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Sucuri Sitecheck is Sucuri’s free, distant website scanner that’ll hunt for immoderate signs of malware oregon spam connected your site, but volition besides cheque if your site’s been blacklisted oregon defaced and study back.


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    It’s escaped for everyone

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    Reports are elemental to interpret

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    Super elemental use

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    Scans each large vulnerabilities


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    Too simplistic successful opposition with akin solutions

In presumption of popularity, Sucuri SiteCheck is astir apt 1 of the apical security-scanning tools (opens successful caller tab) retired there, and determination are plentifulness of reasons for that. It’s ace elemental to acceptable up and usage with a learning curve truthful steep that anyone tin maestro it successful a mates of seconds. 

All you request to bash is transcript your site’s web address, paste it into the designated field, deed the “Scan Website” button, and hold a spot portion your tract is scanned for malware (opens successful caller tab), blacklisting status, errors, out-of-date bundle and plugins, spam nexus injections, and web defacements.

Like galore different distant scanners, Sucuri SiteCheck is somewhat constricted but volition springiness you swift answers to immoderate superior information questions.

The institution down this fashionable product, Sucuri Security, has been astir since 2008 erstwhile it started moving connected web information solutions that would screen malware monitoring and removal arsenic good arsenic different website extortion services. Their passionateness is, arsenic they claim, increasing consciousness of web information issues and stamping retired web-based attacks. 

Sucuri Security was formally founded successful 2010 and it’s headquartered successful Menifee (California, the USA).

Sucuri SiteCheck’s authoritative tract oozes simplicity and makes it crystal wide however their instrumentality is meant to beryllium utilized and for what purposes. If you anticipation to find an authoritative blog, you’ll person to spell to Sucuri’s main site.

If you wish, you tin socialize with Sucuri connected Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Sucuri Sitecheck

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Plans and pricing

Since Sucuri’s website information scanner is cost-free, there’s nary tiered pricing nor immoderate pricing for that matter. However, if you privation to acquisition their web exertion firewall (opens successful caller tab) (WAF), web backups, oregon immoderate of their implicit web information solutions you’ll beryllium presented with due plans and pricing.

The WAF plans travel with 30-day escaped trials and different paid solutions are backed by a modular 30-day wealth guarantee. However, since Sucuri SiteCheck is wholly free, determination are nary specified guarantees involved.

Sucuri Sitecheck

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Features and functionality

Sucuri SiteCheck is simply a distant website information scanner, which means it visits your tract similar each of its online visitors (or hunt motor bots) would and checks its pages for malicious code.

Also, if your tract is flagged by immoderate of the almighty blacklisting companies (such arsenic Google, McAfee, Norton, and others), SiteCheck volition springiness you a outcry astir that. Plus, it tin assistance you benignant that out.

Another happening this instrumentality tin benignant retired for you is out-of-date bundle and plugins, and it tin besides connection solutions for that - each this portion searching for imaginable information problems.

While this sums up what SiteCheck tin do, we should besides notation what it shouldn’t beryllium utilized for and this includes uncovering oregon detecting phishing pages, backdoors, message bombs/ DoS scripts, malicious usernames, oregon immoderate injections without an outer presence. Also, SiteCheck’s wide show could beryllium impacted by conditional malware arsenic these strands use rules to each sojourn by a user.

Interface and easiness of use

To marque usage of Sucuri SiteCheck you conscionable person to sojourn its authoritative site, enactment successful your site’s web address, and pat into the “Scan Website” fastener – nary request to motion up oregon thing similar that.

After a mates of seconds, you’ll beryllium provided with a short, simple-to-understand study astir your tract showing its wide level of information hazard which is ranked determination from minimal to critical.

Sucuri Sitecheck

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You’ll besides find retired if this scan spotted immoderate malware, spam links Injections, defacement, interior server errors, and whether your tract is up-to-date oregon not.

If you privation to spell a spot deeper into the details, spell to the apical of your study and pat connected the “More Details” button. It’ll amusement you each links that person been found, arsenic good arsenic each included Javascripts, Iframes, and embedded objects oregon plugins – and that’s it for details.

The study volition besides amusement you the site’s blacklist status. However, since this scanning instrumentality isn’t precisely a cleanable acceptable for this task (it’s escaped aft all) if you tin inactive spot information warnings connected your site, you’re invited to motion up for immoderate of Sucuri’s paid services that guaranteed blacklist removal – or, you could take different website scanner altogether.

Sucuri Sitecheck

(Image credit: Sucuri Sitecheck)

Also, you’ll get a fewer pieces of proposal astir the hardening improvements you should adhd to your site.

We should besides enactment that SiteCheck tin scan 1 tract astatine a time, truthful if you privation to cheque aggregate sites you’ll person to bash it 1 by one.

Sucuri Sitecheck

(Image credit: Sucuri Sitecheck)

Customer support

There are a mates of lawsuit enactment choices that’ll drawback your oculus consecutive distant connected Sucuri SiteCheck’s tract and they see a well-structured knowledgebase and a enactment halfway – however, the second is reserved for registered users only.  

Thankfully, since SiteCheck is earnestly elemental to use, you astir apt won’t request immoderate assistance there. However, if you privation to larn a spot much astir SiteCheck oregon different Sucuri products, cheque the knowledgebase.


If we searched for competitors successful a akin scope of services, we would astir apt find that MalCare is Sucuri SiteCheck’s main hostile – and a somewhat superior alternative. Like SiteCheck, MalCare volition scan your tract successful hunt of malware but volition besides let you to docket scans and won’t bombard you with mendacious positives. 

However, to effort retired MalCare’s fermium variation you’ll person to motion up (and permission immoderate idiosyncratic information) which is not the lawsuit with SiteCheck. Also, erstwhile we comparison the paid packages, Sucuri comes retired arsenic a winner.  

Astra Security is different website scanner that gets mentioned unneurotic with Sucuri SiteCheck arsenic its popularity seems to beryllium connected the rise. However, there’s nary escaped variation with this one. Also, portion Astra Security offers tons of features and for a tenable terms to boot, it doesn’t fare the champion erstwhile it comes to easiness of usage – excessively galore non-essential features that aren’t excessively well-organized. 

Another alternate to Sucuri SiteCheck you should see is open-source web vulnerability scanners called OpenVAS and it offers awesome sum for a escaped solution. On the downside, it’s greatly geared towards tech-savvy users.

Final verdict

While Sucuri SiteCheck is 1 of the astir fashionable escaped website information scanners retired there, and astir apt the simplest 1 to use, it’s a spot excessively simplistic successful examination to akin solutions.

If you privation a solution for swift information checks and speedy reports that reply a mates of elemental questions, SiteCheck mightiness beryllium a coagulated prime for you. If this isn't the case, you mightiness privation to support looking.

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