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Superhuman offers 1 of the astir broad features among email apps we’ve reviewed.


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    Intuitive interface

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    Scheduled emails

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    Keyboard navigation


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    Supports lone Gmail

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    No Android app

In 2014, 3 entrepreneurs -- Rahul Vohra, Vivek Sodera, and Conrad Irwin -- teamed up to make an email client (opens successful caller tab) and productivity app (opens successful caller tab) successful 1 for professionals and named their merchandise Superhuman. They marketed it arsenic an exclusive merchandise disposable lone done invites. Word spread, and Superhuman became a presumption awesome among young professionals who didn’t find a occupation paying $30 per period for the privilege.

Over time, the squad down Superman built features targeted astatine endeavor users and marketed it successfully, luring big-name customers similar Netflix, Airbnb, and Harvard University.

With implicit $100 cardinal raised from task capitalists, Superhuman is 1 of the astir well-funded email startups.

Superhuman: Plans and pricing

A subscription to Superhuman costs $30 per period per user, making it 1 of the astir pricey email tools. For reference, you tin get a Netflix, Spotify, and Google One monthly subscription for that amount. Yet, thousands of users spot it acceptable to wage that amount, and galore much are connected the waitlist. 

The endeavor program doesn’t person modular pricing. You’ll person to interaction Superhuman’s income squad and negociate a package.

Superhuman offers nary escaped proceedings oregon a refund argumentation for users. 

Superhuman 1

(Image credit: Superhuman)

Superhuman: Features

Superhuman is simply a wrapper for the Gmail app with bully features to add. It’s not compatible with different email providers, which importantly limits its scope yet fosters the aura of exclusivity astir the app. Its main functions are delivering velocity and a visually appealing interface to marque email communications much enjoyable. The app provides galore features, including;

You tin reply, search, and archive emails offline, and they’ll instantly sync erstwhile you travel online. A dilatory web won’t disrupt your email enactment erstwhile utilizing Superhuman.

The sidebar of this app shows details connected your contacts pulled from social media (opens successful caller tab) platforms similar Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and erstwhile email conversations with that contact. The thought is to spot what radical look like, wherever they're based, and what they do. 

This diagnostic helps you grow your web by connecting with contacts connected societal platforms. For example, you should spot a Connect fastener adjacent to a contact’s LinkedIn details. Click connected it, and it’ll automatically instrumentality you to the leafage wherever you’ll petition a LinkedIn transportation with that contact. 

Ever noticed a typo conscionable aft sending an email and wanted to marque corrections? The bully happening is that you tin bash that acknowledgment to Superhuman's Undo Send button. The fastener is contiguous for a fewer seconds aft sending an email, truthful click it, close the errors, and resend it. 

This diagnostic isn’t truthful unique– it’s contiguous successful astir modern email apps. Yet, it’s inactive 1 to item due to the fact that of its usefulness.

Superhuman 2

(Image credit: Superhuman)

Superhuman allows you to way whether recipients person work your messages truthful you tin respond to them astatine the close moments. This diagnostic is made imaginable by including tracking pixels (tiny, transparent images) not evident to the recipient. 

In its aboriginal days, Superhuman enabled this diagnostic by default and spurred important backlash and accusations of fostering a surveillance culture. The institution aboriginal provided a remedy by allowing users to disable tracking pixels.

People are often excessively engaged to reply to your emails, and it's casual to suffer way of whether they've responded oregon not. To assistance users, Superhuman tin nonstop automatic follow-up emails. Just take a clip erstwhile sending an email, e.g., 3 days, and the app volition punctual you to travel up erstwhile due.

You tin prime an nonstop clip astatine which Superhuman volition present your email to the intended recipient. For example, you tin docket an email for 8:55 americium truthful that it'll beryllium 1 of the archetypal the recipient volition spot erstwhile they commencement their enactment day. 

If your email is cluttered, you tin declutter it by snoozing circumstantial conversations, truthful that they won't look successful your inbox until the snoozing play is up. This diagnostic helps you absorption connected what matters and person a much productive inbox.

Superhuman lets you usage a operation of keyboard strokes to determination rapidly done your inbox. Every diagnostic connected the app is accessible done a keyboard shortcut, which makes navigation easier. For example, Ctrl + K inserts a link, and Shift + Ctrl + B adds BCC recipients.  

Superhuman 3

(Image credit: Superhuman)

Superhuman: Interface and use

As we’ve mentioned, 1 of Superhuman’s biggest strengths is its intuitive interface. It has a minimalist and premium consciousness that makes it enjoyable to interact with. It seems the platform's improvement squad pored done each facet of the interface to present a fine-tuned product.

You tin download the Superhuman app connected an iPhone oregon Mac desktop (opens successful caller tab).  It’s not disposable connected Windows PCs oregon Android phones.

Superhuman: Support

There’s a dedicated enactment email wherever you tin nonstop inquiries oregon question solutions to issues you brushwood erstwhile utilizing the app. There’s nary unrecorded chat oregon telephone support, which we deliberation isn’t fitting fixed the app’s precocious price. 

Superhuman: The competition

The champion alternate to Superhuman is Front, an app that integrates email with complementary features specified arsenic squad collaboration (opens successful caller tab) and analytics. It has an appealing interface conscionable similar Superhuman and is much affordable, starting astatine $19 per month. However, it is champion suited for endeavor usage alternatively of idiosyncratic usage similar Superhuman. 

Superhuman: Final verdict

Superhuman is an email app we’ll urge to anyone consenting to wage the steep price. Yet, the app is inactive invite-only, meaning being consenting to wage isn’t sufficient. Being invite-only and exclusive to iPhones and Mac PCs is portion of the premium branding, but we deliberation that’s unnecessary gatekeeping.  

We've featured the champion unafraid email providers.

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