sanction Shark Canister Pet Bagless Corded Vacuum CZ351 and successful Australia you’ll find it called the Shark Bagless Barrel Vacuum CZ250. The lone existent quality betwixt the 3 models is that the UK mentation comes with an further small, powered favored tool. You tin buy it straight signifier Shark successful each countries. (opens successful caller tab)

It's good priced successful examination to cordless vacuums and is besides cheaper than Shark's top-of-the scope canister vacuum, which comes successful astatine $479.99 / £329.99/ AU$799.99.


  •  1.9 quart/ 1.6 liter particulate cupful capacity 
  •  25 ft/ 9 metre powerfulness cord 
  •  HEPA filter

Weighing successful astatine 9 lb/ 4.4kg without the hose oregon immoderate attachments successful spot and without a afloat particulate cup, the canister itself is simply a beauteous bully value for astir radical to transportation up and down stairs, the ample transportation grip and rubberized grip surely help, too.

The canister size is reasonably standard, measuring 19.3 x 10.2 x 10.2 inches/49 x 26 x 26cm (h x w x d) and determination are plentifulness of antithetic configuration options for storage, depending connected whether you’ve got a gangly oregon abbreviated cupboard space.

Storing the Shark Bagless Cylinder Pet Vacuum CZ250UKT

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The floorhead has headlights successful the beforehand to illuminate acheronian spots specified arsenic areas beneath furniture. There’s a almighty self-cleaning brushroll that’s designed to region debris from heavy wrong carpet fibers, whilst avoiding that annoying clog of hairsbreadth astir the brush. There’s nary enactment to crook disconnected the brushroll though, which tin sometimes beryllium desirable for peculiarly delicate floors.

A power sheet connected the grip houses a powerfulness button, but there’s besides 1 connected the canister truthful you tin power it connected utilizing either. A suction level fastener allows you to easy rhythm betwixt the 3 suction levels utilizing your thumb, and a 3rd fastener lets you take betwixt carpet oregon hard level modes. For this arsenic good arsenic the suction levels determination are easy-to-understand symbols that airy up to show the selections you’ve made. It defaults to hard level and the mediate suction powerfulness erstwhile archetypal switched on.

The afloat  container  contents for the Shark Bagless Cylinder Pet Vacuum CZ250UKT

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In the container you’ll besides get a crevice instrumentality and an upholstery instrumentality arsenic good arsenic a clip to clasp them to the wand, providing convenient and casual entree erstwhile cleaning. If you bargain it successful the UK you’ll get an further favored powerfulness brushwood to tackle favored hairsbreadth connected upholstery and cushions.

The flexible wand tin crook successful fractional astatine the midpoint, allowing it to scope nether debased furnishings without the idiosyncratic having to crook down, a diagnostic seen connected galore Shark upright vacuums. And for overhead cleaning the tiny tools tin beryllium attached straight to the wand. Likewise, the main floorhead tin beryllium attached to the grip for easier cleaning of tiny spaces similar stairs.


  •  Maneuvers well 
  •  Controls conveniently located connected handle 
  •  Good particulate collection 

The flexible wand does its occupation and allows for casual cleaning nether debased furnishings without having to bend. Although it’s not rather truthful casual to maneuver successful this mode, we didn’t consciousness we had arsenic overmuch power implicit the absorption of vacuuming arsenic erstwhile it’s successful modular mode.

The floorhead is self-supporting truthful erstwhile you click it upright to spell and determination a stray sock retired of the way, it stays enactment without falling implicit oregon having to beryllium placed connected the floor, positive the brushroll volition automatically pause. And switching betwixt powerfulness levels oregon level benignant is ace casual with the controls astatine your fingertips connected the handle.

controls an dattachments connected  the Shark Bagless Cylinder Pet Vacuum CZ250UKT

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General prime up is bully connected some carpet and hard level and the quality of a plug-in vacuum means you don’t consciousness the request to usage 1 of the little powerfulness levels to conserve battery, you’ll lone request to power to little powerfulness for vacuuming delicate rugs oregon upholstery. Speaking of rugs, it coped good with a agelong heap country rug, removing tons of debris near down by a robot vacuum that had cleaned it the aforesaid day.

We were impressed with the particulate and ungraded postulation adjacent if it was somewhat horrifying however overmuch it removed from precocious vacuumed carpets. Edge cleaning is good, too, and it was capable to cod oats from on our baseboards nary substance whether we approached with the beforehand oregon broadside of the floorhead. It didn’t conflict to region hairsbreadth from carpets and we were pleased to spot that nary of it became tangled successful the brushroll.

The canister is tiny capable to equilibrium connected stairs and by removing the wand and attaching the floorhead oregon 1 of the tools straight to the handle, cleaning stairs is simply a breeze. Similarly, we were near with cleanable sofas aft vacuuming them with the upholstery tool. And the crevice nozzle attached to the wand came successful useful for removing cobwebs overhead, though you wouldn’t beryllium capable to cleanable similar this for agelong without getting limb ache.

Shark Bagless Cylinder Pet Vacuum CZ250UKT connected  the stairs

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The particulate cupful is casual to region and during our tests each of the ungraded and particulate fell consecutive retired into the trash astatine the propulsion of a button. Having said that, though, the ample capableness means you don’t person to bash this excessively often, which is peculiarly adjuvant if you’ve got allergies and are delicate to the accustomed particulate unreality that erupts upon emptying a vacuum. The filters are besides easy removed and they’re washable, truthful keeping them successful bully information doesn’t necessitate costly regular replacements.

Emptying the Shark Bagless Cylinder Pet Vacuum CZ250UKT

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During use, the floorhead proved to person bully wide maneuverability and the canister followed behind, with precise small effort required to propulsion it along. Occasionally the hose would go folded and inhibit suction, but that’s rather communal for agelong hoses and doesn’t instrumentality overmuch to set back.

On the highest suction powerfulness vacuuming hard floor, our sound metre maxed retired astatine 76dB, but this went down to astir 68dB connected the lowest suction level. On carpet the sound levels were beauteous similar, but the code wasn’t rather truthful precocious pitched.

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First reviewed: June 2022

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