So much for that Voynich manuscript “solution”


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Enlarge / A web page from the mysterious medieval Voynich Manuscript, which might be a well being guide for ladies. The newest declare to "decode" it's being debunked by students.
Beinecke Library

a long article within the Occasions Literary Complement about how he'd cracked the code on the mysterious Voynich Manuscript. Sadly, say specialists, his evaluation was a mixture of stuff we already knew and stuff he could not probably show.

As quickly as Gibbs' article hit the Web, information about it unfold quickly by means of social media (we covered it at Ars too), arousing the skepticism of cipher geeks and students alike. As Harvard's Houghton Library curator of early trendy books John Overholt put it on Twitter, "We're not shopping for this Voynich factor, proper?" Medievalist Kate Wiles, an editor at Historical past At the moment, replied, "I've but to see a medievalist who does. Personally I object to his interpretation of abbreviations."

The weirdly-illustrated 15th century ebook has been the topic of hypothesis and conspiracy theories since its discovery in 1912. In his article, Gibbs claimed that he'd found out the Voynich Manuscript was a ladies's well being guide whose odd script was truly only a bunch of Latin abbreviations. He offered two strains of translation from the textual content to "show" his level.

Nevertheless, this is not sitting properly with individuals who truly learn medieval Latin. Medieval Academy of America director Lisa Fagin Davis told The Atlantic's Sarah Zhang, "They’re not grammatically right. It doesn’t end in Latin that is sensible." She added, "Frankly I’m just a little stunned the TLS revealed it...If that they had merely despatched to it to the Beinecke Library, they might have rebutted it in a heartbeat." The Beinecke Library at Yale is the place the Voynich Manuscript is presently stored. Davis famous that a massive a part of Gibbs' declare rests on the concept the Voynich Manuscript as soon as had an index that would offer a key to the abbreviations. Sadly, he has no proof for such an index, aside from the truth that the guide does have a number of lacking pages.

The concept the ebook is a medical treatise on ladies's well being, nevertheless, may turn into right. However that wasn't Gibbs' discovery. Many students and newbie sleuths had already reached that conclusion, utilizing the identical proof that Gibbs did. Primarily, Gibbs rolled collectively a bunch of already-existing scholarship and did a extremely speculative translation, with out even consulting the librarians on the institute the place the ebook resides.

Gibbs stated within the TLS article that he did his analysis for an unnamed "tv community." Provided that Gibbs' major declare to fame earlier than this text was a collection of books about how to write and sell television screenplays, it appears that evidently his aim on this analysis was in all probability to promote a tv screenplay of his personal. In 2015, Gibbs did an interview the place he stated that in 5 years, "I want to assume I might have a returnable collection up and operating." Contemplating the dubious accuracy of many Historical past Channel "documentaries," he may simply get his want.