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Over the past fewer years, the stars (particularly that large 1 astatine the halfway of our star system) person aligned to marque residential star panels progressively appealing for gathering your home's vigor needs.

The rising costs of energy crossed the US, on with falling prices for star panels aided by federal taxation incentives, person simply made the economics of star powerfulness not lone attainable but beneficial for homeowners successful the agelong run.

"If you looked astatine star conscionable a fewer years ago, costs person continued to travel down since then," said Ben Delman, communications manager astatine Solar United Neighbors. "It depends connected your situation, but much and much homeowners and families are deciding that star makes consciousness for them arsenic a mode to prevention wealth by taking power implicit wherever their energy comes from."

Below, we've collected CNET's adept proposal to get you done the star sheet purchasing process.

    Solar panels connected  a terrace with thenar  trees successful  the distance

    Solar panels enactment successful galore antithetic climates, not conscionable the sunniest.

    Raimund Koch/Getty Images

    How bash star panels work?

    Buying a star sheet strategy means buying a batch of instrumentality the mean idiosyncratic doesn't person crushed to cognize about. In the astir basal terms, photons from the prima are absorbed by the star panels and converted into nonstop current, oregon DC, electricity. For this vigor to beryllium utilized successful American homes, it has to spell done an inverter attached to the star array to go alternating current, oregon AC, electricity.

    Read up connected what you'll really beryllium buying with the stories linked below:

    Is determination a star sheet enactment that works for me?

    Fortunately for the solar-curious, galore options beryllium for homeowners and adjacent renters to get immoderate oregon astir of their energy needs met with vigor from the sun.

    The astir communal mode to spell star for homeowners is the installation of panels connected their roofs. These systems tin beryllium purchased straight done an installer (or assembled for the DIYers) arsenic a ample currency acquisition oregon done comparatively affordable financing (such arsenic a 1.99% APR 15-year loan). There are besides options for rooftop star for those who whitethorn not person the superior to get a task started. These are star leases, wherever a homeowner pays a fixed monthly outgo to a institution who retains ownership of a star system; oregon a powerfulness acquisition agreement, successful which a homeowner pays for the energy generated by star panels alternatively than the strategy itself.

    Finally, some homeowners and renters successful galore places person entree to assemblage solar. This enactment allows radical to opt successful to a adjacent star workplace to bask immoderate vigor savings.

    A location   with star  panels successful  a godforsaken  setting.

    Regular cleaning tin amended star sheet production, particularly successful dry, dusty climates.


    How overmuch bash star panels cost?

    The costs of star panels volition beryllium connected a fewer factors, including wherever you live, however overmuch of your vigor needs you privation the strategy to cover, whether you instal it yourself and whether you privation a artillery (which could outgo arsenic overmuch arsenic the strategy itself). The average cost was astir $3 per watt successful 2022 for an 8 kW strategy done an installer, according to the consulting steadfast Wood Mackenzie.

    The mode you wage for your strategy is vital. You'll announcement the biggest deed to your slope equilibrium by paying for star outright, portion financing volition dispersed the disbursal retired implicit years but with added interest. A lease oregon PPA is astir affable to the budget-minded, but you won't bask the semipermanent benefits that travel with owning a strategy outright.

    How overmuch wealth volition star panels prevention me?

    If you're buying a strategy outright oregon financing it, you'll person a 30% taxation recognition done the Inflation Reduction Act. 

    To get a amended thought of erstwhile to expect a instrumentality connected investment, look astatine however overmuch vigor you've consumed successful the past twelvemonth oregon 2 and however overmuch it outgo you. Then, moving with an installer, fig retired however overmuch of your vigor you'd similar to offset with star and however overmuch the strategy volition cost. Eventually, the savings from not having to bargain energy from your inferior volition beryllium greater than the outgo of the star strategy itself.

    "In presumption of payback, broadly 7 to 12 years is simply a decent mean erstwhile you spot returns from concern successful star aft purchasing a system," Delman said. 

    Solar panels mounted beside a location   successful  a agrarian  setting.

    Ground-mounted star panels mightiness beryllium a amended enactment for immoderate homes.

    King Lawrence/Getty Images

    Can I instal star panels myself?

    It is imaginable to instal astir of a star sheet strategy yourself -- mounting the panels connected your extortion and connecting them to each other. But if your location is connected to a grid, you'll request to prosecute a licensed electrician for the last transportation needed to provender energy to your utility.

    "Another happening to support successful caput if you're doing it yourself is whether the warranties for the panels that you acquisition necessitate them to beryllium installed by a professional," Delman said. "Often erstwhile radical bash it themselves, they'll prosecute an electrician to bash the finishing enactment truthful it tin get certified. It's besides bully if you're not an adept to person idiosyncratic with expertise to conscionable spell implicit the wiring and marque definite that everything is wherever it should be."

    Where should I store for star panels?

    If you privation to bargain panels directly, astir hardware stores and larger retailers person them available. If you'd similar to get them done a professional, a bully spot to start, according to Delman, is the website of your section star manufacture relation (for example, the New York Solar Energy Industries Association). These organizations should person a database of its members, which volition often see installers and suppliers. Typically, installers enactment with 1 oregon 2 star sheet brands.

    "Look for an installer who's experienced, peculiarly with the benignant of concern you person astatine your home," Delman said. "Have they worked with the aforesaid roofing materials? Do you privation a crushed equine strategy installed? Check reviews connected Yelp, Angie's List, Google and others, and get references too." (Solar United Neighbors besides offers resources for going solar, escaped of charge.)

    The champion mode to marque definite you're getting the champion woody connected your star panels is to get aggregate quotes and inquire arsenic galore questions of your imaginable installers arsenic you need. CNET has reviewed galore of the national star companies, but it's a bully thought to cheque into section installers, too, who sometimes tin connection little prices.

    How bash I support star panels?

    Solar sheet attraction is mostly minimal and reasonably easy. Even so, we've got the info you request to support your panels successful the champion imaginable shape.

    Does star enactment wherever I live?

    Solar panels, successful general, volition enactment successful a assortment of climates, adjacent those with frigid winters. The much important questions to inquire are: Does my extortion get capable sunlight? Are immoderate trees shading my roof? And astir importantly, does my inferior connection net metering?

    Net metering is possibly the astir important facet of going solar, successful that it stipulates that your vigor inferior volition wage you for the vigor created by your star panels that you don't consume. Net metering ensures that the instrumentality connected concern successful going star is financially sound.

    More connected star successful your state

    Do I request a backup battery?

    For astir homeowners, buying a backup artillery is an costly proposition, costing astir arsenic overmuch arsenic a star strategy itself. Solar batteries tin outgo anyplace from $12,000 to $22,000, according to the US Department of Energy. If your location is connected to the grid, the precocious terms of batteries puts it squarely successful the non-necessity column.

    That being said, determination are instances wherever a artillery whitethorn beryllium worthy the expense. If your country is prone to predominant blackouts and/or you person aesculapian needs that, for example, necessitate acold insulin oregon aesculapian equipment, a artillery is simply a bully investment. Batteries volition besides beryllium a necessity if you unrecorded disconnected the grid.

    Solar powerfulness  vigor  and artillery  storage

    You'll request a artillery to spell disconnected the grid with star panels. A bigger 1 than these.

    James Martin/CNET

    Does star summation the worth of my home?

    Going star has different payment for homeowners: it tin boost the terms of their properties if and erstwhile they determine to sell. According to studies by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Zillow, homes with star panels often merchantability for astir $10,000 much compared to those that don't.

    Are star panels a scam?

    No. Solar panels are a proven exertion that tin assistance you displacement immoderate of your vigor usage to cheaper, greener electricity. But that doesn't mean that scammy companies (while seemingly rare) don't exist. The institution discussed successful the communicative linked beneath precocious went retired of business, but a spot of caution is simply a bully thing.

    What is nett metering?

    Net metering -- the process by which you're paid for energy generated by your star panels but sent backmost to the grid -- is simply a captious origin successful whether homeowners should spell solar.

    "Let's accidental during a beauteous sunny day, you're astatine work, the lights, TV and dishwasher are off, truthful you're astir apt generating much energy from your strategy than you're consuming," Delman said. "When that happens, that energy goes to the electrical grid done your electrical metre to beryllium utilized by your neighbors. Net metering is what ensures you person recognition for that energy truthful that your concern is inactive being paid backmost adjacent if you're not utilizing the energy yourself."

    You tin spot what your state's argumentation toward net metering is here.

    Should I spell solar?

    Solar won't beryllium an enactment for everyone. If your location does not person capable sunlight owed to shading connected your roof, you unrecorded successful a authorities without nett metering oregon there's nary assemblage solar, going star whitethorn not beryllium viable for you.

    But with rising vigor costs and the falling terms of star panels, for galore radical there's ne'er been a amended clip to spell solar. There's options to spell star that should acceptable astir people's needs, whether that's done financing, a star lease, PPA oregon assemblage solar, that volition let them to commencement seeing savings connected their vigor bills astir immediately. By astir estimates, a star strategy starts paying for itself aft betwixt 7 and 12 years.

    Powering your location with star not lone allows you to get your energy from a cleanable source, but provides an unmatched instrumentality connected concern that volition prevention you wealth connected your vigor bills and boost the worth of your home.

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