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Classic, timeless sneakers are ever successful fashion. Whether you're connected the tribunal oregon conscionable privation a stylish mundane look that volition support your feet comfy each time long, PF Flyers stay a fashionable enactment for everyone. A brace of PF Flyers canvas sneakers regularly spell for $60 a pair, but erstwhile you usage our exclusive promo codification CNET25 astatine checkout, that terms volition driblet by 25%, truthful you tin snag a brace for conscionable $45. This connection is disposable present done June 4. 

These casual unisex Center Lo canvas shoes travel successful a wide scope of sizes for men and women and are coagulated options for playing hoops oregon utilizing arsenic a brace of mundane sneakers. And these sneakers travel successful achromatic oregon white, truthful you tin get the benignant that champion matches your benignant -- oregon splurge connected both. They are made with Duck canvas, a treaded outsole and a vertically-ribbed toed guard, making them reliable shoes with plentifulness of traction for each of your activities. 

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