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Syxsense is precise elemental to acceptable up and there's a 14-day escaped proceedings of each features. The console is colorful and reasonably laid out. Sadly our tests seemed to amusement the cause didn't deploy properly, nor did it observe the malware we placed connected the endpoint device.


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    Linux & mobile instrumentality support

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    Good layout for UI

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    Reasonably priced


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    Agent deployment

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    Threat detection

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Syxsense was founded successful 2012. In its ain words, the institution focuses on, "a cloud-native unified information and endpoint absorption (USEM) level that reduces hazard and complexity." In different words, their flagship merchandise is an highly versatile endpoint information platform.

At TechRadar, we ever springiness recognition wherever its owed to information 'Goliaths' similar Symanetc and Malwarebytes but besides support an oculus retired for the little good known 'Davids' who make products that enactment adjacent the giants to shame.

The question remains though: is Syxsense's level a Goliath to fertile among the best endpoint extortion software, oregon conscionable plot variety?

 Plans and pricing

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Syxsense: Plans and pricing

When we visited Syxsense's pricing page, we were unsurprised to spot that funny parties are encouraged to interaction the institution to petition a quote. This is par for the people for galore endpoint information platforms.

However, erstwhile we did acceptable up a escaped proceedings of the platform, we discovered the 'Subscriptions' conception of the unreality console really does database costs per device. We are utilizing these for the ground of this reappraisal but promote readers to talk to Syxsense straight for an nonstop quote.

The astir basal tier is called 'Syxsense Manage' and according to the unreality console costs $5 per device, per month. Benefits of the 'Manage' tier see basal instrumentality management, spot scans, distant control, the quality to isolate and reboot endpoints, arsenic good arsenic customizable dashboards and reporting features.

These features are what we'd expect to spot successful an EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) but you'll request to subscribe to helium adjacent tier, 'Syxsense Secure', to really observe and forestall threats effectively. This costs $8 per device, per period and includes each of the supra positive a resistance a driblet workflow builder, the quality to acceptable policies, vulnerability scans, record quarantine and menace alerts, arsenic good arsenic impervious of HIPAA/PCI/SOX compliance. 

The highest priced tier, 'Syxsense Enterprise' is the 1 connected which this reappraisal is based. According to the unreality console it costs $9 per device, per month. For their other dollar subscribers payment from each of the supra perks successful the archetypal 2 tiers, positive zero trust, information remediation, mobile instrumentality absorption and an unfastened API.

Interested parties tin effort retired each Syxense features for escaped for 14 days connected up to 50 devices and 50 mobile devices.


(Image credit: Syxsense)

Syxsense: Features

Given that we had chosen to reappraisal 'Syxsense Enterprise', we were anxious to find retired much astir the benefits it supposedly offers implicit different endpoint information platforms.

We'd noticed connected the pricing leafage that Syxsense assertion the level employs 'Zero Trust'. This word gets bandied astir a lot, adjacent by information professionals truthful we wanted to beryllium definite that the institution meant. Luckily Syxsense support a dedicated page, explaining that the level allows granular power implicit web entree policies. This makes recognition of users, arsenic good arsenic ringfencing apps overmuch simpler, which aligns with the principles of 'zero trust'.

Syxsense besides person a dedicated page, explaining their 'remediation' diagnostic successful much detail. In brief, this involves Syxsense Enterprise utilizing real-time monitoring to place which assets are vulnerable, however to hole them, and deploy those resolutions rapidly and automatically from wrong the console, without users needing to bash anything.

Something that did tickle america erstwhile researching Syxsense Enterprise was the 'Beers with Engineers' inaugural - this fundamentally is simply a 'free lunch' successful that the institution offers a $25 acquisition paper to representatives of definite companies who are funny successful joining a virtual lawsuit to larn much astir the console. 

As acold arsenic we cognize this offering of escaped nutrient and refreshments to funny parties whilst they larn much astir a level is simply a archetypal for the tract of endpoint information but are definite that it goes implicit good with larger organizations. We were lone bittersweet to spot that the connection of escaped nutrient doesn't widen to reviewers!


(Image credit: Syxsense)

Syxsense: Setup

If you opt for the 14-day escaped proceedings of Syxsense Enterprise, there's a registration signifier connected the main website. The portal requires a valid concern email (in different words, 1 linked to a registered domain, not a 'free' email provider.)

After entering your interaction information, the website adjacent asks you to make a subdomain e.g. ours was, which you'll usage to entree the unreality console. On archetypal login we were impressed to spot that 2FA (two-factor authentication) is enabled by default, arsenic we had to participate a codification sent to our email address. This tin besides beryllium done via Google Authenticator.

On archetypal login to the unreality console the 'add device' enactment astatine the apical near was casual to see. We were delighted to observe that cause bundle is cross-platform, with clients disposable for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. 

We downloaded the Windows installer (in MSI format) and launched it. The advancement barroom appeared but past the installer seemed to exit. On checking the installed programs successful Windows 11 we saw the 'Syxsense Responder' did so look to beryllium installed but determination was nary icon successful the strategy tray.  

Upon logging successful to the online unreality console we besides saw our trial endpoint 'Win11' listed but erstwhile we tried to tally a distant scan to cheque for vulnerabilities, thing happened. This was troubling, truthful we removed the 'Responder' bundle successful Windows and reinstalled, with the aforesaid effect.


(Image credit: Syxsense)

Syxsense: Interface

We've mentioned antecedently that the 'Add Device' enactment was casual to find successful the online console. Indeed the near manus pane lists options similar 'Devices', 'Users', and 'Reports' logically, accompanied by colorful icons.

As readers know, astatine TechRadar we spot large banal successful the main 'dashboard' of products and were impressed by the colorful graphics employed successful Syxsense Enterprise. The solution connected our trial machine's show (1280 x 720) resulted successful rather an overcrowded surface but instantly became overmuch neater erstwhile we switched to 1920x1080. 

We were peculiarly impressed by the 'Overview' conception of 'Devices', which displays captious accusation successful dedicated areas. For instance, 'Computer Health' contains accusation connected detected and imaginable bundle vulnerabilities. The 'Current Activity' conception towards the bottommost of the surface lists tasks and their status.

While cause bundle is usually rather threadbare, we've ne'er had to woody with an invisible 1 before. With different endpoint information platforms we've reviewed, there's usually a strategy tray icon which users tin click to tally scans and/or presumption immoderate files successful quarantine. We aren't definite if the lack of an cause model was by mishap oregon design, but either mode it's acold amended to person a mode of informing endpoint users of tasks successful progress. 


(Image credit: Syxsense)

Syxsense: Performance

We've said antecedently that upon logging into the unreality console and seeing our trial instrumentality was connected, we tried to tally a vulnerability scan. In fact, we tried to bash this 4 times. In each lawsuit the device's 'Current Activity' conception said the scan had failed, though nary circumstantial crushed was given.

This didn't bode good for our tests but we decided to proceed anyway. When reviewing endpoint information platforms, our archetypal trial is ever to effort to download a fake computer virus, provided by the bully radical of EICAR.

We visited the website successful the Microsoft Edge browser connected our Windows 11 trial machine, past downloaded the fake microorganism successful compressed (ZIP) format. We were capable to extract the record but the 'Responder' failed to respond and it fell to Microsoft Defender to artifact the virus. When we logged successful to Syxsense unreality console we besides saw nary alert had been generated successful the 'Reports' section. 

Our adjacent trial was to effort to transcript a real, caller trojan microorganism to our trial machines 'Downloads' folder. We bash this erstwhile reviewing EPPs to cheque that they tin observe threats based connected a file's behavior, not conscionable by comparing its signature to a database of known malware. We were capable to transcript the record into the folder and erstwhile again it was Microsoft Defender which yet quarantined it. Once again, the unreality console besides failed to make immoderate alert to accidental the trojan had been detected.

Syxsense: Final verdict

Having criticized the Syxsense Enterprise level for a deficiency of menace detection, we indispensable praise the level of enactment from institution staff. Shortly aft signing up for a proceedings we received a dependable connection and email from 1 of the squad to inquire immoderate questions. 

We consciousness definite that had we persevered and gone done the cause deployment steps again with a subordinate of the squad (or amended yet attended 'Beers with Engineers'), we whitethorn person seen amended results with installing some the lawsuit bundle and with detecting the malware files we utilized successful our tests. We simply didn't person the clip to bash this but the people marketplace for Syxsense Enterprise are organizations with IT Managers who are paid by the hr to resoluteness specified issues. 

Still, the information that cause deployment and basal menace detection doesn't enactment retired of the container is simply a interest for us, nary substance however 'unified' the platform's menace effect is expected to beryllium erstwhile moving correctly.

On the positive side, mounting up the level is precise easy. The unreality console itself is good laid retired and the process (if not the execution) of installing cause bundle connected endpoint devices is simply a breeze. It's besides bully to find a level that supports Linux endpoints, arsenic good arsenic mobile devices.

We promote readers to instrumentality vantage of the escaped proceedings to spot if they tin win wherever we failed successful test-piloting this endpoint information platform. 

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