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SYNCED boasts superb PvE for a free-to-play rubric acknowledgment to its compelling upgrade loop and an fantabulous mod system. Unfortunately, the disappointing conflict royale constituent lets the wide bundle down.


  • +

    Engaging, well-implemented PvE campaign

  • +

    Roguelike mod strategy that introduces tons of physique variety

  • +

    Solid shooting and plentifulness of weapons to experimentation with


  • -

    Lackluster conflict royale mode

  • -

    Overwhelming story

  • -

    Invasive monetization

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Review info:

Platform reviewed: PC
Available on: PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S
Release date: September 8, 2023 

SYNCED stands isolated arsenic a uniquely lopsided proposition successful the free-to-play space. On the 1 hand, NExT Studios has managed to trade a startlingly high-quality PvE shooter with an engaging upgrade loop and a caller roguelike mod strategy that volition person you coming backmost clip and clip again. On the other, each of this co-op goodness has been inexplicably paired with a mundane conflict royale that suffers from poorly balanced plan and a muddled wide structure. 

The disappointing PvP constituent is astir wholly distinct, however, truthful doesn’t detract from the fantabulous co-op, but does marque the wide bundle harder to wholeheartedly recommend. If you’re looking for a coagulated escaped alternate to the likes of Back 4 Blood oregon World War Z to bask with a thrifty radical of friends, SYNCED’s co-op mode volition surely bash the instrumentality - conscionable don’t expect to springiness up Fortnite arsenic you unreserved to marque it your go-to conflict royale immoderate clip soon. 

Sync oregon swim 


(Image credit: Level Infinite)

The enactment is acceptable successful a distant aboriginal wherever the evil Shinar corp (a sanction truthful adjacent to Shinra that it makes maine wonderment if someone’s been copying Final Fantasy 7’s homework) has managed to bring astir the illness of civilization with its rogue nanomachine technology. 

You play arsenic a Runner, 1 of the fewer survivors who is brave capable to task into the Meridian - a perilous wasteland filled with swarms of deadly robots called Nanos. Your extremity successful excursions into Meridian is chiefly to termination Nanos and scoop up tons of glowing bluish Nerva (a invaluable vigor root that’s being utilized to powerfulness what’s near of quality society) to bring backmost to your camp.

As you tin astir apt tell, the crippled is reliant connected a frankly absurd fig of due nouns that are deployed with astir alarming frequency. It’s by nary means the astir casual to travel communicative connected the planet, but the predominant cutscenes bash present immoderate much-needed assortment to what would different beryllium a bid of back-to-back online matches.

These matches are divided into 2 chiseled crippled modes: PvE Dead Sector Runs and PvP Nerva Runs. The 2 modes consciousness markedly antithetic but bash stock immoderate underlying halfway mechanics. Both let you to sorb (or sync) defeated Prime Nanos - roaming minibosses that tin past beryllium unleashed to combat by your side. There are 4 types of Prime Nano to take from, each smartly designed and offering their ain unsocial attack to combat. 

The Guardian, for example, carries a immense antiaircraft shield that tin assistance support your squad against incoming occurrence portion the Crusher lives up to its sanction by effortlessly plowing done hordes of enemies. Each Nano besides grants you a unsocial question ability, including a fantastic super-powered leap that feels pleasantly reminiscent of the beardown traversal successful bid similar Infamous

The roster of Prime Nanos pairs good with the enactment of disposable Runners, who each boast their ain peculiar abilities including an invisibility cloak and radar vision. It’s thing groundbreaking, but experimenting with caller Runner and Nano combinations adds immoderate pleasant variety.

 In 2 minds 


(Image credit: Level Infinite)

Of the modes connected offer, I recovered that Dead Sector Runs were by acold the astir enjoyable. They are a bid of PvE communicative missions centered astir uncovering the sinister secrets concealed by Shinar successful the build-up to the collapse. It feels similar thing consecutive retired of immoderate of the champion horde shooters - dropping your squad into an situation filled with waves of robots that request to beryllium culled successful bid to progress. 

In summation to a smattering of Nerva, each slain foe drops Radia - a impermanent currency that lone lasts for the duration of your existent run. Radia is spent connected upgrading the powerfulness of your existent weapons and unlocking 1 of 2 randomly selected mods. While the shooting is each mechanically solid, with fluid animations and a robust consciousness of feedback, mods are truly wherever the combat comes into its own. 

Some are small, offering basal buffs to stats similar wellness oregon onslaught strength, portion others present full caller mechanics similar the quality to spawn decoys oregon ricochet bullets betwixt enemies. There is simply a seemingly endless fig to take from and, astir importantly, they tin each beryllium upgraded and combined successful absorbing ways. This opens the doorway to a immense magnitude of strategy arsenic you cautiously effort to trade the cleanable combination. It tin consciousness somewhat excessively reliant connected luck astatine times, but erstwhile it does each travel unneurotic the results are incredible. In 1 peculiarly memorable run, I bought a bid of limb knockback upgrades starring to a hilarious concern wherever I could usage a fast-firing SMG to nonstop full groups of enemies flying astir the situation similar immoderate benignant of deadly robot confetti.

All of these upgrades are captious for occurrence against the mission’s last boss, a challenging gauntlet designed to enactment your combat skills to the test. They’re mostly conscionable large slug sponges with almighty attacks, but determination are immoderate caller gimmicks thrown successful present and determination to support things fresh.

Best bit:


(Image credit: Level Infinite)

There are a smattering of much open-world Dead Sector Runs that let you to research immense environments freely portion collecting upgrades. It’s a delightful alteration of pace. 

 Your haul of accumulated Nerva tin past beryllium spent connected imperishable upgrades backmost astatine base, including a enactment of starting mods and much almighty weapons. Despite being mostly centered astir expanding your wide powerfulness level, a numeric measurement of the powerfulness of your starting mods, the full loop feels highly rewarding with plentifulness of important unlocks to support you going. 

I was besides pleasantly amazed to find that Dead Sector Runs tin beryllium enjoyed solo oregon arsenic a pair. The wide trouble adjusts depending connected the size of your team, a clever inclusion that besides means you're not heavy punished if idiosyncratic disconnects halfway done a match.

Unfortunately, the Nerva Runs are acold little enjoyable. A unusual instrumentality connected the conflict royale look that brings successful elements of extraction shooters and territory power modes, your main nonsubjective is to loot cogwheel and summation Nerva by capturing marked points connected the map. Hordes of Nanos are inactive present, arsenic is the aforesaid Radia upgrade system, but it each seems a small retired of spot successful a PvP context. Railing against AI enemies with random overpowered abilities is 1 thing, but it feels incredibly unfair to find yourself eviscerated by a rival subordinate who conscionable happened to rotation amended mods. 

Add successful a pricey conflict pass, aggregate premium currencies, a gacha system, not to notation the quality to bargain immoderate Runners straight with currency (which could perchance enactment paid players astatine an advantage) and there’s small present to marque SYNCED’s PvP constituent much appealing than its beardown contention successful the conflict royale genre. 

Accessibility features

SYNED accessibility menu

(Image credit: Level Infinite)

The accessibility options successful SYNCED are reasonably basic. Subtitles are enabled by default (for some cutscenes and in-game vigor transmissions). Controllers are supported connected PC and you besides person the enactment to power a fig of actions that are commonly associated with holding down keys (like crouching oregon aiming down sights) to a toggle. 

How we reviewed 

I played much than 20 hours of SYNCED on PC and managed to implicit astir of the co-op Dead Sector Runs either solo oregon arsenic portion of a team. I besides spent respective hours getting to grips with the PvP mode, Nerva Run, wherever I experimented with arsenic galore weapons and abilities arsenic I could get my hands on. 

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