Snapfish photo book review: Plenty of artistic freedom for your creations

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Snapfish is 1 of the astir competitory options erstwhile you’re looking for a photograph book. With a plethora of large designs and materials to take from, you tin beryllium definite that you’ll beryllium capable to make thing you genuinely love. While the photograph publication builder itself had a fewer usability issues, the tenable pricing much than makes up for this.


  • +

    Plenty of plan choices

  • +

    Great preview functions

  • +

    Helpful video tutorial


  • -

    Sluggish representation uploading process

  • -

    Photo publication builder tin beryllium glitchy

  • -

    Quality could beryllium better

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Snapfish photograph book: Two-minute review

If there’s 1 happening that galore of the champion photograph books person successful common, it’s the state of prime – and Snapfish surely meets this standard. 

With tons of antithetic designs, shapes, sizes, insubstantial finishes and covers available, there’s an astir infinite fig of options disposable to springiness you a genuinely unsocial last product. I personally recovered the website to beryllium a small engaged and overwhelming, arsenic each of these options are presented each astatine once, which tin marque it hard to discern precisely what you want. 

However, I recovered that the easiest mode was to take the size and signifier of the photograph publication archetypal and past spell from determination – Snapfish really provides merchandise photos that amusement the size of the books against a model, which is simply a truly utile diagnostic for those who aren’t rather definite what size they want. 

Unlike its rival Mixbook, Snapfish’s pricing options are comparatively simple. They’re besides precise reasonable, with an 8 x 11” scenery photograph publication starting from $39.99 / £28.99, but different smaller books opening from arsenic small arsenic $12.99 / £9.99. 

Snapfish photograph  publication  screen  choosing

(Image credit: Future)

I recovered the representation uploading process to beryllium a somewhat sluggish process. Unlike Mixbook, wherever you tin commencement to physique your photograph publication arsenic soon arsenic your archetypal photograph has been uploaded, you person to hold connected Snapfish’s uploading surface until each of your images person been processed. If you’re impatient similar I am, this hold is beauteous achy – particularly if you person a ample batch of photos. 

Once I’d yet got done onto the photograph publication builder itself, the process became overmuch smoother. Snapfish provides a utile video tutorial to assistance you larn however to navigate the builder, but I recovered that it was self-explanatory and casual capable to fig retired myself. One tiny ailment I had was that determination weren’t galore screen designs disposable to take from – particularly erstwhile compared to different sites specified arsenic Mixbook.

I besides recovered the photograph publication builder itself to beryllium a small slow. When I was moving photos wrong their frames, the builder would sometimes frost earlier I was done. The frames themselves were besides excessively easy moved, arsenic I accidentally nudged them crossed the leafage aggregate times. I adjacent had a framework determination by simply dragging a photograph into it. While you tin simply click the layout astatine the broadside to enactment the template backmost to what it should be, it’s an unnecessary and annoying quirk.

These tiny frustrations aside, 1 of my favourite aspects of this photograph publication builder was that you’re capable to scroll up and down your publication alternatively than having to click connected the adjacent page. This means that you tin easy preview what your publication volition look similar without utilizing an authoritative Preview function. I’m besides a instrumentality of the ‘All pages’ function, which gives you a birdseye overview of however the photograph publication volition travel – this helped maine to spot if I had immoderate accidental duplicates. When I yet went to bid my book, I was capable to preview it again for a last time, which helped maine consciousness assured that determination were nary mistakes successful my order. 

Snapfish photograph  publication  cover

(Image credit: Future)

My Snapfish bid arrived wrong a week and the packaging was decent capable – the photograph publication was housed wrong a cardboard envelope and covered successful shrinkwrap plastic. However, contempt the plastic, determination was a two-inch scratch connected the backmost of my book. It wasn’t overly noticeable, but it was there. 

I recovered that the screen of the publication had been printed rather acheronian and a batch of the details successful the shadows had been lost. However, I thought that the colors were reasonably accurate. Inside the book, I thought that some the vibrancy and colors were decently close and I had nary large complaints. 

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How I tested the Snapfish photograph book

  • I built a photograph publication connected Mimeo’s website utilizing my ain photos
  • I standardized the tests crossed antithetic websites by choosing products astatine a akin terms constituent with akin designs and features

I’ve tested a batch of antithetic websites, including Mimeo, Mixbook, and more. To standardize this process wherever possible, I chose books that were astatine a akin terms constituent arsenic I wanted to trial the worth for wealth for the user. I besides chose akin designs, shapes, and sizes wherever I could. I utilized my ain photographs for each book, ensuring that I utilized the aforesaid ones for each book. 

When I received the Mimeo photograph publication I made definite to comparison it intimately with the photograph books from the different websites. I checked for representation prime and immoderate imaginable colour variations. I besides made definite that determination was nary harm oregon scuff marks connected the screen oregon the idiosyncratic pages of the book. 

First reviewed May 2023

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