Study: India Leads the World in NFT Gaming, Fewer P2E Players in Western Countries

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India is the planetary person successful non-fungible token (NFT) gaming, portion the fig of play-to-earn (P2E) players successful developed countries similar the U.S. and France is importantly little than successful overmuch of the remainder of the world, the latest information from Finder has shown.

More People Plan to Play successful the Future

According to Finder’s latest NFT gaming statistics, India is the state with the highest fig of respondents (34%) that person played a P2E game. Hong Kong is the adjacent highest state with 29%, portion the United Arab Emirates is 3rd with 27%.

 India Leads the World successful  NFT Gaming, Fewer P2E Players successful  Western Countries

While the popularity of P2E games appears to beryllium growing, information from Finder seemingly amusement a favoritism successful the level of involvement betwixt respondents from Western countries and the remainder of the world. To illustrate, successful the United States, wherever astir 14% of the respondents said they cognize what P2E is, lone 9.4% played astatine slightest 1 game. Only 4.3% of respondents successful Sweden admitted to having played.

However, successful the study wherein Finder sought to find the NFT gaming habits of net users successful 26 countries, the probe steadfast said it recovered that much respondents successful the U.S. program to play successful the future. Remarking connected the standard of the expected maturation successful the fig of U.S. residents that program to play P2E games successful the future, Finder said:

That fig is expected to summation 1.8 times by the extremity of 2022, with the percent of radical successful the US expected to deed 16.5%.

In France, wherever lone 6% of the respondents person played a P2E game, the fig is expected to emergence to 15%. The different large movers are Peru (going from 13% to 29%) and Spain (8% to 17%).

Nigeria Leads Africa

Meanwhile, the survey besides recovered respondents nether the property of 35 to beryllium starring the mode successful NFT gaming. India again leads successful this class with 41.7% portion Germany, Sweden, and France each had little than 10%.

In Africa, lone respondents from 2 countries — namely Nigeria and South Africa — took portion successful the study. In Nigeria, 16% of the respondents said they played a P2E crippled and a further 16.9% program to bash truthful successful the future. In South Africa, astir 10.2% said they played an NFT crippled portion 10.6% program to bash the aforesaid successful the future.

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