So far, so good for Symantec customers affected by Google distrust issue

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In 2017, Google made the decision to deprecate all Symantec digital certificates based on its view that Symantec did not correctly validate its SSL certificates before being issued to customers.

The result? Google chose to put a plan in place to distrust any certificates issued by Symantec and any of the certificate authorities (CAs) under Symantec ownership, including Verisign, Equifax, GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL. Google wasn’t so draconian that it chose to immediately distrust any and all Symantec certificates. Instead, it put in a plan to phase them out over time, giving customers a chance to find a solution. 

Symantec sells its CA business to DigiCert

At the time of the decision, Symantec was the largest CA. It decided to sell that part of its business to DigiCert, a leading CA highly regarded for its security practices and customer care. The deal completion was announced Oct. 31, 2017. DigiCert’s focus on the certificate issuance and management process have made it a favorite among technologists. DigiCert elevated its status with the deal from the second-most used CA for businesses to the global leader.

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