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Stearns & Foster

Score Breakdown

Performance 8.3Support 10Return Policy 4Pressure Relief 6Features 9

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$2,249 astatine Stearns & Foster


  • Premium hybrid mattresses
  • Multiple firmness options
  • Available with oregon without a fluffy pillow apical
  • Suitable for each assemblage types and sleeping positions

Don't like

  • Too costly for fund shoppers

Product details

  • Type Hybrid mattress
  • Firmness Plush
  • Trial 90 nights
  • Warranty 10-year warranty

Stearns & Foster is simply a luxury mattress marque and seasoned successful the mattress industry, up determination with the likes of Tempur-Pedic and Beautyrest. The marque has had 125 years of acquisition creating luxury textiles, and became adjacent much of a powerhouse erstwhile it merged with the well-known bedding marque Sealy successful the aboriginal '90s. The marque offers 4 antithetic collections, each much premium than the last. 

These Stearns & Foster mattress reviews volition springiness a wide overview of its merchandise catalog, which kinds of sleepers I deliberation each furniture would beryllium champion for, and whether these beds are truly worthy the money. I've personally tested implicit 150 beds, and tin archer the quality betwixt a bully worth and an overhyped mattress. 

Stearns and Foster mattresses tin beryllium purchased online done the marque directly, oregon you tin usage its store locator, which volition assistance you successful uncovering section retailers that connection the Stearns & Foster mattress you're looking for. 

Stearns & Foster

What types of mattresses does Stearns & Foster offer?

Here's an overview of Stearns & Foster's 4 mattress collections to get america started.

an overview of the Stearns and Foster Estate Hurston mattress successful  a king size
Stearns & Foster


This is the entry-level postulation from Stears and Foster, featuring the Hurston and Rockwell. While they're the astir affordable of the bunch, they inactive connection the luxury prime you expect from this brand. They're hybrid mattresses that connection superior enactment for immoderate assemblage type, and each comes successful 5 antithetic firmness options, which volition entreaty to a wide scope of sleeping positions. 

A look   astatine  the Lux Estate Cassatt mattress successful  Luxury Plush from Stearns & Foster
Stearns & Foster

Lux Estate

A measurement up from the Estate collection, the Lux Estate Cassatt features representation foam designed by the experts astatine TempurPedic and 3 pillow tops to adhd fluffy comfortableness to your mattress. Its hybrid operation is appealing to each assemblage types, from petite to plus-size, and determination are a whopping six antithetic firmness options including the 3 pillow-top models. 

The Lux Estate Hybrid Mattress Pollock from Stearns & Foster successful  a queen
Stearns & Foster

Lux Estate Hybrid

This postulation features a mattress called the Pollock. The large differences betwixt the lower-level Lux Estate Cassatt and the Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock is that the Pollock offers a softer firmness option, portion the Cassatt comes with 3 pillow apical options which alteration up the consciousness of the mattress. The Hybrid Pollock besides has an IntelliCoil HD, meaning it has 20% much coils and a microcoil furniture for other reinforcements. That's beneficial for sleepers (especially those implicit 250 pounds) looking for further support. 

The premium Reserve Hepburn mattress from Stearns & Foster
Stearns & Foster


The astir premium mattress successful the Stearns & Foster catalog is the Reserve Hepburn. I'm going to beryllium honorable and accidental I couldn't archer a immense quality betwixt it and the Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock. It has a pillow apical enactment and an IntelliCoil Micro HD layer, arsenic opposed to the modular IntelliCoil Micro furniture recovered successful the Hybrid Pollock. It sits successful the apical of the mattress successful betwixt 2 pieces of foam and has an aerial vent for much breathability. 

Stearns and Foster mattress consciousness and firmness 

How steadfast are Stearn and Foster mattresses?

If there's 1 happening Stearns & Foster gives you, it's prime -- and tons of it. Maybe adjacent an overwhelming amount. The bully happening is, you tin find thing to acceptable immoderate sleeping position. Here are the firmness options offered successful the brand's catalog:

  • Ultra Plush: Offered with the Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock and Reserve Hepburn mattresses, the ultra-plush models are astir a mean to medium-soft oregon a 4 retired of 10 connected the firmness scale. 
  • Plush: Every Stearns & Foster mattress is offered successful this firmness level, and I'd complaint it astir a 5 retired of 10 connected the firmness standard oregon a medium. 
  • Cushion Firm: Sitting successful the mediate of mean to mean steadfast oregon a 6 connected the firmness scale, you tin get this firmness with the Estate Hurston oregon Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock. 
  • Firm: I'd complaint this astir a medium-firm oregon a 7 connected the firmness scale. All beds but the Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock connection this firmness profile. 
  • Ultra Firm: This is the firmest illustration you tin get, and it lands astir a 9 to 10 connected the scale. If you privation your furniture astir arsenic steadfast arsenic the ground, opt for the Estate Rockwell oregon Lux Estate Cassatt. 

What bash Stearns and Foster mattresses consciousness like? 

The nonstop consciousness of a Stearns & Foster mattress volition disagree from exemplary to model. Here's an overview of the antithetic types of mattresses offered by the marque and however they volition consciousness erstwhile you snuggle up to them. 

  • Pillow apical models: If you get your Stearns & Foster mattress with a pillow top, it'll consciousness similar a durable innerspring mattress with thick, plush and supportive pillows connected top. You get unit relief, enactment and comfortableness each wrapped up successful one. 
  • Gel foam: The entry-level Estate Hurston is made with a gel-foam successful the comfortableness layer, and the gel helps to modulate temperature. It's a neutral consciousness that's much responsive than emblematic representation foam and it's reasonably bouncy. 
  • Indulge representation foam: The Estate Rockwell contains the brand's modular Indulge representation foam from the worldly experts astatine TempurPedic, but it adds an ample magnitude of unit alleviation to the mattress without making it consciousness similar representation foam. It's overmuch much neutral and responds much rapidly to pressure. 
  • Indulge representation foam HD: The beds that incorporated the brand's HD representation foam including Lux Estate, Lux Estate Hybrid and Reserve, volition springiness you a flimsy representation foam consciousness acknowledgment to however dense it is. However, the different foams and a pillow apical particularly enactment to neutralize it truthful you don't get that "stuck" feeling. 

Stearns & Foster mattress construction 

Here's a elemental breakdown of the materials you tin find wrong each mattress offered by the brand, positive the heights you tin take from. (We've sorted the mattresses into their respective 4 collections for casual reading.) For each mattress type, enactment that the tallness is babelike connected the firmness level you choose.


The materials wrong the Estate Hurston include:

  • Premium gel foam
  • Premium gel representation foam
  • IntelliCoil enactment layer
  • PrecisionEdge and AirVent

The tallness ranges from 14 inches to 14.5 inches.

The materials wrong the Estate Rockwell mattress: 

  • Premium gel foam
  • Indulge representation foam
  • IntelliCoil enactment layer
  • PrecisionEdge and AirVent

The tallness ranges from 13.5 inches to 15 inches.

Lux Estate 

The materials wrong the Lux Estate Cassatt include:

  • Premium gel foam
  • Indulge representation foam
  • IntelliCoil HD
  • PrecisionEdge and AirVent

The tallness ranges from 13.5 inches to 16 inches.

Lux Estate Hybrid

The materials wrong the Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock include:

  • Premium gel representation foam
  • Indulge HD representation foam
  • Indulge representation foam
  • IntelliCoil Micro and AirVent
  • IntelliCoil HD
  • PrecisionEdge and AirVent

The tallness ranges from 15 inches to 16 inches.


The materials wrong the Reserve Hepburn mattress include:

  • Indulge representation foam
  • IntelliCoil Micro HD and AirVent
  • Indulge HD representation foam
  • Premium gel foam
  • IntelliCoil HD
  • PrecisionEdge and AirVent

The tallness ranges from 15 inches to 16 inches. 

Edge support

These mattresses are each hybrids and designed with PrecisionEdge, meaning other reinforcements on the sides of the mattresses to guarantee they enactment strong, supportive and sturdy. If you're looking for a furniture with large borderline enactment due to the fact that you slumber with a spouse oregon ample furry friend, you can't spell incorrect with immoderate of these mattresses. 

Motion isolation

Unless you bargain an innerspring mattress oregon a hybrid mattress with a bladed comfortableness layer, astir beds these days are decent astatine isolating motion. Hybrid mattresses typically aren't arsenic bully arsenic foam beds, but the beds successful this catalog execute amended than astir hybrids (with the objection of the Reserve and Lux Hybrid owed to their dual-coil layers). The ones that stood retired the astir were the pillow apical beds due to the fact that of however large they were astatine deadening question crossed the bed. 


None of the mattresses successful the Stearns & Foster catalog tin beryllium considered cooling beds, but they don't slumber blistery either. With the operation of gel foam, coils and aerial vents, you'll get a somesthesia neutral sleeping experience. In this case, your assemblage somesthesia volition beryllium connected the pajamas you wear, the somesthesia of the portion you unrecorded successful and however precocious you blast your AC oregon heat. 

Who are these beds champion for?

Thanks to the magnitude of options disposable with the Stearns & Foster mattresses and the enactment they offer, they entreaty to each sleeping positions and immoderate assemblage type. 


To find the champion Stearns & Foster mattress exemplary for you, you should archetypal deliberation astir the superior presumption you slumber in. 

I deliberation broadside sleepers volition similar the Ultra plush and plush models the astir due to the fact that they connection the astir unit alleviation for your hips and shoulders, particularly the ultra-plush model. Combination sleepers volition astir apt similar the plush exemplary best, also, due to the fact that it has a middle-of-the-road firmness level that accommodates immoderate position. 

Back and tummy sleepers person respective firmness options to prime from: 

  • Plush offers a coagulated equilibrium betwixt supportive and pressure-relieving.
  • Cushion steadfast is simply a saccharine spot betwixt mean and medium-firm for sleepers who privation much enactment than unit relief. 
  • Firm is simply a medium-firm which suits radical who endure from backmost pain. It keeps your backmost successful due alignment with your cervix and prevents your little backmost from sinking, and there's inactive immoderate unit alleviation being offered.
  • Ultra steadfast is for heavier backmost and tummy sleepers oregon those who privation maximum enactment from their mattress. 

Body type

Hybrid mattresses are perfect for immoderate assemblage type, and radical nether 250 pounds would beryllium comfy connected astir immoderate of the Stearns & Foster mattresses. 

The Reserve and Luxe Estate models mightiness beryllium a small excessively overkill, however, for radical nether 150 pounds due to the fact that of the 2 coil layers. Petite assemblage types don't request each that other support, and it whitethorn not beryllium the astir comfortable. 

Heavier individuals volition besides beryllium comfy connected immoderate of the mattresses due to the fact that they each person hybrid constructions and are amply supportive. With that being said, the Luxe Estate exemplary offers 2 layers of coils that supply adjacent much durability and enactment if that's what you're looking for. The Reserve exemplary does also, but I honestly don't deliberation it's antithetic capable from the Luxe Estate to beryllium worthy the other $1,000.

Stearns and Foster mattress terms comparison 

These beds are premium, luxury mattresses and their prices bespeak that. If you're connected a budget, determination are plentifulness of different large mattress options that tally for nether $1,000. The astir affordable exemplary is the Estate Hurston and it's inactive much costly than your mean mattress (especially online), portion the Reserve mattress is 1 of the priciest beds I've travel across. 

Stearns and Foster mattresses are immoderate of the astir costly connected the market. The institution does tally large promotions connected holidays similar Independence Day, Memorial Day and Black Friday. In the meantime, galore different mattress brands are offering large deals leading up to the upcoming Presidents Day holiday. 

Here are each the bed's prices according to US Mattress. 

Stearns & Foster terms examination

MattressTwin XLFullQueenKingCal kingSplit kingEstate Hurston Estate Rockwell Estate Lux Estate Lux Hybrid Reserve

You tin expect discounts, chiefly connected the much deluxe models, but you'll inactive beryllium looking astatine luxury mattress prices adjacent with promos applied.

Trial, shipping, warranty

Like galore mattress brands, you get a fewer institution argumentation perks if you bargain a Stearns and Foster mattress from the marque and different online retailers. Here are the policies offered by Stearns and Foster:

  • Free white-glove transportation (the transportation work volition acceptable up your mattress in-home for you)
  • 90-night risk-free trial
  • 10-year warranty connected shaper defects

The last verdict 

Not lone are you paying for the high-end Stearns & Foster name, but you're besides paying for high-quality designs and materials. The institution takes its clip connected crafting premium beds and it's had astir 3 decades of acquisition getting it right. These mattresses won't beryllium for everyone, but if you privation to put successful your slumber with a top-of-the-line bed, you should find these mattresses ultra.

How does Stearns and Foster comparison to different mattresses? 

Stearns and Foster vs. Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is simply a household sanction erstwhile it comes to mattresses because, similar Stearns and Foster, it's an manufacture seasoned with decades of acquisition making luxury mattresses. The superior quality betwixt Tempur-Pedic and Stearns and Foster is feel. With Tempur-Pedic, you get a dense and slow-responding representation foam consciousness that dilatory morphs astir your curves nether the value of your body. 

Stearns and Foster mattresses, connected the different hand, volition consciousness much neutral and bouncy, particularly its pillow-top models which consciousness airy and airier. 

Keep successful mind, though: you're inactive looking astatine premium prices with Tempur-Pedic. 

Stearns and Foster vs. Saatva 

Saatva is an online mattress marque that came up on with the likes of Casper, Purple and different direct-to-consumer brands that absorption their efforts successful online retailing. The Saatva Classic mattress is akin to the pillow-top Stearns and Foster mattresses similar the Lux Estate and Lux Estate Hybrid. 

The Saatva Classic has dual-coil layers and a fluffy pillow apical made with integrated fabric to adhd a much plush feel, though it features a plan for added lumbar support. The biggest quality is that Saatva Classic is much affordable than astir of Stearns and Foster's mattresses, excluding the Estate Hurston. 

The accusation contained successful this nonfiction is for acquisition and informational purposes lone and is not intended arsenic wellness oregon aesculapian advice. Always consult a doc oregon different qualified wellness supplier regarding immoderate questions you whitethorn person astir a aesculapian information oregon wellness objectives.

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