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You accrue Stellantis Miles points by driving, biking oregon walking, and those points get you stuff.


By now, we're each reasonably acquainted with the conception of hose miles. You accrue miles arsenic you travel, which tin beryllium utilized aboriginal for much question oregon buying weird worldly retired of in-flight magazines. What if that aforesaid conception were applied to your car?

That's conscionable what Stellantis is doing with its caller Stellantis Miles program, which it announced connected Thursday. The program, administered by the institution Miles, is disposable to owners of Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Ram vehicles and you entree it utilizing a escaped app disposable successful some the iOS App Store and the Google Store.

You tin walk points connected worldly oregon adjacent donate them to charity.


"Our imaginativeness astatine Miles is to reward mobility arsenic cosmopolitan behavior, creating a caller system and marketplace wherever each mile traveled accrues to value," Miles CEO Jigar Shah said successful a statement. "We are excited to spouse with Stellantis to motorboat the first-ever rewards programme successful the car manufacture that genuinely rewards customers for each their question -- combining the breadth of our marketplace, exclusive rewards for Stellantis customers and nonstop integration with their existing marque programs." 

Participants tin accrue points by doing a clump of antithetic things. For example, if you thrust your vehicle, you get 2 points for each mile of travel. If you thrust a motorcycle oregon walk, you get 5 oregon 10 points per mile, respectively, which is chill due to the fact that it encourages carnal activity. It's not wide however the app volition log walking oregon biking miles, though.

Now you're astir apt wondering what these points are really bully for, and Stellantis says that it's partnered with implicit 250 retailers to connection rewards similar discounts oregon acquisition cards. You tin besides donate your points to assistance rise wealth for charities similar One Tree Planted oregon the National Breast Cancer Foundation, though the conversion rates from points to dollars donated aren't yet specified.

The existent question is whether dealers volition beryllium consenting to assistance buyers of caller Stellantis vehicles acceptable the programme up with their vehicles. Surveys person shown that adjacent with tech built into a vehicle, if a trader doesn't amusement a caller proprietor however it works, it won't get used. The adjacent hurdle would apt beryllium educating existing owners astir Stellantis Miles and convincing them that it's worthy using.

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