TCL 55C835 4K Mini LED TV

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Despite specified mid-level pricing, TCL’s C835 4K TV offers the convenience of Google TV, unneurotic with Mini LED backlighting and quantum-dot colour for wide show that tin rival OLED for dynamic scope and bushed it connected color. With generous connections, decent in-built dependable and bully gaming credentials, this TV is an all-round entertainer.


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    Great representation and brightness

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    Generally bully default settings

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    Google TV and voice


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    Not wafer-thin

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    Right-side inputs

TCL 55C835: one-minute review

The TCL C835 bid of 4K TVs builds connected the cardinal technologies of the erstwhile C825 scope with a process of betterment and addition. 

The backlighting remains Mini LED, but present successful a 4th procreation that boosts brightness to an OLED-beating 1,500 nits peak, and present with a acold higher level of LED power that besides extends dynamic range. The thousands of tiny LEDs successful our 55-inch TCL C835 reappraisal illustration are grouped into 240 locally dimmable zones, portion the 65-inch C835 has 288 zones and the 75-incher 360. 

This LED airy excites a furniture of quantum dots to present RGB colour with a claimed afloat 100% of the DCI-P3 space, greater adjacent than the latest QD-OLED panels, and casual to judge erstwhile you spot what this TV does with vibrant writer greens and heavy water blues. 

Google TV replaces Android TV arsenic the astute interface, collating recommendations and providing entree to near-endless apps. The distant power provides instant entree to six of these from dedicated buttons (the channels alteration by market), and besides allows casual dependable enactment from the comfy sofa. Gamers are good supported to 120/144Hz and input lag down to 6ms for the fastest refresh rates.

The default settings output awesome results, supporting precocious dynamic scope worldly successful HDR10 oregon Dolby Vision, for which Dolby Vision IQ tin set settings automatically to lucifer your country environment. But you tin inactive get successful heavy to tweak question oregon colour temperatures, and our champion experiences with this TV had it delivering enactment shows similar AppleTV’s Make Or Break and Netflix’s Formula 1: Drive To Survive with bonzer OLED-like item and realism – a show level that makes this TV rather the bargain.

The distant    for the TCL C835

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TCL C835: terms and merchandise date

TCL’s televisions tin disagree by market, particularly betwixt UK/Europe and the models that look successful the US and Australia. This twelvemonth we stitchery that the European and UK versions of the C835 volition beryllium technically identical (the erstwhile C825 had a cardinal quality successful the UK), portion Australia got to conscionable the caller scope first, with the C835 scope officially disposable from 1 June 2022. 

Pricing is inactive TBA extracurricular Australia, wherever the reviewed 55C835 is listed astatine AU$1,999 (about $1,380 / £1,125), the 65C835 astatine AU$2,999 (converting to astir $2,065 / £1,685) and the 75C835 astatine AU$3,999 (around $2,755 / £2,250).

TCL 55C835: design

  • Almost nary bezels
  • Thin but not wafer-thin
  • Great remote

The TCL C835 is astir bezel-less, with a teeny 2-3mm representation situation and a thicker 1cm bottommost bezel. The Mini LED backlighting prevents existent wafter-thinness successful depth, but the apical 3rd of the TV nevertheless extends lone 3cm deep, doubling to 6cm for the bottommost conception with circuits and connections. As is TCL’s habit, those connections are each connected the close side, which whitethorn hamper those who are replacing a TV with the much communal left-side connections. 

The distant power is worthy of praise, kept nicely simple, with those six service-specific one-touch keys and a apical ellipse to activate dependable control. 

Unpacking and mounting up was casual capable with the 55-incher; there’s 1 two-person assistance to rise the TV from its box, but each edges are somewhat excessively protected by integrative movie truthful you tin safely thin it down portion attaching the cardinal stand, an casual six-screw operation.

The TCL 55C835 connected  its cardinal  stand

(Image credit: TechRadar)

TCL 55C835: features

  • Google TV
  • Mini LED backlighting
  • Dolby Vision IQ

The Google TV interface utilized present is built connected Android 11, and volition enactment galore users astatine easiness with the acquainted interface and however it accesses favourite apps, catch-up and subscription services, arsenic good arsenic indispensable settings. TCL has besides added its ain ‘channel’, which is really dozens of unrecorded channels positive hundreds of on-demand shows, notably beardown connected documentary. 

Key specs

Sizes available: 55, 65 and 75 inches
Screen type: Mini LED LCD
Resolution: 4K
HDR support: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Audio support: Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, DTS
Smart platform: Google TV
HDMI ports: 4

The Google smarts besides marque setup an casual process, getting the TV connected your location web and walking you done however to usage the distant power for dependable activation.

What makes this TV basal retired is the prime of its representation processing and transportation from archetypal the Mini LED zones that make the light, past the quantum dot tract that converts the bluish airy to white, done a caller benignant of VA LCD sheet for TCL that allows a wide viewing angle, and yet an antireflection coating that assists show successful a lit room.

Dolby Vision IQ besides aims to optimize performance, utilizing a airy sensor connected the TV to set settings to your ambient lighting erstwhile you ticker immoderate Dolby Vision material. You can, however, easy power this to either Dolby Vision Dark oregon Light, from which you tin set different menus, specified arsenic curbing immoderate excessive question processing and bringing default colour somesthesia backmost from ‘warm’ to ‘neutral’ for much realistic results.

Connections are each connected the close side, with 4 assorted HDMI inputs – from HDMI 1 susceptible of full-bore 48Gbps cognition for 4K/144Hz gaming, HDMI 2 marked arsenic 4K/120Hz, and the different 2 presumably HDMI 1.4b, bully to entertainment-style 4K/60Hz. The HDMI 4 input besides offers HDMI eARC audio transportation to a connected receiver oregon soundbar. Optical integer audio retired is besides available, and a stereo analogue headphone minijack arsenic well.

There are 2 USB-A slots for record replay oregon for retention to let pausing, signaling and timeshifting of unrecorded TV, though without timer recordings from an EPG. There’s an antenna transportation positive Ethernet networking (or built-in dual-band Wi-Fi), and a minijack AV input with a splitter cablegram provided conscionable successful lawsuit you privation to plug successful a camcorder oregon VHS portion platform (hey, immoderate of america inactive clasp connected to those things).

Picture prime   connected  the TCL C835

(Image credit: TechRadar)

TCL 55C835: representation quality

  • Thrilling brightness
  • Vivid colors
  • Well-handled dynamic range

We had precise fewer problems achieving a spectacular representation prime from the TCL C835, whether streaming 4K HDR from its ain Google apps oregon playing via HDMI from an AppleTV 4K oregon UHD Blu-ray player. 

The champion results reminded america of the trial reels that TV manufacturers utilized to amusement america backmost erstwhile 4K TVs archetypal arrived: "one time each TVs volition look this good", they said, and present it’s true, with Disney Plus quality documentaries oregon magnificent drone sequences from the Apple TV Plus surf bid Make oregon Break delivered connected the TCL arsenic breathtakingly crisp and vivid video. During 1 series filmed successful Newcastle, NSW, we paused a changeable of a sports arena and came up adjacent to the screen. Hundreds, possibly thousands of people, filled the stand, and beauteous overmuch each look could beryllium seen individually. Amazing item (see representation above). 

We recovered small request for colour adjustment, but kept an oculus connected the question settings, which let power of blur and judder simplification connected scales of 0 to 10. The precocious settings of these introduced the excessively cleanable ‘video’ look wherever you’re seeing much interpolated frames than existent ones. But the lowest settings, arsenic selected automatically successful ‘Movie’ mode, produced notable judder implicit agelong panning shots, oregon wherever cinematography was little than perfect. A rather precocious 6 oregon 7 for some settings was a compromise crossed material, with the Clear LED Motion toggle besides activated, arsenic this seemed to minimize immoderate pasty video effect and present the astir close colour palette.

There were much singular results erstwhile upscaling from modular Blu-ray and adjacent from DVD. TCL has this twelvemonth implemented Deep Learning AI super-resolution upscaling, portion specified ‘AI’ further adapts settings to circumstantial scenarios specified arsenic grass, faces and different detected content. How overmuch this helps oregon interferes is hard to judge, of course, but aged Star Trek episodes came up astir arsenic shiny arsenic their remastered versions.

The Onkyo-branded 'subwoofer' connected  the rear of the TCL C835

(Image credit: TechRadar)

TCL 55C835: dependable quality

  • Well balanced sound
  • Rear 'subwoofer'
  • Onkyo-branded speakers

The built-in dependable present is amended than your mean TV, utilizing stereo down-firing drivers backed by a utile ‘subwoofer’ successful the mediate of the TV’s back. This fills retired the dependable truthful that it tin grip daytime and casual viewing needs well, and adjacent makes a passable subordinate of music. 

For high-quality music, oregon for movie dependable with existent impact, you request to determination up to a existent stereo oregon situation system; the TCL accepts Dolby Atmos and DTS soundtracks and tin walk them to an outer audio strategy via HDMI eARC.

TCL 55C835: astute TV and menus

  • Google TV
  • All streaming and catch-up TV
  • TCL's ain channel

Google TV makes for a acquainted and well-organized interface, with casual entree to each the cardinal video services and catch-up channels. It aims to beryllium astute astatine filling its location surface with contented from your selected services and did truthful present with a minimum of the YouTube promotion that has seemed prevalent successful the earlier days of Android TV. That said, it didn’t see contented from each disposable services, notably omitting TCL’s ain transmission of unrecorded and on-demand content. 

Google TV besides comes with Google Assistant built-in. The TCL TV doesn’t itself respond to a ‘Hey Google’ command, but uses the distant power arsenic a microphone extension. Press the Google Voice cardinal connected the remote, clasp and speak, and you tin marque utile requests similar ‘Switch to HDMI 1’ oregon ‘Mute’, ‘Unmute’ and truthful on. Given its video integration, Google answers questions similar a Google astute show alternatively than a astute talker – and presents akin quirks. 

For those of the alternate dependable work persuasion, the C835 tin besides beryllium connected to Alexa astute devices. 

Besides carnal inputs and apps, you tin propulsion video to the TV utilizing Chromecast, MiraCast and, from this year, AirPlay 2 video from Apple devices.

The input sheet  connected  the TCL 55C835

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Should I bargain the TCL 55C835?

The TCL C835 TV made america beryllium up and think. In Mini LED, it has surface exertion that equals OLED for interaction and color, and beats it connected brightness and dynamic range, truthful that its champion images are breathtakingly impressive. And this is from a institution that has its ain breed of OLED successful the wings, acknowledgment to caller ink-jet printed exertion from its subsidiary China Star Optoelectronics Technology. This ink-jet OLED is owed for motorboat successful 2024, yet it’s hard to ideate however immoderate caller OLEDs volition outperform what we are seeing present successful worth terms, particularly aft 2 much yearly iterative improvements for Mini LED. 

Brilliant surface technology, fantabulous processing, casual Google TV control: the TCL C835 has them all, and delivers them astatine an fantabulous price.

A TCL C835 TV mounted connected  a wall

(Image credit: TCL)

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[First reviewed June 2022]

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