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Cast your caput back, if you will, to the joyous epoch of Star Wars fandom pursuing the merchandise of sequel trilogy opener The Force Awakens in 2015. It felt similar everyone was dying to cognize astir mysterious caller leader Rey's parentage and what adventures Luke Skywalker had been connected successful the decades since the original trilogy.

 Shadow of the Sith

The show of Luke Skywalker wielding his greenish lightsaber connected the screen of Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith is ludicrously exciting, and Adam Christopher's caller lives up to its potential. 

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Star Wars abruptly mattered again; the excitement was glorious and the storytelling possibilities seemed endless. The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker (the 2nd and 3rd movies successful the sequel trilogy) answered some of the mysteries with varying degrees of success, but didn't dive rather arsenic profoundly arsenic galore fans would've liked.

Adam Christopher's caller Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith, which comes retired successful print, integer and audiobook signifier connected Tuesday, is the heavy dive I've wanted since 2015. Taking spot 17 years aft Return of the Jedi (and 13 years anterior to The Force Awakens), we're introduced to Rey's parents arsenic they fly crossed the postulation with their young daughter. The mates were seen concisely successful a flashback successful The Rise of Skywalker, but this is their archetypal large appearance. Their names are revealed astir immediately, but we won't spoil their names successful this reappraisal since Christopher builds up to them beautifully. 

Unable to spot anyone with the agents of the resurrected Emperor Palpatine blistery connected their trail, the trio's concern feels desperate. Given the glimpses we got of Rey's parents successful The Rise of Skywalker, this crippled thread has a sense of acheronian inevitability. That doesn't halt Christopher from infusing these characters with affectional depth; you'll find yourself wholly invested successful their quest for harmless haven contempt knowing however it ends. 

 The Rise of Skywalker

The caller offers answers astir Rey's parents, aft our little clip with them successful Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


The household has a glimmer of anticipation successful Luke Skywalker, whose efforts to bid the adjacent procreation of Jedi Knights are hampered by his visions of a sinister beingness astatine the borderline of the galaxy. This caller presents the archetypal trilogy leader in his glorious prime -- precisely however galore fans wanted him to look successful the sequels -- but Christopher deftly drops hints of the affectional authorities he's reached by the clip of The Last Jedi.

He's joined by chap classical leader Lando Calrissian, who's successful atrocious signifier owed to his stalled hunt for his kidnapped daughter. This susceptible authorities allows Christopher to research the creaseless gambler's interior beingness to an unprecedented degree; it draws from the cocky young antheral seen successful prequel spinoff Solo, the self-assured hustler of the archetypal trilogy and the haunted older warrior we met successful The Rise of Skywalker.


Lando, seen successful The Rise of Skywalker, goes connected an epic affectional journey.


Luke and Lando's ngo to prevention Rey's household is analyzable by nasty assassin Ochi of Bestoon (another quality who made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it quality successful The Rise of Skywalker), who's been tasked by members of a Sith cult with hunting down the parents and child. He's a loathsome but compelling beingness and grows progressively unhinged arsenic the communicative progresses.

Ochi's communicative present cleverly picks up crippled threads from writer Greg Pak's recent Darth Vader comics, but Christopher includes capable item that those shouldn't beryllium considered required speechmaking earlier diving into this book.

Rounding retired the villainous broadside is simply a mysterious warrior empowered by the acheronian broadside of the Force. This broadside of the communicative leans into creepy arcane Sith lore and proves to beryllium the novel's astir fascinating element. It gets amazingly acheronian and weird, and hopefully hints astatine avenues that Star Wars volition research successful future.

 The Rise of Skywalker

Ochi of Bestoon has a tiny relation successful The Rise of Skywalker, but we larn each astir him successful Shadow of the Sith.


Once our heroes and villains transverse paths, Christopher's cinematic penning shines successful immoderate epic enactment sequences that volition delight those wanting to spot the grade of Luke's power. The writer sets him up with a worthy adversary, and it's amusive to spot the menace escalate to a level reminiscent of the old Legends continuity stories.

However, astatine 496 pages, Shadow of the Sith loses steam a fewer times. An extended series connected a mining abstraction presumption comes to an epic conclusion, but there's a small excessively overmuch jumping betwixt characters and wandering astir earlier getting to it. 

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One extended cameo from a baddy seen successful The Rise of Skywalker besides feels extraneous to the main communicative thrust adjacent if they're amusive to walk clip with. Thankfully, the different cameos are amended judged, fitting nicely into the communicative and staying precisely arsenic agelong arsenic they're needed. 

Despite these insignificant issues, Adam Christopher's Shadow of the Sith is the champion benignant of Star Wars caller and acts arsenic an indispensable nexus betwixt Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. It explores ambiguous aspects of the movies cleverly, tying up escaped ends and adding affectional resonance portion opening up a clump of breathtaking caller storytelling possibilities. After much than fractional a decade, the enigma of Rey's parents is solved successful style.

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