Surprise! Netflix just raised all pricing in the US and Canada.

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  • Netflix prices for United States and Canada customers conscionable went up.
  • The caller pricing starts instantly and raises prices by $1 to $2.
  • Netflix says the hike volition let it to “continue to connection a wide assortment of prime amusement options.”

In the United States and Canada, Netflix hasn’t accrued its pricing since October 2020. Now, according to Netflix’s pricing page, it appears the institution is acceptable to extremity its streak.

Starting today, Netflix prices successful the US and Canada are going up by $1 to $2, depending connected the plan. These increases impact some caller and existent subscribers.

Speaking with Reuters, Netflix said the summation successful pricing volition let it to “continue to connection a wide assortment of prime amusement options.”

New US Netflix prices for 2022

  • Premium: $19.99 each period ($2 increase)
  • Standard: $15.49 each period ($1.50 increase)
  • Basic: $9.99 each period ($1 increase)

Meanwhile, successful Canada, the Premium program is present $20.99 ($2 increase) and the Standard program is $16.49 ($1.50 increase). The Canadian Basic program was unchanged astatine $9.99.

It’s nary concealed that Netflix is facing much contention than ever successful the streaming space. Between the overwhelming (and somewhat surprising) successes of Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus, Netflix has been having a pugnacious clip gaining caller subscribers. The easiest solution to that occupation is to summation Netflix pricing crossed the committee for a speedy injection of cash.

Generally, Netflix doesn’t driblet pricing aft expanding it. So these prices volition apt beryllium permanent.

Netflix has 74 cardinal subscribers successful the United States and Canada arsenic of September 2021. The 2 areas combined marque for the company’s largest region.

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