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It doesn't substance if you're rocking retired to the latest popular hits oregon vibing to the oldies: Your euphony tin dependable a full batch better. With a fewer changes successful Spotify, you marque your audio settings and prime champion conscionable your needs. This includes bumping up the basal measurement erstwhile you're moving retired astatine the gym.

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Spotify is ranked among the best streaming apps. It lets you perceive to euphony wherever you are, recommends caller songs based connected your activity, and provides fun, personalized streaming information astatine the extremity of each year. And If you're 1 of Spotify's paid subscribers, you can make and stock playlists with your friends connected societal media, oregon with the full satellite done the app. (Check retired our tips for making the champion workout playlists.) 

If you've precocious decided to make a Spotify account, oregon if you've been gifted a subscription, present are immoderate ways to marque definite your euphony sounds large connected your iPhone and Mac.

How to set basal measurement successful Spotify

Volume is beauteous casual to fig out, but did you cognize Spotify lets you set the basal measurement of the app depending connected your environment?

Here's however to set the basal measurement connected your iPhone:

1. Open the Spotify app.
2. Tap the cogwheel icon successful the apical close country of your screen.
3. Tap the Playback enactment adjacent the apical of the menu.
4. Scroll down until you spot Volume level.
Beneath Volume level there are 3 options: Loud, Normal and Quiet

If you're successful the room moving connected an essay, Quiet mightiness beryllium best, and if you're getting a bully sweat successful astatine the gym, you mightiness privation Loud. Tap whichever measurement level you deliberation is best, but Spotify warns that the audio prime mightiness diminish if you prime Loud.

If you're utilizing the Spotify app connected a Mac, the process has a fewer other steps. Here's however to set the basal measurement connected your Mac:

1. Open Spotify.
2. Click Spotify successful the paper barroom crossed the apical of your screen.
3. Select Preferences.
4. Scroll down until you spot Audio Quality.
5. Under Audio Quality, you should spot Volume level
6. Click the drop-down barroom to the close of Volume level.
7. From here, you spot the aforesaid Loud, Normal and Quiet options. Pick whichever 1 works for you.


Use the equalizer to customize your dependable for your favourite genres.

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How to set your Spotify Equalizer

If you similar being much hands-on with however your bass and treble travel crossed successful each song, you tin set the in-app equalizer, oregon take 1 of a fistful of premade genre-based options. 

Here's however to set the equalizer connected your iPhone:

1. Open Spotify.
2. Tap the cogwheel successful the apical close country to entree the Settings menu.
3. Tap the Playback option. 
4. Scroll down the paper and pat Equalizer.

This opens the equalizer leafage wherever you tin find the manual equalizer slider and the genre-based equalizers. 

Across the apical of the surface is the manual equalizer slider. It looks similar a enactment graph with six dots adjacent the apical of your iPhone screen. When you archetypal get present the equalizer should beryllium flat. 

Each dot connected the graph tin beryllium adjusted for much oregon little sound. The acold near barroom represents your bass, the acold close barroom controls your treble and the mediate bars power -- you guessed it -- your midrange. You tin tweak the bars arsenic you spot fit.

Below the manual equalizer are the genre-based equalizers. You tin prime which genre you're listening to and the app automatically adjusts the sliders to optimize for that benignant of music. After picking one, you tin further set the sliders for the cleanable listening experience.

If you privation to reset the equalizer, there's a genre-based equalizer called Flat. This volition reset the equalizer to its default.

Unfortunately, the Mac mentation of Spotify doesn't person an in-application equalizer. But you tin search for an equalizer application to assistance you successful your travel to find the champion sound.

How to set streaming prime successful Spotify

You tin besides set the audio prime of your music. This is useful if you're utilizing mobile information and don't privation to bump up your telephone bill. Reducing the audio prime volition usage little data. 

Here's however to alteration the audio prime connected your iPhone:

1. Open the Spotify app.
2. Tap the cogwheel to unfastened Settings.
3. Scroll down and pat Audio Quality.
4. Under WiFi streaming and Cellular streaming, you tin prime Low, Normal, High oregon Automatic. The Automatic enactment adjusts the audio prime to immoderate your awesome spot is. There is besides a 5th enactment for paid subscribers called Very high.

How to alteration the audio prime connected your Mac:

1. Open Spotify.
2. Click Spotify successful the toolbar crossed the apical of your screen.
3. Select Preferences.
4. Scroll down to Audio Quality.
5. Beneath Audio Quality you should spot Streaming quality. Click the drop-down paper to the right.
6. Choose betwixt Low, Normal, High oregon Automatic options, and the Very high enactment for paid subscribers.

For much accusation connected Spotify, spot which Spotify program is champion for you and how Spotify stacks up against Apple Music.

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