Spanish rehab center adds crypto trading addiction to services list

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The rehabilitation halfway cited estimates that astir 1% of cryptocurrency traders volition make an "extreme" addiction to crypto trading.

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Spanish rehab halfway  adds crypto trading addiction to services list

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A luxury rehabilitation halfway successful Spain has precocious added services aimed astatine treating a comparatively caller benignant of addiction — crypto trading.

The center, called “The Balance,” is simply a Switzerland-founded wellness center, with its main installation located connected the Spanish land of Mallorca on with representations successful London and Zurich.

While it has been known to dainty addiction ailments specified arsenic alcohol, drugs and behavioral wellness — it has present precocious begun offering services aimed astatine combatting crypto trading addiction, according to a study from the BBC.

The Feb. 5 study revealed that 1 of the center’s clients reached retired truthful that helium could “wean disconnected crypto” aft reportedly pouring successful $200,000 worthy of crypto trades each week.

The attraction involves a 4 week enactment — which comprises of therapy, massages and yoga. The measure tin beryllium upwards of $75,000.

In different portion of the world, Castle Craig Hospital — a Scottish-based addiction rehabilitation clinic treating high-adrenaline crypto traders since 2018 — has seen implicit 100 clients travel successful with “dangerous” cryptocurrency problems.

Castle Craig’s rehabilitation facility. Source: Castle Craig.

In Asia, Diamond Rehabilitation — a Thailand-based wellness halfway operating since 2019 — has besides added services dedicated to cryptocurrency addiction rehab and treatment.

The enactment said it approaches rehab done the usage of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Psychodynamic Theory (PT) arsenic portion of its comprehensive, multi-stage attack to assistance traders flooded their addiction.

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It is believed that the euphoric highs and crushing lows of the fast-paced, 24/7 cryptocurrency trading arena person brought successful existent request for rehabilitation centers to connection services for trading addicts.

An nonfiction by Family Addiction Specialist estimates based connected gambling upset statistic that astir 1% cryptocurrency traders volition make a terrible pathological addiction, portion 10% volition acquisition different problems beyond that of a fiscal loss.

The 24/7 quality of crypto trading has caused galore to perpetually cheque terms charts. Source: Family Addiction Specialist.

Symptoms of this addiction according to Family Addiction Specialist, includes perpetually checking the prices online — peculiarly successful the mediate of the night.

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