Signal’s founder is trolling with an NFT that’ll turn to shit if you buy it

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Secure messaging app Signal’s laminitis Moxie Marlinspike is doing a spot of trolling by releasing an NFT that shows up otherwise depending connected what level you’re looking astatine it connected — and that will, allegedly, show arsenic a poop emoji successful your wallet if you really bargain it.

He seems to beryllium doing this to constituent retired the imaginable fragility of NFTs, which are expected to enactment arsenic a benignant of imperishable grounds of owning a portion of creation oregon media. They’re unsocial integer tokens that are stored connected the blockchain, but successful astir cases, it’s really conscionable the grounds that lives connected the concatenation — the representation is stored elsewhere. That means that radical shelling retired hundreds of thousands of dollars for them could beryllium astatine the mercy of representation hosts who are operating independently from the blockchain.

It’s nary concealed that many NFTs would beryllium successful peril if the servers hosting them were to spell down. For the astir part, they’re not stored connected the blockchain; the creation is conscionable a link. According to Marlinspike, that’s however he’s pulling this disconnected — he’s made the representation render otherwise based connected the IP oregon idiosyncratic cause that’s requesting it.

The NFT displaying connected OpenSea, vs it displaying connected Rarible.

(And yes, I person checked to marque definite that some the Rarible and OpenSea pages are really displaying the aforesaid token. If you’ve got doubts, you tin usage Rarible’s “View connected OpenSea” button, located successful the “...” paper to spot for yourself.)

It astir apt won’t beryllium a astonishment that idiosyncratic named Moxie Marlinspike is nary alien to trolling and IRL antics. There are stories of him buying and crashing a blistery aerial balloon oregon utilizing a representation of himself successful an asparagus-shaped chapeau arsenic his illustration astatine a precise superior conference. And who tin hide the Instagram ads Signal tried to run that showed what Facebook’s advertizing illustration thinks astir you.

Marlinspike is besides nary alien to having off-the-beaten-path governmental views that person led to him being labeled an anarchist (we asked him years ago if that statement was accurate, and helium said it was complicated); he’s heavy advocated against instrumentality enforcement and said that their jobs should beryllium difficult.

What I’m getting astatine is that it’s not astonishing that he’s poking immoderate amusive astatine NFTs and however they work. It is simply a spot odd, though, that helium seems confused arsenic to wherefore radical would beryllium bidding connected an NFT that turns into a poop emoji. I mean, have you seen immoderate of the NFTs radical buy? A $400 bid for a changing NFT seems wholly believable astatine this point.

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