Still mourning Silent Hill: P.T.? Trademark teases more Konami horror is on the way

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It's been a while since we've seen a brand new Silent Hill recreation. While we obtained a style of Konami horror back in 2014, with Silent Hill: P.T., there hasn't been a core Silent Hill recreation launched since 2012 – however it seems like that could possibly be about to vary.

Again in July, Konami Leisure filed a trademark with the Canadian authorities for Silent Hill, stating the trademark can be for "videogames; pc games providers" (by way of Game Rant).

The complete service description states the trademark can be used for:

"Offering on-line videogames; offering online pc video games; providing info within the subject of videogames; providing info in the subject of pc video games; arranging, organizing and conducting videogame competitions; arranging, organizing and conducting pc recreation competitions."

Return of the fog

This trademark filing suggests that we could possibly be be seeing extra Silent Hill video games sooner or later, which isn't necessarily shocking contemplating the newest resurgence of reboots and remasters.

Konami might choose to follow in Capcom's steps by remaking one of the more fashionable Silent Hill video games, reminiscent of Silent Hill 2, and even remastering a few of its titles. Nevertheless, there's additionally the likelihood the company will select to provide the franchise a modern reboot.

The mention of competitions suggests the latter is a risk as, so far, Silent Hill hasn't had any aggressive or multiplayer points that would warrant competitions.

Nevertheless, it's value noting that Konami might simply be submitting the trademark to keep Silent Hill within the family, as the corporate hasn't revealed that it's engaged on something Silent Hill-related.