Study Shows the United States Is Home to 41% of the NFT Companies Worldwide

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Study Shows the United States Is Home to 41% of the NFT Companies Worldwide

According to a survey called “A World of NFT Adoption” published by, the United States has the astir non-fungible token (NFT) institution office successful the world. While the U.S. captures much than 41% of the NFT companies worldwide, the 2nd largest fig of NFT startup locations stems from Singapore, arsenic the state hosts implicit 10% successful the region.

91 NFT Companies Reside successful the US, Singapore Follows With 24 Startups, Taiwan Leads the World successful Terms of NFT Interest

NFT Club published a research report that analyzes Google searches related to non-fungible tokens and the quantity of NFT companies worldwide. The survey shows the state with the astir involvement successful NFTs, according to NFT-related Google queries per 100,000 people. According to NFT Club’s statistics, Taiwan leads the satellite with 2,300,330 searches and a colonisation of astir 23,888,595 residents.

“Using Google hunt data, we were capable to place which countries marque the astir NFT-related searches,” NFT Club’s survey notes. “We looked astatine a scope of communal NFT hunt queries and recovered their full volumes implicit the past twelvemonth for 50 antithetic countries successful bid to uncover the spot wherever radical are the astir funny successful non-fungible tokens.”

NFT searches are besides fashionable successful Australia, arsenic the state holds the second-largest presumption successful presumption of interest. The fig of NFT searches down nether clocked successful astatine 2,137,060 queries among a colonisation of astir 26,068,792 citizens. While Taiwan and Australia captured the apical 2 positions successful presumption of NFT involvement by state per 100,000 people, Canada, Iceland, and New Zealand follow.

Study Shows the United States Is Home to 41% of the NFT Companies Worldwide

NFT Club’s probe besides details that the United States is location to the highest-funded NFT company, Forte Labs, and the second-highest funded startup, Sorare, stems from France. The U.S. leads successful presumption of the astir NFT companies worldwide with 91 firms recorded, which shows the U.S. is location to 41.55% of each the NFT startups. Singapore has 24 NFT companies located successful the country, which equates to 10.96% of each the NFT startups globally.

India contiguous has the third-largest fig of NFT companies located successful the country, with 11 businesses full oregon 5.02% of the planetary aggregate. India is followed by Canada, Australia, Japan, and the United Kingdom, respectively. In summation to starring with the astir NFT firms, the U.S. hosts 5 of the 10 highest-funded NFT companies. The database of U.S.-based NFT firms includes Forte Labs, Opensea, Fancraze, Genies, and Pixel Vault, with a combined $1.6 cardinal successful backing raised.

What bash you deliberation astir NFT Club’s caller study? Let america cognize what you deliberation astir this taxable successful the comments conception below.

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