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Spike lets you clasp email conversations successful an engaging mode that benefits each parties.


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    Reasonably priced

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    Mobile/desktop apps

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    Encourages workplace collaboration


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    UI needs improvement

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    Search needs improvement

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    Occasional bugs

Spike was founded successful 2013 by 2 entrepreneurs, Erez Pilosoft and Dvir Ben-Aroya. It started nether a erstwhile name, Hop, earlier rebranding successful 2018. 

This level was founded to amended email services (opens successful caller tab) by turning conversations into a chat-like interface. It besides includes further features specified arsenic video and dependable calls.

You tin download the Spike app connected Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android oregon entree it via the web interface. It’s 1 of the fewer email apps disposable connected each the large mobile and desktop operating systems. It works with Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, and different email providers utilizing the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

Spike: Plans and pricing

Unlike galore email apps, Spike has a escaped program that anyone tin motion up for. But, it allows lone 1 email address, 1GB of email storage, and a maximum record upload of 30MB. You tin subscribe to the Pro oregon Business program if you privation much functionality. 

The Pro bundle costs $8 per idiosyncratic per month. It supports up to 3 email addresses, 5GB storage, and a record upload bounds of 100MB. Unlike the escaped tier, it gives users entree to their implicit hunt past and allows up to 5 participants successful a video call.

The Business program costs $16 per idiosyncratic per month. It supports unlimited email addresses, 20GB of email storage, and a record upload bounds of 1GB. It besides allows up to 10 participants successful a video call.

Spike provides important discounts if you wage annually alternatively of monthly– the Pro program comes down to $60 per twelvemonth (instead of $96), and the Business program comes down to $120 per twelvemonth (instead of $192).

If you alteration your caput pursuing a purchase, you tin petition a afloat refund up to 14 days after.  

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Spike: Features

Spike makes email connection amended by offering galore features, including;

You tin bring each your email accounts unneurotic done Spike. It supports the astir fashionable email platforms; Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, Microsoft 365, oregon immoderate different email supplier utilizing the IMAP protocol.

Having each your email addresses successful a unified inbox makes it casual to show your communications. Otherwise, you’d person to perpetually power betwixt aggregate browser tabs oregon apps, which tin beryllium hectic.

Email is usually associated with ceremonial communication, which tin get boring. To spice things up, Spike lets you nonstop emails successful a chat-like interface and speech similar you'll bash successful a messaging app. It's easier to explicit yourself this mode with shorter substance and emojis to adhd context. Instead of agelong email threads, you get a earthy workflow that's casual to parse.

This conversational email diagnostic is called People Mode. You tin power betwixt it and the regular Inbox Mode that looks similar a emblematic email. Ideally, you tin usage People Mode erstwhile talking to clients, customers, oregon colleagues. It's besides a large mode to enactment successful interaction with household and friends. 

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Spike lets you make notes from your email inbox and stock them with different contacts. Contacts tin edit the notes and anyone with entree volition spot real-time updates. It’s a collaborative note-taking (opens successful caller tab) instrumentality that lets you interact with different radical close from your inbox. 

If your colleagues usage Spike, it'll beryllium easier to make notes and edit them connected the aforesaid level alternatively of switching betwixt docs, messenger, email, and a task board. You tin adhd text, images, and videos to Spike Notes. You tin besides see to-dos and acceptable reminders for task management. 

You tin make chat groups with your squad oregon clients and sermon without leaving your inbox. Groups prevention everyone endless email threads that are hard to sift through. Group members tin transportation their ideas and get feedback simultaneously connected the chat pane, encouraging productivity.

With the radical chat feature, each file, comment, and thought from squad members is saved successful 1 spot for casual reference. 

Spike lets you sync your calendars (opens successful caller tab) from aggregate apps (Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar) and negociate your docket successful a azygous space. Thanks to this feature, you tin negociate each your enactment meetings and idiosyncratic events from the aforesaid app you usage to nonstop and person emails.

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Spike: Interface and use

When researching for this review, we observed a signifier of lawsuit complaints concerning Spike’s idiosyncratic interface. Navigating the app tin beryllium challenging, particularly for first-time users. It’s casual to get overwhelmed with the app’s galore features. 

To debar confusion, commencement with the basal features similar sending oregon receiving emails earlier moving connected to the precocious ones. With time, you should learn. Yet, we inactive deliberation Spike’s idiosyncratic interface could usage a batch of improvements.

Spike: Support

If you tally into problems with Spike, you tin entree the Help Center connected the authoritative website for idiosyncratic guides, tips, and troubleshooting articles. If these resources aren’t satisfactory, you tin interaction Spike’s squad via email. There’s nary unrecorded chat oregon telephone support, which we see a drawback. 

Spike: The competition

The 2 astir fashionable alternatives to Spike are Superhuman (opens successful caller tab) and Front. These 2 email platforms connection an elegant interface that makes conversations much enjoyable. They besides supply a big of complementary features similar Spike. However, they are much costly tools.  

Spike: Final verdict

If you privation to marque email conversations much fun, Spike is the cleanable tool. It’s compatible with the astir fashionable desktop and mobile operating systems and is accessible via a web browser (opens successful caller tab). This wide compatibility is simply a uncommon occurrence successful a third-party email app.  

Spike is an fantabulous email platform, but we deliberation its idiosyncratic interface and lawsuit enactment strategy request a batch of improvement. 

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