Sivga Oriole review: great-value wired headphones with a gorgeous wood finish

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Far from a household name, Sivga has knocked it retired of the parkland with the Sivga Oriole over-ear headphones. Incredibly lightweight portion looking much stylish than most, a wide soundstage comes with elaborate dependable that you'll adore. For anyone unfussed astir branding oregon ANC, these are an perfect brace of cans for each situations.


  • +

    Detailed dependable quality

  • +

    Decent dependable isolation

  • +

    Lightweight but good built


  • -

    Cables and deficiency of ANC not perfect for immoderate travel

  • -

    Better suited for smaller heads

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Sivga Oriole review: One-minute review

Even audiophiles are improbable to person heard of Sivga. Established successful China successful 2016, Sivga's afloat scope of earphones and headphones person rapidly proven to beryllium much stylish than astir alternatives. Best of all, arsenic the Sivga Oriole over-ear headphones demonstrate, the dependable prime is remarkably bully for the price. They're a veritable checklist of covetable features and dependable prime astatine lone $199/£219 (about AU$390).

The Sivga Oriole headphones boast 50mm drivers that dependable great. Clear and elaborate euphony easy comes done these headphones, nary substance what you're listening to. In particular, we loved the sparkle that emanated from David Bowie's Under Pressure. A wide soundstage makes you consciousness much portion of the experience, excessively – they complaint among the best over-ear headphones for wired listening successful the terms range.

But the Sivga Oriole headphones person much to connection than balanced sound. The cans are besides precise lightweight astatine astir 280g, yet the woody earcups look awesome and person a robust physique quality, portion the cables included are hardy and look magically tangle-free. The closed-back plan safely isolates you from the extracurricular satellite (provided your caput and ears are comparatively small), truthful you tin absorption connected your euphony without the sound-altering effects of adding successful ANC.

As large all-rounders, the Sivga Oriole punctual america of the advantages of wired headphones – large dependable and nary issues with artillery life. Such dependable prime makes you excavation done your euphony library, rediscovering your favorites portion marvelling astatine conscionable however inexpensive these over-ears are. They're an perfect pairing with the best MP3 players for radical who worth high-quality euphony connected the go. For much fund options, instrumentality a look astatine our best inexpensive headphones usher – otherwise, work connected for our afloat Sivga Oriole review.

Sivga Oriole review: Price and availability

  • Released November 2022
  • Cost $199/£219 (about AU$390)

The Sivga Oriole over-ear headphones are disposable successful 2 colors: brownish and rosewood. Effectively a darker oregon lighter brownish colour scheme. In either case, the modular terms is $199/£219 (about AU$390), which is reasonably inexpensive for what they provide. 

Other wired enactment astatine this benignant of terms see the open-back Sennheiser HD 560S oregon the Grado SR225x. Going successful the wireless/noise-cancelling direction, you're looking astatine thing similar the Sony WH-XB910N.

Sivga Oriole review: Features

  • Great-quality wires
  • Cables tin beryllium individually detached
  • 50mm driver

It mightiness look similar a mundane starting point, but we're earnestly impressed by the Sivga Oriole's cables. Wired headphones ever transportation the hazard (and irritation) of turning into a jungle of cables that are intolerable to untangle. Somehow, the Sivga Oriole don't person this issue. 

They person braided cables that you tin detach individually from the near oregon close cup, which is adjuvant if you request to perceive retired for something. While you'd deliberation that other constituent would marque it messier, the cables ne'er became jumbled up. We're surprised, too, but it instantly solves a large contented with wired headphones. The wires are a interaction connected the agelong broadside for commuting, but that's a insignificant quibble – not everyone volition instrumentality these distant from their location system.

With a 3.5mm jack and 6.3mm adapter, the Sivga Oriole are susceptible of being hooked up to astir of the best headphone DACs oregon different devices with these connections easy enough. There's nary USB-C connector for phones, of course. While these aren't the benignant of headphones that connection ANC, extracurricular dependable is reasonably easy blocked retired portion commuting oregon determination noisy. 

Besides the 50mm operator sounding tempting, a claimed frequence effect of 20Hz to 20kHz is adjacent much appealing, though not retired of the mean for headphones made for budding audiophiles.

  • Features score: 4/5

Sivga Oriole review: Design

  • Lightweight design
  • Attractive woody finish
  • Robust physique quality

Mixing wood, leatherette, and aluminum elements mean the Sivga Oriole consciousness acold much premium than they are. They're precise lightweight astatine 280g and ideally suited for smaller heads with receptor cups to match. The acceptable mightiness beryllium little comfy for larger heads, though. 

The receptor cups are brushed leatherette with a comfy magnitude of representation foam wrong to support your ears contented nary substance however agelong you deterioration them. Unlike different headphones, the headband ne'er pinches oregon feels similar a dilatory invading unit connected the apical of your caput – they conscionable consciousness good. 

The metallic components of the headphones bash the bending and consciousness sturdy and robust. There's a satisfying click arsenic you set the headband to your liking, and a tiny L and R amusement you which broadside is which.

  • Design score: 4/5

Sivga Oriole review: Sound quality

  • Wide soundstage
  • Balanced sound
  • Impressively wide and elaborate for the price

Sivga promises the saccharine spot of balanced, earthy and close sound, and that's mostly travel to fruition. The Sivga Oriole headphones aren't determination for bass-heavy enthusiasts – bass is determination but reasonably restrained. Instead, these are cans perfect for a small spot of everything.

For reasonably tiny closed-back headphones, the soundstage offers immoderate further abstraction truthful you tin inactive perceive the euphony surrounding you. Bass is simply a small tame astatine times but you get plentifulness of vigor with the mids and trebles. Crucially, everything sounds elaborate whether you're listening to The Beach Boys' classic, God Only Knows oregon thing much modern similar Taylor Swift's Anti-Hero. 

We've lightly criticized the bass, but it's inactive functional with Foo Fighters' All My Life carrying a punch, adjacent if it's much of a jab than thing similar the bassy tones of the Sony WH-1000XM5 would present – which are much than $100/£100 much expensive.

Switch to a dose of The Chemical Brothers and the headphones airy up, feeling much thrilling erstwhile more. It's a akin communicative erstwhile checking retired large set music, similar Benny Goodman with lively mids helping you consciousness you're close successful the moment.

Bass fans volition possibly privation to springiness these a miss but for anyone looking for reliable balance, the Sivga Oriole cognize however to deed the spot astir each time.

  • Sound prime score: 4.5/5

Sivga Oriole review: Value

  • Packing plentifulness for the price
  • Minor compromises to beryllium made
  • Useful extras included

Got this acold successful our Sivga Oriole reappraisal and inactive not sure? We're mostly impressed. The dependable prime of the Sivga Oriole is supra what you would expect for the price. 

To get the aforesaid level of audio prime from the best wireless headphones (we're reasoning the Sony WH-1000XM4, Sony WH-1000XM5 oregon the Sennheiser Momentum 4 would beryllium worthy rivals). By doing so, you'll besides miss retired connected the large benignant that the Sivga Oriole connection – and the Sivga aren't truly made for the ANC crowd. They're made for proceeding your records oregon Hi-Res files arsenic accurately arsenic imaginable connected a budget. If you're looking for thing that stands retired from the crowd, you've recovered them. There are nary plasticky bits to contend with and a mature colour strategy goes a agelong way.

The Sivga Oriole whitethorn not beryllium perfect, but arsenic agelong arsenic you're not a bass enthusiast oregon successful hopeless request of ANC, they're beauteous great.

  • Value score: 4/5

Should I bargain the Sivga Oriole?

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Features A wired connection, 50mm drivers – but nary smarts.4
Design A lightweight yet precise robust plan and bags of style.4
Sound qualityIncredibly wide and elaborate for the price.4.5
ValueThese headphones battalion a batch of prime successful for the price.4

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Don't bargain them if...

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