Stop Using Your Tablet Like an eReader

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The popularity of Kindles and different eReaders took a nosedive erstwhile tablets went mainstream. And that’s a shame. While I don’t blasted anyone for speechmaking a publication connected their iPad, you bookworms would person a overmuch amended acquisition connected an eReader. I’m talking astir reduced eyestrain, less distractions, and a months-long artillery life.

An eReader Is Easier connected the Eyes

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Focusing connected immoderate adjacent entity for an extended play is atrocious for your eyes. It doesn’t substance if that entity is simply a book, a tablet, a smartphone, oregon an eReader—they tin each lend to eyestrain and headaches with excessive use. We spoke with optometrists, and hey, they confirmed this fact.

So, eyestrain is simply a earthy effect of speechmaking for extended periods. The lone mode to debar this eyestrain, speech from taking regular breaks, is to work connected a mean that doesn’t fuss your eyes excessively much.

It conscionable happens that eReaders use E Ink displays, which mimic the look of paper. These screens don’t request a agleam backlight, they person a non-reflective matte finish, and they’re casual to work successful nonstop sunlight. In different words, E Ink is practically the other of the LCD exertion that’s utilized successful astir tablets.

Now, immoderate radical judge that LCD screens lend to eyestrain due to the fact that they person a agleam backlight. That’s lone partially true. Using a truly agleam surface successful a acheronian country volition evidently springiness you a headache, but readability seems to beryllium the cardinal origin here. Optometrists hold that utilizing an LCD successful nonstop sunlight (where it’s hard to see) forces you to squint and strain. Screen glare tin besides trim readability, and opposition that’s excessively aggravated (or excessively dull) tin marque substance hard to read.

An E Ink show eliminates immoderate of these problems. Not lone bash eReaders enactment perfectly successful nonstop sunlight, but they person glare-free matte screens, and they’re tuned to a precise comfy opposition ratio. Simply put, eReaders should springiness you little eyestrain than a regular tablet.

If you’re acrophobic astir eyestrain, I suggest utilizing a ample eReader, cranking up the font size, and keeping it a comfy region from your face. Doctors besides urge pursuing a 20/20/20 Rule for extended sessions with a machine oregon tablet—every 20 minutes, look astatine thing that’s astir 20 feet distant for 20 seconds oregon more.

Tablets Are Distracting and Have a Short Battery Life

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Reading eBooks connected a tablet requires a precise focused mind. A azygous bout of absentmindedness tin nonstop you wholly disconnected course—one infinitesimal you’re reading, and earlier you cognize it, you’re watching YouTube, playing a game, oregon blindly scrolling done Twitter.

An eReader doesn’t connection these distractions. There are nary games, societal media apps, oregon streaming services. When you usage a Kindle, you’re constricted to reading, buying, oregon listening to books and magazines.

Other brands of eReader, similar the BOOX oregon Rakuten Kobo, are a spot much fully-featured. Both person web browsers, and since BOOX runs connected Android, it can technically download immoderate aged app. But the limitations of E Ink mean that distracting apps and games are inactive disconnected the table.

There’s different large happening that eReaders person implicit tablets—a agelong artillery life. In my opinion, this is the biggest payment of E Ink displays. They don’t necessitate a backlight and lone refresh to amusement caller content. A Kindle should past implicit a period connected a charge, portion your tablet whitethorn past conscionable a fewer days.

eReaders Offer Plenty of Extra Features

Highlighting and taking notes connected  a Kindle.Amazon

An eReader lets you get into books without immoderate distractions. But to beryllium clear, eReaders aren’t overly simple. They connection immoderate precise almighty features to assistance you maximize your speechmaking clip (or adjacent execute your job).

The Kindle is simply a beauteous clear-cut illustration of an eReader’s capabilities. You tin pat immoderate connection successful an eBook for a definition, item sections of a book, instrumentality notes (and export them to your email), oregon adjacent acceptable bookmarks.

Kindles besides treble arsenic audiobooks, and notably, Kindle really lets you read and perceive to a publication astatine the aforesaid time. You tin adjacent work a fewer chapters of a book, power to audio mode successful the car, and past spell backmost to speechmaking the publication erstwhile you person clip to settee down astatine home.

Writing notes with a stylus connected  a BOOX ereader.BOOX

Other eReaders, including the BOOX Nova Air, Kobo Elipsa, and Remarkable 2, treble arsenic “writing tablets.” They travel with a stylus for enactment taking, drawing, oregon drafting retired enactment ideas. You tin instrumentality things a measurement further connected these eReaders by connecting a wireless keyboard implicit Bluetooth.

And of course, Android-based eReaders similar the BOOX Air can technically download immoderate app you want. I wouldn’t needfully telephone this a useful feature, but it opens the doorway to deep customization and experimentation.

The Drawbacks of Using an eReader

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Most radical hold that eReaders are amended equipped for ebooks than regular tablets. Still, immoderate radical whitethorn privation to instrumentality with their tablet, and that’s understandable. For each their perks, eReaders person immoderate downsides.

Obviously, eReaders outgo money, and immoderate of the larger models outgo a fewer 100 bucks. Spending that wealth connected thing that’s only bully for speechmaking is simply a luxury, particularly erstwhile iPads and laptops outgo conscionable a small spot extra.

And portion eReaders are casual connected the eyes, E Ink displays inactive consciousness precise dated. They refresh dilatory and aren’t large for images, which whitethorn beryllium a no-go if you privation to work magazines, scans of aged books, comics, oregon children’s representation books. (Color is portion of the problem. Yeah, color E Ink exists, but it’s rare, overpriced, and a spot janky.)

The biggest problem, of course, is that eReaders thin to beryllium locked to their respective publication store. Amazon is the astir restrictive—if you already ain a postulation of eBooks, you person to leap done some superior hoops to get that contented connected your Kindle.

Other brands, specified arsenic Kobo, person a overmuch simpler (though inactive wonky) import process. But Apple’s iPad lets you import contented to the Books app consecutive from the record system, which is ace convenient, arsenic you tin download books from the iPad’s browser, transportation them done iCloud, oregon speech them with a person implicit AirDrop (don’t speech eBooks unless they’re royalty free, by the way).

Should You Buy an eReader?

A Kindle Paperwhite e-readerAmazon

If you’re a bookworm, an eReader volition connection you a much enjoyable and comfy speechmaking acquisition than an iPad oregon Fire Tablet. Not lone volition you get little eyestrain, but you’ll walk little clip getting distracted and much clip reading.

Of course, eReaders outgo money. If you’re looking for thing small, you’re successful luck, due to the fact that small and refurbished Kindles often tally for nether $100. I’ve adjacent purchased older Kindles connected Woot for astir $40 due to the fact that they marque large gifts.

But if you privation a flashy caller eReader with a large screen, you’ll person to cough up $200 oregon more. And that’s a problem, due to the fact that that wealth whitethorn beryllium amended spent determination else—it’s your call.

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