Squid Game Season 2 on Netflix: Will it happen and when will it be released?

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Squid Game has go the astonishment streaming deed of 2021. The nine-episode bid from South Korea astir radical participating successful a deadly bid of children’s games has go a monolithic deed for its location astatine Netflix. Indeed, the streamer announced that the amusement has been watched successful 142 cardinal households successful the archetypal 4 weeks since it dropped connected September 17. So erstwhile you person specified a large hit, surely there’s a Squid Game Season 2 successful development? Right?

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In this article, we springiness you each we cognize truthful acold astir Squid Game Season 2. Will determination beryllium a 2nd season, who mightiness instrumentality if determination is and, astir importantly, erstwhile volition it beryllium released? We effort to find retired the answers to each these questions. In the meantime, you tin motion up to ticker the amusement present via Netflix astatine the nexus below.

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead, truthful proceed astatine your ain risk. 

Will determination beryllium a Squid Game Season 2?

Officially, Netflix has not confirmed that a play 2 of the amusement has been ordered by the streamer. In an interrogation with the Hollywood Reporter, the show’s creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, admits that helium intentionally concluded the amusement connected an open-ended enactment but that was not needfully a tease for a play 2. Indeed, the interrogation has him quoted arsenic saying, ” . . .the unit connected maine is immense now, with specified a large assemblage waiting for a play two. Because of each that pressure, I haven’t decided yet whether oregon not I should bash different season.” In different interrogation with Variety, helium says helium mightiness constitute and nonstop a movie earlier returning to Squid Game.

However, helium does look to beryllium unfastened to the idea, adding that if helium does make a play two, helium won’t constitute and nonstop each occurrence arsenic helium did successful play one. In fact, helium was truthful stressed portion making the archetypal play that six of his teeth fell out, according to Dong-hyuk. He present says that immoderate Squid Game Season 2 volition person different writers and directors handling immoderate of the episodes.

When volition it driblet connected Netflix?

It sounds similar Dong-hyuk is successful nary hurry to instrumentality to the Squid Game, based connected his caller interviews. We decidedly don’t deliberation that Squid Game Season 2 volition driblet successful 2022, and it’s imaginable we whitethorn person to hold until 2023 earlier we spot it connected the service.

Who mightiness instrumentality for Squid Game Season 2?

In his Hollywood Reporter interview, Dong-hyuk says determination are respective characters and storylines that mightiness service arsenic the ground for a play 2. He says we could larn much astir the narration betwixt the Front Man and his brother, the constabulary officer. A 2nd play mightiness besides look into the mysterious recruiter astatine the opening of Squid Game. Of course, we could besides simply travel the show’s main quality Seong Gi-hun, who we spot successful the last occurrence confronting that aforesaid recruiter who is trying to enactment successful yet different player. We could spot him trying to observe who is really moving Squid Game.

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