Spotify becomes latest to experiment with a TikTok-style video feed

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Spotify is investigating a caller TikTok-style video provender successful its beta iOS app that shows fullscreen video clips arsenic songs are played, TechCrunch reports. The diagnostic was archetypal spotted by Chris Messina, who posted a video of the provender successful action. When available, the video provender is accessible from a caller 4th tab successful the navigation barroom labelled “Discover.” Individual tracks tin past beryllium liked arsenic you scroll done the feed, and there’s besides a 3 dot paper icon to bring up options for each song.

Spotify confirmed the trial successful a connection provided to TechCrunch, but declined to remark connected if oregon erstwhile it mightiness spot a wider rollout. “At Spotify, we routinely behaviour a fig of tests successful an effort to amended our idiosyncratic experience,” a spokesperson said. “Some of those tests extremity up paving the mode for our broader idiosyncratic acquisition and others service lone arsenic an important learning. We don’t person immoderate further quality to stock astatine this time.”

The trial comes arsenic Netflix has started investigating a akin interface successful its iOS app to assistance users observe caller contented to watch. It’s caller “Kids Clips” feature shows contented from its child-friendly shows, and follows the motorboat of a akin “Fast Laughs” provender earlier this year. As TikTok’s engagement hours soar, adjacent non-social media platforms are becoming funny successful utilizing its format to assistance users prosecute with their ain services.

The Discover provender appears to physique upon Spotify’s existing Canvas feature, wherever artists tin person videos play alongside their euphony connected the service. The videos shown arsenic portion of the Discover provender look to beryllium the aforesaid arsenic those utilized for Canvas, TechCrunch notes.

In an absorbing motion of however formats are changing, the find of Spotify’s caller trial comes astir a twelvemonth to the time aft the work was experimenting with utilizing a Snapchat-style stories feature alongside respective of its playlists. Who knows what volition beryllium successful manner by this clip adjacent year?

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